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Cycloid Gamma (サイクロイドγ Saikuroido γ?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in in Street Fighter EX Plus as a secret character. Alongside Cycloid Beta, it is a humanoid weapon created by Shadaloo that is capable of mimicking moves from other fighters.



The Cycloids consist of Cycloid-β (a.k.a. Cycloid Beta), who is a blue 3D-model of a human male with no facial features, and Cycloid-γ (a.k.a. Cycloid Gamma), who looks similar to Beta, only Gamma's a wireframe model. Both use attacks borrowed from other characters and don't speak. Their origins are unknown. Amusingly, its body shines and still does so even when the game is paused.


Street Fighter EX series[]


Gamma is a secret weapon made by Pullum Purna's father, Balba, while being forced to work for Shadaloo. Balba halted Gamma's development near its completion, being finished by Shadaloo's technology department. Cycloid-γ occassionaly escapes from Shadaloo to learn new skills and become a better fighter.[1]


Street Fighter EX Plus[]

Mysterious Cyborgs suddenly appeared. What is their purpose? They are tools of wars that have absorbed the techniques of martial artists. Will it be the true warrior who will stop these evolved weapons? Or will it be the master of the Satsui no Hadou?

Street Fighter EX Plus α[]

Pullum's father Balba developed a weapon called Gamma with the purpose annihilate a large criminal organization. However, he was put into house arrest while secretly completing Gamma. Now it is being used against his will.


Cycloid-γ borrows the following Unique Attacks, Special Attacks and Super Combos (although they are renamed Gamma (move name), for example, Gamma Lightning Kick for Lightning Kick):

Cycloid-γ also borrows Blair and Kairi's stance, D. Dark's win poses, Ryu, Ken and Akuma's Punch throw, Pullum and Guile's air throws, Bison's Kick throw and Darun's Guard Break. Its attacks are performed via charging motions (such as Charge backwardforward + Punch)


Street Fighter EX series[]


  • In Street Fighter EX3, the Cycloids were replaced with the character Ace, who has access to other character's moves as well.
  • Though Gamma is red/orange in artwork, his default color palette in Street Fighter EX Plus α is green.
  • Both Cycloids are strikingly similar to the Fighting Wire Frames in terms of appearance and function:
    • Both Cycloids and Wire Frames are humanoid entities with similar wireframe models, mostly Gamma's appearance.
    • Both Cycloids and Fighting Wire Frames' movesets are based on other characters.
    • Cycloids lacks voices and cannot speak, a trait the Fighting Wire Frames also possess.

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