This is a list of all the quotes used by Dan Hibiki.

Verbal/Spoken Edit


English Translation
Yataze, OYAJI!I did it, father!
Ikuzora!Let's go!
Kore ga Saikyo-Ryū da!This is the Saikyo-Ryū!

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Don't even try to get up!"
  • "For a loser, you did pretty well."
  • "Keep your day job!"
  • "My dad could beat you, and he's dead!"

Rival Dialogue Edit

vs. Sagat Edit

Dan: "At last we meet, Sagat!"

Sagat: "Do I know you?"

Dan: "Years ago, you killed my father. Now it's your turn!"

Sagat: "Ah... him. He cost me an eye. Now I will have revenge on his son!"

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "My dad could beat you, and he's dead!"
  • "For a loser, you did pretty well."
  • "Keep your day job!"
  • "Don't even try to get up!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. Guy Edit

Guy: "You have some cute moves."

Dan: "What ever!"

Guy: "I'm wandering the earth to become stronger."

Dan: "Well, Grasshopper, you asked for it."

vs. Sagat Edit

Dan: "Nice eye, Sagat! Would you like the other one to match?"

Sagat: "The fool who took my eye paid with his life."

Dan: "That was my father, you murderer!"

Sagat: "Tsk! So young to be without a father. Perhaps you should join him."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Anyone can fight... But no one can show off like I can!"
  • "I hate the art of fighting, but I want to be the king of fighters!"
  • "Now, you know who's really got the skills!"
  • "So, now you know what it feels like to be a total loser!"
  • "Sore loser! Don't go around beating inanimate objects!"
  • "Yahoo! Don't you just love that phrase? YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO!"
  • "You can't be a true martial artist without showmanship!"
  • "You've never heard of me? Give me a break! I'm Dan Hibiki!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. Chun-Li Edit


Chun-Li: "This man who dwells here... He's supposed to be a fighter... There he is! The tip was right! Hey you! You over there!!"

Dan: "Are you talkin' to me? You want my autograph or something?"

Chun-Li: "You're a member of Shadaloo, aren't you? Where's Bison?!"

Dan: "What?! Give me a break! I don't know anything about Shadaloo!"


Chun-Li: "... Ugh... How could I be beaten by such a pathetic style?! Hmph!"

Dan: "I have nothing to do with Shadaloo! What is that, anyway?"

Chun-Li: "YOU! You are under arrest for assaulting an officer!"

Dan: "WHAT?! It's not my fault! YOU attacked ME!! Well, I guess there's just one thing left to do... RUN! Bye!!!"

Chun-Li: "Huh..? Wait a second! Hey! Stop! Come back here!!"

vs. Sagat Edit


Dan: "You're better than I thought... Huh?! (Ack!) Sagat!"

Sagat: "You're the kid who pestered me the other day. What do you want?"

Dan: "You are a true loser! I've come a long way to demand something. Learn my Saikyo style so I can teach you to fight!"

Sagat: "You don't know what you're talking about! I won't lose!"

Dan: "You want a lesson from me, and I'll give you one! Let's go!"


Dan: "Yahoo! This is my Saikyo style! I am the real world warrior!! If you want to learn my Saikyo style, just say 'please!' 'Cos I'm the king of the world, I'll be nice and forgive you... If you can't decide now, you know where to find me."

vs. Balrog Edit

Bison: "Hm Ha Ha Ha Ha... Good... You have defeated Sagat..."

Dan: "Who the heck are you?!"

Bison: "My name is M. Bison. I am the leader of Shadaloo"

Dan: "Shadaloo...? Bison...?! That reminds me! The police were after me! I've been on the run because of you! I'm ready to accept your apology... Or else!!"

Bison: "Did you come all this way for that? Now prepare yourself!"

vs. M. Bison Edit

Dan: "I just rung that guy's bell! Now it's your turn!!"

Bison: "You defeated Balrog... Impressive... Most impressive! But soon you will kneel before me and call me 'master!!'"

Capcom vs. SNK seriesEdit

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "Look at me daddy! Saikyo Style will lead me to victory!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You should try my new exercise video: "7-Minute Saikyo!"
  • "There you go, looking pitiful..."
  • "In the name of pride, I will survive!"
  • "Little girls tie bows, real men Saikyo!"
  • "Dan is still the man! Yeah, baby, yeah!"
  • "Do you like to, yahoo!"
  • "My father must be looking down on me and smiling!"
  • "Yahoo! Hey, I should make the official Dan Hibiki fan club!"

Win Quotes (Character specific, Japanese Version) Edit

Capcom Edit

  • "You can work whatever evil you want, but make sure you don't annoy me while doing it!"
  • "Ouch, that hurt, dammit! But I'll let the medical bills go when you pay me your admissions fees!"

Team Win Quotes (Japanese Version) Edit



Dan: "Believe in yourself! That's a first step towards Saikyo!"

Balrog: "In other words, you're sayin' don't trust your teammates, huh?"

As 2nd Character

Balrog: "Whoever get's in my way, I'll beat 'em all up!"

Dan: "That's the spirit! Keep working my shield!"


Dan: "Well, so, that's kinda how you do it. What do you think?"

Blanka: "For a style called 'Saikyo,' it looked like you struggled quite a bit?"


Dan: "Hey, who the heck are you!? Get out of my way!"

