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"Lock on! Damaged. Odin, dva, tri, chetyre! I will destroy you!
(ロックオン! 当てた、アジン、ドゥヴァ、トゥリー、チィトゥィリ、終ぉわらせてやる!
Rokkuon! Ateta, ajin, duva, turii, chiituiri, oowara sete yaru!?)

The DCM, also known as an acronym for Defensive Counter-Maneuver (ディフェンシブカウンターマヌーバー Difenshibu Kauntaa Manuubaa?)[1], is Decapre's second Ultra Combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

DCM - Ground Charge backwardForwardBackward then forward + 3 kick buttons
DCM - Air Charge down-backwardDelta motion + 3 kick buttons
Decapre 420


DCM sequence.

There are two variants of this move: the first is a ground-to-ground attack, and the other is an anti-air attack. The first is executed by charging backward then moving forward, backward, forward and pressing all 3 kick buttons (or performing two quarter circle forward motions and pressing all 3 kick buttons in OMEGA Mode); the other is performed by charging down-backward, then performing a "delta" motion and pressing all three kick buttons (or performing two quarter-circle back motions and pressing all 3 kick buttons in OMEGA Mode).

Decapre performs a jumping knee strike that momentarily mounts her on her opponent's chest before launching them upwards as she somersaults back to the ground. As she lands, she draws her daggers before leaping up towards her foe, quickly delivering a series of slashes from multiple directions before slamming them into the ground.


Decapre's Target Combo 1, Scramble-into-Break, Psycho Sting and Spiral Arrow are solid options for comboing into the DCM. DCM anti-air can be used to punish attacks in the air and jumps. DCM anti-ground can be used to punish attacks on the ground as punches and kicks, fireballs.