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Daikyo Burning (lit. "Atrocious Burning", named the Spine Grinder in Street Fighter Alpha) is one of Sodom's special attacks.
All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Kick


Sodom will run forward pointing his weapons forward, and if the foe is within grabbing range, he will take the foe and drag them across the stage floor. The enemy receives small amounts of damage while being dragged until the end of the attack where they are burned and damaged greatly. The foe is on their back during this move, hence the original name of the attack, "spine grinder".

In the original Street Fighter Alpha, this attack was very strong, and incredible at fierce power, usually taking around a 1/5 of the opponent's health bar when landed successfully. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, the move's power was nerfed (it now does ~1/6 of health bar's worth of damage), but it is still a useful attack.

Similar MovesEdit

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