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The Dangerous Headbutt (デンジャラスヘッドバット) is one of Urien's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Charge downward then upward+Punch



Executed by charging backward, then pressing up and punch, Urien hops into the air and headbutts downwards. The EX version of this move electrocutes the foe if it connects.


The strength of the punch button pressed determines the startup, distance, and damage. The Light version inflicts the least amount of damage and travels the shortest distance. However, it has the fastest startup. While the Light version does not result in a knockdown it allows him to maintain offensive pressure and keeping his opponent on their heels by mixing frametraps and throws.

The Medium version has a longer startup, but deals more damage and covers more ground. Similar to the Light version, it also does not result in a knockdown. The Heavy version has the longest startup. However, it has the best range and inflicts the most damage. Unlike the Light and Medium versions, the Heavy version leads to a knockdown, making a decent move to end combos and maintain pressure.

The EX version inflicts less damage and has a longer startup than the Light version. While the range is similar, it hits his opponent twice and leads to a knockdown. It also puts his opponent in a juggle state, allowing Urien to cancel into Chariot Tackle. The EX version is also Urien's best reversal option is invincible at the startup of this move.

The attack does not get much horizontal distance, and its hitbox means it is not difficult to be hit out of. It also whiffs on crouching opponents. This may prevent Urien from finishing combos and leave him vulnerable. However, while Dangerous Headbutt does miss against crouching opponents, Urien is airborne during the active frames of this attack. This makes it useful to punish low attacks from a distance. Only the EX version hits crouching opponents.

In addition, its use as an anti-air attack is limited. Its best use is for maintaining pressure on a cornered opponent in blockstrings. The EX Special is somewhat better, as it is relatively more useful as an anti-air, and is fairly safe.[1]





  • Gill also has a similar move, but with far better priority and input rather than charge.