A popular and memorable Street Fighter character, Dan has been referenced many times in pop culture ever since his introduction in Street Fighter Alpha. Due to Dan being a parody character of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, from SNK's Art of Fighting series, any references to the series and his design origin is explained in his character article.

Street Fighter Edit

  • Sean, who has a very limited mastery of the fighting style used by the series' "shoto" fighters, dislikes being compared to Dan. He even has the win quotes: "Don't call me Dan!", "Rule #1: Never give up! Rule #2: Don't fight me! Rule #3: Don't be like Dan!" and "You fight like Dan. You ARE Dan!".

Capcom games Edit


Dan on the projector screen on the Drive In Theatre stage background.

  • Ran Hibiki, from the Rival Schools fighting game series, shares the same last name as Dan as well as some few similarities with him and it has been speculated that they are related to each other. Another playable Rival Schools fighter, Chairperson, learned to fight from a Saikyō-ryū correspondence course.
    • Dan also has a cameo in the Drive In Theatre stage in United by Fate, on the projector screen.

Other video games Edit

  • Similarly to how Dan is a parody of Ryo Sakazaki, SNK transformed damsel character Yuri Sakazaki to a fully playable character. While she isn't a "joke" character she has many similar midround poses, has a "super" of sorts that is similar looking to Shisso Buraiken, and even does a taunt similar to Dan's "butt slap" taunt.

Comics and Manga Edit

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Television and Animations Edit

  • In a Kamen Rider Decade episode, in which the characters are in Kamen Rider Hibiki's world, Kadoya Tsukasa wears a pink gi. This may be a reference to Dan, since the world's Rider shares his name with Dan's surname.

Movies Edit

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Internet Edit

  • On September 30, 2015, Dan appeared in the 53rd episode of Screwattack's web series Death Battle, where he battled and lost to Mr. Satan/Hercule Satan from the Dragon Ball franchise (who is considered to be the joke character of that franchise). He was voiced by Brad Venable. They fought at the World Martial Arts tournament where their pathetic demeanor prolonged the fight, though at one point Dan taps into the Satsui no Hado to try and beat Hercule, he ends up tripping on Hercule's jetpack (similar to how he tripped on Sakura's backpack in the UDON comics). The fight ends when Dan accidentally swallows one of Hercule's capsules and his body is blown up by an emerging jukebox.
    • Before he appeared on Death Battle, Dan fought Hercule in an episode of it's spinoff series, "One Minute Melee", where they were forced to fight each other in East Street in France after they intimidated each other, but pretended they were not. After a whole minute of equally hilarious and serious fighting, Hercule gave Dan a present disguised as an explosive when he was about to finish him off and when his guard was down, Hercule activated the device and soon, Dan was sent flying up by the explosive after he triped over it trying to get away, but not before he unintentionally knocked Hercule unconscious when he landed head first on his head.
    • Dan then reappeared in the 67th episode of Death Battle where he lost to Ken Masters after he challenged him to a fight. He then joins Sean, Sakura, and Blanka in watching Ken fight Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury franchise. When the dojo began to fall apart due to the fighters' sheer power, Dan, along with the other students, made a run for it, only for him to be crushed by a falling wooden pillar.
    • Death Battle also claims that Dan is not only the weakest and most unskilled fighter to have featured on their series, he is also the weakest fighter that uses ki as well.
  • In January 4th, 2017, Dan was placed #5 on's Top Ten Worst Fighting Game Characters for his lacking skill, over-inflated ego, and overconfidence.

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