Dan: "No, YOU move out of my way! You're blocking my view!"

Ken (Dan as 2nd Character)

Ken: "What's wrong? There's nothing to think about - I won, as expected."

Dan: "I just don't get why you're more popular than I am...."

M. Bison (Dan as 2nd Character)

M. Bison: "There is no room for fools to fight from the very beginning."

Dan: "Exactly, hya-hooooy!!"

Ryu (Dan as 2nd Character)

Ryu: "Put your soul into the fight!

Dan: "I'm fightin' with all I got! You can't ask anything more!"

Sagat (Dan as 2nd Character)

Sagat: "Throw away your personal grudges. You will not gain anything from them."

Dan: "I'll make mincemeat out of you afterwards. Look forward to it!"

SNK Edit


Dan: "I see, so you want to be my disciple, eh?"

Athena: "(! He's holding up an unconscious person and throwing his voice at it!?)"

(Dan as 2nd Character)

Athena: "Hi everybody, I'm Athena, the number one highlight of this tournament!"

Dan: "After gaining one up on me, you had to say that, didn't you?!"


Dan: "I'm better than some guy that runs away... ouch!!"

Mai: "If you make fun of Andy, I'll break you!"

(Dan as 2nd Character)

Mai: "Fighting with beauty and grace, this is the Shiranui-ryu!"

Dan: "....That bounce, it's just not possible in the Saikyo-ryu."


Dan: "Don't forget the importance of originality, you idiot!"

Ryo: "The thickness of your face, I guess I just can't beat you there."


Dan: "Hey, you decide to join Saikyo-ryu yet?"

Yuri: "You imitation! We're the originals!"

SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Capcom Edit

Vs. Akuma

Dan: "Who are you?"

Akuma: "I am Akuma! Master of the Fist..."

Dan: "Master of what? I'm the true master here!"

Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs. Balrog

Dan: "Hey, hey! Bring it on, boxer!"

Balrog: "Here come the clowns. Make me laugh!"

Dan: "What did you say? I am Dan Hibiki of the saikyo groove."

Balrog: "That's a good name for a comedian. Very well. Put 'em up."

Dan: "You'll eat your words! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Vs. Chun-Li

Dan: "Dan of the Saikyo groove challenges you!"

Chun-Li: "...Is this a put-on? Where's the camera?"

Dan: "If you're a fighter, you should be excited."

Chun-Li: "Not one iota."

Dan: "Gahh... Whatever. Put 'em up! This's war!"

Chun-Li: "War? What is it good for? It'll be over in a minute, then I'll be on my way."

Vs. Demitri

Dan: "Hey, hey! Vampire... Shmampire... Whatever you my be you can't put a fang to me! Bring it on, ghoulie!"

Demitri: "You will not serve me? Your strengh eternally... Strengh... Ah, let's forget it."

Dan: "What the... Inconsistent imp!"

Demitri: "Only the beautiful and strong can serve me. You fail on both counts."

Dan: "Why you! Whaddya mean?! You'll eat those words!"

Vs. Dhalsim

Dan: "What the...!? Your arms stretched!"

Dhalsim: "That surprises you? Your training is lacking, my friend."

Dan: "Uh, I wasn't that surprised, bean pole! So listen and freak out! Dan of the Saikyo groove is none other than me!"

Dhalsim: "...Yoga?"

Dan: "Aw, nuts! Bring it on, skinny!"

Vs. Guile

Dan: "Hah! Cha! Doh-yaaah!"

Guile: "(What dance is that?)"

Dan: "...Who are you?! You got a problem?"

Guile: "No, you just looked so happy dancing..."

Dan: "Why you! Berating the secrets of the Saikyo groove, eh?"

Guile: "Those are...Secrets?"

Dan: "I can't take it no more! It's war, yankee! I'm going to extract your bone marrow with my Saikyo groove!"

Vs. Hugo

Poison: "No, no, no! There's no way we can use you!"

Dan: "Say what? Hey! Give me another chance."

Poison: "...Shut up! Huuugo! Shut this guy up!"

Hugo: "Hey, you. Give our scout any more grief and I'll pulverize you."

Dan: "Just try it! Hyah-ho!"

Vs. Ken

Ken: "Yuck!"

Dan: "Hey, USA fighting champ! Fancy meeting you here. Hey, why do you back off?"

Ken: "Ah, hey. How're you? Oh, look at the time. Gotta run. Later."

Dan: "Hold on. Don't run away. Ha, ha. I get it. Up against awesome me, it's only natural."

Ken: "Yeah. Yeah. That's it. You terrify me. You're awesome. Bye!"

Dan: "I said, hold on! I'm not buying it...! I'm going to show you my true strengh! Here I come. Hee-yah!"

Ken: "He's got me... What can I do? I'll kill him quick!"

Vs. M. Bison

Dan: "What a sourpuss. Have you come to seize my strengh?"

M. Bison: "What strength? Just how much do you think you possess?"

Dan: "Agh! Insult my Saikyo groove and you'll be hurting!"

M. Bison: "I'll give you 3 minutes, then send you to hell."

Vs. Mirror Match

Dan: "So it's you?! You, that Robert guy!"

Mirror Match: "You gotta be Robert! For I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo groove!"

Dan: "I'm the one who's Dan! You whacked-out freak!"

