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Daigo Umehara at the Capcom Cup 2018.

This article is about the video game player. For the illustrator, see Daigo Ikeno. For the Rival Schools character, see Daigo Kazama.

Daigo Umehara (梅原 大吾 Umehara Daigo?) is a Japanese arcade fighting video game player. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting games, mainly those released by Capcom. Known as "Daigo" or "The Beast" in the West and "Umehara" or "Ume" in Japan, Daigo is one of the world's most famous Street Fighter players and is often considered its greatest as well. He currently holds a world record of "the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter" in Guinness World Records.


Umehara FIGHTING GAMERS! is a dramatized manga depiction of Umehara's life as a young participant in the Street Fighter arcade scene and features several noted players from the Japanese fighting game community. The series is considered a flagship title for its publisher, Kadokawa Shoten, who are actively marketing the series and have confirmed plans to serialize it in their seinen comic magazine Young Ace UP.

The series is illustrated by Kengoro Nishide and written by Saitaru Orika and Maki Tomoi, with Daigo acting as an editorial supervisor. It was released in six volumes.

On July 14th 2017, the English translation of Daigo's manga series, titled Daigo the Beast: Umehara Fighting Gamers, debuted with the release of Volume 1 (which compiles the first and second volumes of the Japanese series). The volume, published and translated by Udon Entertainment, was released as an early exclusive for EVO attendees and was planned for a wider release in December 2017.


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