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D.D., real name Daisuke Dejima (出島大介?), also known by the nickname Crimson Thunder (深紅の雷鳴クリムゾンサンダー?), his emblem The Goddess of Thunder / Fierce God and his code Ogre, is a character who was originally supposed to appear in the canceled Capcom Fighting All-Stars as one of the four original characters, the Code Holders. Despite only being indirectly connected to the Street Fighter series (via Ingrid's story in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX), he was given a profile in the Street Fighter V character guide.[1]


D.D. is a mysterious man whose peculiar genes were awakened by a mysterious organization, thus becoming a "CODE HOLDER". He stands together with his friends Rook and Ingrid, to stop a big disaster that will happen in Metro City. He is able to destroy anything with the crimson thunder on his fists.[1]


D.D. is a power fighter focusing mainly on hard hits. His Specials could be linked, thus making a Special-to-Special combo. He possesses a powerful rush ability, but on the other hand is weak to Dramatic Counters. He also specialized in linear tactics.[1]

  • Mugen Naru Kami (夢幻 鳴ル神?) - A slightly advancing body blow combination.
  • Mugen Kami Oroshi (夢幻 神降シ?) - An axe kick clad in electricity.
  • Kishin Rettenga (鬼神 烈天牙?) - A non-invincible anti-air with a short jump after a forward rush.
  • Meido Okuri (冥土送リ?) - A powerful straight attack.
  • Kyūkyoku Kishin Kyūkyoku Kishinken (究極鬼神 究極鬼神拳?) - Quickly approaches the enemy and unleashes a combo, similar to the Shun Goku Satsu.

Crossover Appearances[]


D.D. appeared in the rhythm RPG Otoranger alongside Ingrid and Rook as a team character named Code Holder.[2]


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