Mirror Match: "You cheap bastard! I'm gonna pummel you!"

Vs. Ryu

Dan: "Huh? It's Ryu, isn't it?

Ryu: "Oh, Dan! How's it going? ...Like I need to know."

Dan: "Hey, I've been working out. I've taken my Saikyo Groove to new heights of pain infliction!"

Ryu: "I'm anxious to see it. So, without further adieu, show me what you've got!

Dan: "Heh, you'll be blown away. I'll knock your sock off. Don't cry! Don't beg!"

Ryu: "Oh, get on with it!"

Vs. Sagat

Dan: "Finally! The time's come. I will avenge my father! Here I coooooome! Ah-hyaaaaaa!"

Sagat: "Clamorous brat! If you want to die, just bring it on. But keep your voice down!"

Vs. Tessa

Tessa: "Hmmm. You leave a lot to be desired..."

Dan: "Say what? Hey! Where exactly? I'm a perfect specimen!"

Tessa: "Well, excuse me. I got to run."

Dan: "Get back here!"

Vs. Vega

Vega: "Repulsive... A loathsome sight! Be gone...No. Die!"

Dan: "Hey! The beauty of my Saikyo groove is the ultimate, you know?"

Vega: "I can't tolerate to breathe the same air. You'll be pig food!"

Dan: "Try it, freakshow!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Violent Ken: "...My power increases. ...You...Are next."

Dan: "Relax my wild friend, I'm gonna pummel you to peace of mind!"

Violent Ken: "Ooooh whoaaa!"

Vs. Zero

Dan: "Yahooooo! A piece of cake!"

Ciel: "(What is it, Zero?)"

Zero: "Nothing, a mere irregular."

Dan: "What did you say! I'll turn you into blocks!"

Vs. Shin Akuma

Dan: "Who're you?"

Shin Akuma: "I am Akuma. Master of the fist..."

Dan: "All that punching's made you punch! Thank me cause I'm gonna send you to Nirvana!"

Shin Akuma: "Destroy!"

Vs. Red Arremer

Dan: "Where am I...?"

Red Arremer: "Gyah-gyah!"

Dan: "W-what the?"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Choi: "Huh? Hey, you're... The Kyokugen Karate guy!"

Dan: "Huh? Who're you talking to?"

Choi: "What the...? Who're you, buddy boy?"

Dan: "What's with everybody? I'm Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo groove!"

Vs. Earthquake

Dan: "Hey, you, hog head! If you want to be as strong as I am. ...Be my disciple!"

Earthquake: "Why you! Just who do you think you're talking to? Seems you want to die!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Dan: "Oh, ho! Geese Howard! We gotta have a bout!"

Geese: "Another small fry...."

Dan: "Here I come! Hyah-ho!"

Vs. Genjuro

Genjuro: "You demoralize me."

Dan: "What? Are you challenging me? OK. I'm up for it!"

Genjuro: "Ignorant fool!"

Vs. Goenitz

Goenitz: "You are unaware of your limits, my son..."

Dan: "Who the hell are you? There are no limits to my abilities."

Goenitz: "Ignorant lamb...."

Dan: "Keep pushing me and you'll regret it."

Vs. Iori

Dan: "Yahooo! You look tough. Show me what you got!"

Iori: "...Be gone with you!"

Dan: "Hey, hey, hey. What's with you? Feel the fear, huh?"

Iori: "You'll be sorry. And dead."

Vs. Kasumi

Kasumi: "What? Robert Garcia! Defend yourself! I'll avenge you, father!"

Dan: "No! No! No! I'm Dan Hibiki. OK? Get it right!"

Kasumi: "It's useless to feign innocence. Defend yourself!"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "If you too are a fighter, you really should work on that gut, my friend."

Dan: "Hey, do I know you? Want a knuckle sandwich?"

Kim: "You just don't get it. I'm just saying I'll put you into shape!"

Vs. Kyo

Kyo: "I sense something. An unbearable presence..."

Dan: "Oh, enough of this! Once and for all, I'm not that Robert guy!"

Kyo: "What?"

Dan: "I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo Groove! Hyah-hah!"

Vs. Mai

Dan: "I am it! For I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo groove! Hey, ninja chick! Care to see what a living legend can do?"

Mai: "You...My friend... Are one big noodnik!"

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Bee boh bap."

Dan: "Now an alien? Time for me to make my name in the universe!"

Mars People: "Beep boop bap!"

Dan: "...No way! Get out here! I understood you! I'm telling you, the cameras are running."

Vs. Mr. Karate

Dan: "...Are you... father?"

Mr. Karate: "What the...?"

Dan: "No, you can't be. My father's dead! You imposter! You dare play with my damaged psyche."

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "Ooh whoa whoa!"

Dan: "Relax my wild friend, I'm gonna pummel you to piece of mind!"

Iori: "Oh...Gach...Belch!"

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "What a waste of time."

Dan: "It's fight time... You Kyokugen wanna-be!"

Ryo: "What a waste of time."

Dan: "Daaaaah! Yaaaaah!"

Vs. Shiki

Dan: "What? A girlie?"

Shiki: "No...Definitely not you."

Dan: "Who is this chick? I'll slap you silly!"

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Hey! Robert!"

Dan: "Huh? You talkin' to me?"

Terry: "What the... Who're you?"

Dan: "For the last time! I am Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo groove!"

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Dan: "...Are you... father?"

Mr. Karate: "Unh-uh. Not me..."

Dan: "No, my father's dead! You cruel imposter! Don't mess with me!"

Vs. Athena

Dan: "Where am I...?"

Athena: "Whammo!"

Dan: "Ouch! What's the big idea?"

Athena: "Foul monster! I, Athena, will dispose of you!"

Dan: "Have you ever seen a monster as cute as I am?! Geesh! I'm really PO'ed! I'll smoosh you!"

Win-quotes (generic) Edit

  • "Huff. huff. passed out eh...? too bad.J-Just when I was getting warmed up! Gah haha!"
  • "I blow away all foes! that is the way of "saikyo!"

Win-quotes (character-specific) Edit

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Match IntroEdit

  • "I hope you're ready for a beating!"


  • "Father!!"
  • "Ugh... Father..." (Chip KO)

Arcade Mode IntroEdit

Street Fighter IVEdit

Dan: "Another worldwide fighting tournament... Yeah... They didn't let me in the last one. Without a big star like me to get everyone pumped up, I bet the crowd was bored outta their minds. Right, Jimmy?"

Blanka: "Not exactly."

Dan: "You were in that tournament, right, Jimmy? Why you didn't tell me about it, man? I thought we were bros!"

Blanka: "Sorry. I did try an' contact you. But you hadn't paid your phone bill."

Dan: "Nevermind that... This time, Jimmy... me and you and Sakura, we're getting in and we're gonna show the world just how awesome the Saikyo arts truly are!"

Blanka: "I don't actually use the Saikyo arts..."

Dan: "Just watch me, Father! I'm gonna spread Saikyo all over the world!"

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "That's right! The Saikyo Dojo is now accepting applicants! Witness the Saikyo Arts as developed by world-famous fighter, Dan Hibiki! Everyone from high school hotties to Brazilian beastmen have benefitted from his awesome instruction! Get in on the ground floor of the hottest martial art ever devised! Dan Hibiki has won fans the world over, earning stardom not just from his skills, but from his incredible good looks and personality! Don't pass up on this chance to take orders directly from this superstar demigod! Act now, and receive a 50% discount on your enrollment fee! But wait! That's not all! Mention this ad when you apply and receive a Saikyo T-shirt and a pair of tree-trimming shears absolutely free! Wear the shirt while you trim trees, and you'll be beating the neighborhood cougars off with a stick! Don't wait! Call to- Uhh... Actually, just drop right on in!"

Rival CutsceneEdit


Dan: "Sakura!"

Sakura: "Yeah?"

Dan: "Looks like the time has finally come. This is something we fighters must do."

Sakura: "Oh. Ready to go?"

Dan: (sniffles) "I'll make this quick and painless for you, kid!"

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "Here I come! Hadodah! What the problem? Don't underestimate me. I'm awesome! Woohoo!! Piece of cake!" *thumbs up, teeth flash, and big smile* (Legendary Taunt)
  • "I'm awesome!"
  • "Hadodah!"
  • "What the problem?"
  • "Woohoo!!"
  • "Don't underestimate me."
  • "Here I come!"
  • "You should be my apprentice!"
  • "Put your back into it!"
  • "You don't know what REAL fighting is."
  • "Piece of cake!"

Round WinEdit

  • "My time has come."
  • "I did it, Father!"
  • "Behold the glory of Saikyo!"
  • "No problem!"
  • "I knew I could do it!" (Time Over)

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Keep an eye on me, father! I won't let the Saikyo arts down!"
  • "No problem!"
  • "Underestimating me is a surefire way to get hurt!"
  • "Whoever's still standing wins! I almost tripped, but I didn't, so I win!"
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Now you have to join my dojo! Just write your name and credit card number here..."
  • "Dinner? I usually eat beans right from the can while standing over the sink."
  • "For a second, I thought I might lose... Aw, who am I kidding? I was sure of it!"
  • "I just thought of a great new taunt! Better write it down before I forget!"
  • "I stubbed my toe! You'd better have good insurance, bub!"
  • "If you let instant noodles soak long enough, they feel more filling!"

Arcade ModeEdit

Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "Hm? I don´t know anybody that looks like you! Honest!"
  • "Tell me where you got your haircut so I can remember never to go there."
  • "Long time no see, Jimmy! Let´s go grab us some food! Loser pays, OK?"
  • "Don´t remember your past? In that case, you were my apprentice! Join me again!"
  • "That´s what you get for making fun of Dan the man!"
  • "A business woman, huh? This is my job, too! It´s how I put food on the table!"
  • "Whip me up a meal next time! I´ll judge you with my taste buds!"
  • "I didn´t think an old man like you could dish it out like that!"
  • "I won ´cuz I don´t have a girl holding me back like you do!"
  • "Now, you understand the full glory of Saikyo Style!"
  • "Your moves just aren´t good enough! You oughtta copy Saikyo moves instead!"
  • "I hate guys like you! Not sure why, but..."
  • "Size isn´t everything! And I´m not just talking about muscles!"

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "A family is more of a hassle than you think. You'll need a job an' stuff."
  • "You'll never be king unless you move to the Saikyo arts! Wanna give it a try?"
  • "That was a close one. My whole life flashed before my eyes. How sad..."
  • "Chicks don't dig the whole greed thing, bro. You might wanna think about that."
  • "Hey, Jimmy! I'm not getting many applicants lately. I wonder why..."
  • "You're a friend of Sakura's? That gets you a 50% discount at my dojo!"
  • "Interfering with an investigation ? Don't arrest me! I'm too pretty for jail!"
  • "I guess being unemployed beats being in prison... You OK, dude? Lighten up!"
  • "I'm pretty sure hiding devices up your sleeves and in your boots is cheating."
  • "Your music sucks. That said, I'd take a free CD if you've got any."
  • "You rich people make me sick! I drink my tea from a paper cup and I like it!"
  • "What was that all about? I've seen sumo before, and that move was not sumo!"
  • "Remember the Saikyo arts! It blows your style away!"
  • "Don't even think of suing me for damages, gramps!"
  • "I heard you were dead. Wait a minute... Dude, you're not a ghost, are you?"
  • "I think the comfort of a regular income would just cramp my style, bro."
  • "Sorry, bro. I'm just driven to punch guys that are more handsome than me."
  • "What a waste of good oil! I coulda fried, like, 10 eggs in that!"
  • "You need, like, a safety pin for your pants there?"
  • "You were tryin' to kill me for real, weren't ya? You're lucky I'm a nice guy."
  • "You think you're a real winner, but you didn't win this time, didja, big shot?"
  • "If you hang up a plastic sheet to catch rain, be sure to do it from outside!"
  • "Ready to give up? Huh? No, it's cool. We should stop now."
  • "That's it! I won! Where's my prize money? Does it come on a giant check?"
  • "Not having a place to live sucks. I totally feel your pain, bro!"
  • "Handsome dudes really get my goat! Great hair only makes me hate you more! Argh!"
  • "Huh? You wanna be stronger than your bro? Well, come to the Saikyo dojo!"
  • "You wear that cap to cover up your bald spot, right? Ha ha, I'm onto you!"
  • "All your fans are snot nosed kids! I-I'm not jealous or anything..."

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "Don't you ever cut yourself by accident with that blade thingy?"
  • "I underestimated the dancing power. I'll need improve my Saikyo style!"
  • "You can shoot Gadoken if you join my school. Not Hadoken. GADOKEN!"
  • "I could wrestle on the side. Saikyo Style is all about diversity!"
  • "This perfect country of yours...Is it tax exempt? Free utilities, maybe?"


Street Fighter IVEdit

(Fire comes out of the lab, and Dan is crazily running away)

Dan: (muttering loudly)

(Blanka runs over Dan)

Dan: Jimmy?

Blanka: Fire! FIRE!

Dan: Oh crap!

(Two Hadokens launch into the fire, and the fire gets dissipated. Ryu and Sakura then appear from the back.)

Dan: Hey, you two! Careful! Even with my awesome power, we may not be able to stand up for the next wave. Let's get out of here, quick!

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Sakura: Hello! What the-!? Hibiki-san! What happened!? Are you OK?

Dan: No one.

Sakura: Hm?

Dan: No new applicants. Not one! And I did that rad commercial and everything! Was it the time slot? 3AM too late? Should I have included some... some miracle detergent or something?

Sakura: Uh... Hibiki-san, you told people to come to the dojo to apply...

Dan: Well, that's not my fault. My phone service got cut.

Sakura: No... I mean you didn't include an address or anything in the commercial. So, exactly how are people supposed to find you?

Dan: ...AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Street Fighter VEdit

Shop descriptionsEdit

NOTE: Most of the descriptions here are not exactly the same from the official English version, but rather translations in English of the Portuguese descriptions. View the history for more information, the descriptions here have the same content and meaning but slightly different wording from the English version.

Character descriptionsEdit

  • Alex: "At last, the fighter fans all around the world were waiting for: Alex! Younger than in Street Fighter III, I wonder what kind of role he'll be playing this time... I'm anxious just to think of it!"
  • Balrog: "Balrog, one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo! Monster, mean, with his own special boxing style... Which makes me like him even more!"
  • Guile: "Guile's back, and grumpier than he was in Street Fighter II. He's more hardened than Zangief's feet! But of course, what everybody wants to know, is if he will reunite with his old friend Nash. I can't wait to know!"
  • Ibuki: "Thundering in from the ninja world, that's Ibuki! And she brought more than kunai with her this time. After dedicating a lifetime to training, it's no wonder she wants to spend her time just as a schoolgirl."
  • Juri: "Famous for her rad kicks and mean streak, that's Juri! She once was one of the top fighters in Korea and does anything to make sure her opponents never get up!"
  • Urien: "This is Urien, the darling VP of a secret society! He believes himself to be the great ruler of the world and loves to boss people around. But watch out! He's dangerous... and he gives me the creeps!"
  • Akuma: "Well look who it is! The "Master of the Fist himself, Akuma! I wonder if the demonic power of the Satsui no Hado still flows through him. Seems likely, judging by that ugly mug of his! I hope he didn't hear me say that...""
  • Kolin: "The mysterious femme fatale and secret society member, Kolin! I've no idea how she does it, but Kolin has complete control over ice. Think she'd be kind enough to give me hug in summer? Nah, me either... But a guy can dream, right?"
  • Ed: "Heeeeeere's Ed! He learned boxing from Balrog, and utlizes the same Psycho Power as M. Bison! What a combo! I'm more interested in his story though... Just who is this guy?"

Alternate outfits (First Wave)Edit

  • Alex (Story): "Those are supposed to be training clothes, but can also be used as PJs. In other words, they're perfect for a young bachelor's self-indulgent lifestyle!"
  • Balrog (Story): "Watch that suit! And the gloves! All pimped out! With all that bling on the gloves, he's right on wearing shades. I wonder if that doesn't get in the way? Ah, the things we do for style!"
  • Birdie (Story): "Ah, the old Shadaloo uniform. If you're wearing that, you're probably not too high on the food chain. I mean, the Four Kings don't wear uniforms, do they? And that hair? It's all drooped down."
  • Cammy (Story): "Is it me, or does it look like wearing only a jacket to battle would leave the legs cold? Kids these days... But, cold or not, a kick from those boots ruins anyone's day."
  • Dhalsim (Story): "I heard Dhalsim considers those his "casual" clothes. If that's casual, what does he wear the rest of the time? Anyway, compared to before, he's got that "all-knowing master" air now, right? Beard and all..."
  • F.A.N.G (Story): "According to classified information, that's how he looked like before he joined Shadaloo. He doesn't look too young... And man, those are some huge lapels."
  • Guile (Story): "Now that's the Guile I remember! Is it me or does he look happier every time he crouches? Bah! I must be going nuts!"
  • Ibuki (Story): "I like it, I love it. Like a cover girl! Who'd ever thought a ninja would wear such a getup? I just don't know where she puts all that ninja stuff..."
  • Juri (Story): "Check out the jacket, the gloves, the boots... doesn't that look like a killer?! One thing we can say for sure: she takes her job very seriously!"
  • Karin (Story): "According to Miss Karin herself, the best part of this outfit is the pendant... Which, of course, bears her family's crest. The Kanzuki Family's self-promotion can sure go far..."
  • Ken (Story): "Long time fans sure will recognize the younger Ken. Note the long and beautiful... hairband! I'm sure every fan knows the story behind that hairband!"
  • Laura (Story): "She said she wears this outfit when she's just out and about, but then I heard she went over to Russia dressed like this. Wouldn't you catch a cold, or uh, freeze to death or something?"
  • M. Bison (Story): "That look makes it look like he just came out of a fight where he lost his sleeves. Maybe they were torn out by his Psycho Power... Mine, by the way, I tore out because they look cool!"
  • Nash (Story): "He's pretty dark now, but that's how Nash used to be, always saying it was all too easy and wearing those fake glasses... Why's he still wearing those things, anyway?"
  • Necalli (Story): "Okay, this costume makes Necalli look cool and all, but also a bit creepy, right? He looks like some rock spirit or something..."
  • R. Mika (Story): "This is one of R. Mika's pro wrestling costumes, designed to be like her idol's. She was so glad to get it she decided it would be a family heirloom!"
  • Rashid (Story): "When I asked if the old man had picked those clothes, Rashid said he bought them himself. Okay, but I think he spent a load with those trinkets..."
  • Urien (Story): "That suit and scarf show us an Urien I've never seen before! But he still looks like he's gonna break me in two!"
  • Vega (Story): "I'm all for him changing that mask every once in a while, but that one's too eccentric even for him, right? Regardless of how boastful he is of his looks..."
  • Zangief (Story): "This costume is for tag matches, and was made to match his tag team partner. Hmm... Maybe I should incorporate some tag team moves in the Saikyo arts..."

Alternate outfits (Second Wave)Edit

  • Alex (Battle Outfit): "This costume's to be worn in the ring, probably one of those where only one gets out, if you know what I mean. But look at that hair! Pretty long, huh?"
  • Balrog (Battle Outfit): "Whoa! Now that's patriotic! Balrog really let it all hang out this time! People say he dresses like that when he's training..."
  • Birdie (Battle Outfit): "He went all-out on this one: the crown, the hair... But why couldn't he find a fitting jacket?!"
  • Cammy (Battle Outfit): "This is a spec ops uniform. Not much else to say, really. I mean, there's a lot of little things in that utility belt. Phone, a few coins, cough drops... What else?"
  • Chun-Li (Battle Outfit): "I asked her what the costume was for, and she said it was for an undercover investigation... What kind of investigation is that?!"
  • Dhalsim (Battle Outfit): "Dhalsim says this costume is for village ceremonies. What I wanna know is: did he use yoga to grow out his hair?! Maybe I should take up yoga..."
  • F.A.N.G (Battle Outfit): "This loooks like a kung-fu movie extra costume! The kind where they shout 'yah!' and all that. Even the hairstyle is fitting! Actually, I'm pretty sure I've seen that before."
  • Guile (Battle Outfit): "There's Guile, dressed to work on his jet. As they say, "take care of your jet and it'll take care of you"... or something like that! And remember that every citizen must respect those around them! (I'm on a roll today!)"
  • Ibuki (Battle Outfit): "This outfit's the "Look, I'm a ninja!" style. I just don't know if that hair does suit Ibuki, right? And that sword... She might end up hurting someone with that!"
  • Juri (Battle Outfit): "That outfit has Juri written all over it! Well, at least across the chest... It would look better if it were DAN! And that hair? Where the hell does she get that color from?!"
  • Karin (Battle Outfit): "This is supposed to be more formal wear, but I don't know why is 'formal wear' being used as a battle outfit."
  • Ken (Battle Outfit): "He said he took up motorcycling from his in-law, so I guess that's what he wears on the road. But I'm not sure."
  • Laura (Battle Outfit): "She says this outfit if for when she's out for trouble... Does thatmean she used to get in more trouble than now?! Don't tell her brother..."
  • M. Bison (Battle Outfit): "This is said to be one of Shadaloo's ceremonial uniforms, which I think makes sense. I mean, those shoulder pads kinda shout 'evil organization focused on world domination'."
  • Nash (Battle Outfit): "This is a spec ops uniform, but he's no longer in the Army, is he? Then how...? You know what? I'm not thinking too much about it."
  • Necalli (Battle Outfit): "I heard Necalli isn't human, but if he isn't, where did he get those pants from? Do you think he paints his face or does it change accoring to his mood? Everything about him is a mystery..."
  • R. Mika (Battle Outfit): "Wow, that's loud! For a second there I though she was a comic book heroine! I heard her wings flap when she gets angry... Nah, I'm just kidding!"
  • Rashid (Battle Outfit): "I wouldn't call that a battle outfit, more like cosplay. But it totally suits his image, right? He looks like a desert prince."
  • Ryu (Battle Outfit): "He left on another journey, so I couldn't ask him, but I believe this is Ryu's 'too poor for a haircut' outfit!"
  • Urien (Battle Outfit): "Wow, now that's an imposing uniform! It's amazing how one's look changes when they grow out their hair. He must be spending a fortune on shampoo and conditioner!"
  • Vega (Battle Outfit): "Looks like a dancing costume. Same goes for the mask... But what's with those claws? Too flamboyant, aren't they?"
  • Zangief (Battle Outfit): "This one's a blast from the 80s! Looks a lot like a character from another game... You know, the one that spits that yellow dust! Uh, what was his name again? It's right at the tip of my tongue..."

Alternate outfits (Third Wave)Edit

  • Chun-Li (Swimwear): "Even on vacation, Chun-Li's always ready for action! With a modern, flashy design like that, even I would stand out!"
  • Cammy (Swimwear): "Check out that camo! You look at it and you think of Cammy. Her attire always reminded me of a swimsuit, so I guess that makes it even! She should put work aside for a while and enjoy life... like I do!"
  • Ibuki (Swimwear): "Shouldn't ninjas use camouflage? Ibuki will never sneak up on anyone wearing that thing... Ouch! Did she just throw a kunai at me?! OK, I take that back. Aaah! Stop throwing that ninja crap at me!"
  • Karin (Swimwear): "Is Karin ready to fight or to catch some rays at the beach? Why are bathing suits so expensive? They use next to no fibers! I'll start wearing fig tree leaves!"
  • Laura (Swimwear): "Dude... Was that supposed to be swimwear? More like a basketball kit! Seriously! But still... That's why Laura's Laura."
  • R. Mika (Swimwear): "They say Mika swims to catch her breath for when she fights. I recommend the butterfly stroke if you wanna get pecs like mine. That little jacket's merch... It sells at every one of her fights!"

Alternate outfits (Capcom Pro Tour 2016)Edit

  • Cammy (Capcom Pro Tour): "Holy Honda's hut-hikes! I've never seen Cammy in a skirt! And that ruffle on her neck? Somebody call an ambulance 'cause that girl's gonna cause an accident! If you don't like it, deal with it!"
  • Chun-Li (Capcom Pro Tour): "What's with the formal wear? Going to a wedding? I bet that cost an arm and a leg, but I kinda like it. Keeping in style... And that hairdo! She wants to make headlines!"
  • Necalli (Capcom Pro Tour): "Designed by Capcom Cup 2015 winner Kazunoko, this costume is a classy demonstration of the Japanese samurai style! Man, that guy's got the skills! Now he just needs to design something dapper for me!"

Alternate outfits (Halloween)Edit

  • Alex (Halloween): "You can hardly notice it's Alex! But, what is he? A demon? Whatever he is, it's making me nervous! That black body and golden hair are gonna grab some attention! And those wings must help him jump higher... Or not, I guess..."
  • Cammy (Halloween): "Take a look at this beautiful princess gown and veil! Wait! Cammy looks a bit pale, doesn't she? The thorns wrapped around her don't seem to be making it easy... If she's feeling so bad, she should see a doctor..."
  • Nash (Halloween): "Well, no one can pull off a Frankenstein costume better than Nash! Do you think he can fight well with those heavy bolts on? It's just a costume, right? He's not gonna start casting lightning bolts or something, is he?"
  • Juri (Halloween): "Don't let Juri's devil costume distract you, I bet she's up to no good as always! If you badmouth those super heels, you'll wind up at the ER for sure!"
  • Necalli (Halloween): "Necalli may look like a savage, but he's actually a werewolf! You should see him transformed. It's amazing! He's even got a tail! But if I were him, I'd be worried with the placement of that tailhole when I's turn back to human."
  • Ryu (Halloween): "You'd never guess that's Ryu under that phantom warrior costume if I didn't tell you! Do you think that's real hair? I bet it's a wig. Looking closely, he looks like he could throw an Oni Kubi Hineri at any moment!"
  • Vega (Halloween): "Vega came as a vampire! Did you know vampires drink blood? Oh yeah, I know. Wow! Look at those sharp talons! Holy crap! And that look?! He's out for blood tonight!"

Alternate outfits (Holiday)Edit

  • Ken (Holiday): "This costume has an air of a Spaghetti Western hero about it, and that's a good thing in my book! Though, naturally it would work better on yours truly. Maybe we could do something like, "As a Christmas present to everyone, Dan joins the roster!" No...? Ah nuts..."
  • Karin (Holiday): "That hood makes Karin look like a strawberry... In a good way, of course! Ahem... Seems to me she's dressed for another of those high-class balls of hers. I'd better go pick up my good gi from the dry cleaners, because I'm so gonna be invited!"
  • R. Mika (Holiday): "R. Mika looks right at home in that Christmas outfit! I bet she'd be a crowd favorite if she entered one of those Christmas-themed matched on TV! She could enter the ring all decked out in Christmas bling, throwing presents to the crowd... That's your ticket to victory right there - style!"
  • Zangief (Holiday): "Red fabric, white facial hair, bear fur... B-B-Bear's fur?! Didn't I see a bear on one of the stages? I just hope that's imitation fur, and that lovable old furball is okay... This is supposed to be a Christmas costume, not a hunting one!"
  • Laura (Holiday): "This Christmas outfit really suits Laura, huh? I can picture her dancing the samba in it as I speak... Anyway! Those tufty bits around her waste[sic] will surely keep her warm on those cold December nights. Personally, I prefer to use fig leaves. Yeah, that's what all the cool guys wear."
  • Juri (Holiday): "So this is how Juri dresses for her Christmas parties, huh? Just be careful if she tries to give you a present - the only things in her stockings are those deadly taekwondo kicks! Oh and Juri, if you're listening, when you choose a hat, make sure it fits your head!"

Alternate outfits (B-Boy & B-Girl)Edit

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Alternate outfits (Nostalgia)Edit

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Alternate outfits (School Uniform)Edit

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Alternate outfits (Professional)Edit

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Alternate outfits (Student)Edit

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Alternate outfits (CPT 2017)Edit

  • Ryu (CPT 2017): "It's Ryu in traditional Japanese formal wear! Is there some sorta celebration going on? Either way, that lion mask really makes an impression! I wonder if he's got a secret move where you can make it bite... Nah, that'd probably be way OP, huh?"
  • Ken (CPT 2017): "Ken's looking sharp and full of swagger in his red suit! That wristwatch probably cost a pretty penny... Show-off! I guess the head of the Masters household is in a whole different ballpark when it comes to personal belongings."


  • Air Force Base: "This place brings me back! Wait a minute... Are those crates the same as always?! No way! By the way, I always wondered what's inside them... I think I'll break one to satisfy my curiosity!"
  • Estate at Noon: "The Kanzuki Estate by day is breathtaking! It's sooo much bigger than my dojo... I'm not jealous, dammit! Seriously, who else has a train station and a fortress at home?!"
  • High Roller Casino: "Get a load of the neon lights! This city's nightlife must be wild! And everyone looks filthy rich... Well, I'm already a party animal, so all I need is a way to get rich!"
  • Kanzuki Beach: "Nothing like sun at the beach to fight off the stress of urban life! Semms like Karin owns this. Wow, what a surprise... Wait a second! I think I've seen those girls somewhere..."
  • Mysterious Cove: "Whoa, this place gets much more awesome at night! Look at those stars! You can't even see them in the city..."
  • Ring of Destiny: "This is the arena where every fighter dreams of fighting! They say those ads in the back change every once in a while. Man, I gotta get a piece of the action! Saikyo-ryu is officially accepting sponsors!"
  • Shadaloo Base at Night: "Are the guard on strike or what?! You could enter that base through the front door! Although that Shadaloo sigil must be pretty scary at night..."
  • Skies of Honor: "Whoa! Are we flying through the air? I'm surprised this stage even got the green light from health and safety! It's not like martial artists can just put suction cups on their feet! What if someone fell off?! Oh, it's Rashid's personal jet? Oh, um, I guess that makes it all okay..."
  • Spooky Arena: "Ever wondered what Halloween in Russia is like? Well, let me tell you! Everyone seems to be having fun in their costumes! Wait. I think I recognize those guys in the middle! You know, once I used to kill it in a pumpkin costume... What? You don't believe me?!"
  • Temple of Ascension: "This place captures the atmosphere of an old temple to a T. I'm half-expecting a ghost to jump out any second now! It could be the perfect place for Hallowen scares, but I bet no one would dare come here at night, which means I could sleep out here and nobody would bother me!"
  • Frosty Boulevard: "The New York stage is all decked out for the holidays! Man, I always get excited whenever I see that first Christmas tree of the season! You get me, right? Say, those traffic lights are all smashed up... Did Santa get in an accident?! I guess we all need to stay safe out of the roads!"
  • Temple Hideout: "Now this takes me back! It's Bison's stage from Street Fighter II! The bell in the center and those yaksha statues on either side are still menacing as ever! And take a look at the monks watching from the sidelines - They seem like they're having a blast!"
  • Flamenco Tavern: "It's Vega's stage from Street Fighter II! Man, this brings back memories... Him climbing up on that fence and then coming down with some kinda attack... wait, you don't suppose he can do that now, can he?"

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