Danretsuken (弾烈拳, "Bullet Fury Fists") is Dan's special move, introduced in the OMEGA mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Description Edit

Dan Danretsuken

Danretsuken in action

Drawing from his Kokyugenryuu parody, the attack functions and works similar to SNK characters Ryo Sakazaki and Takuma Sakazaki's Zanretsuken (暫烈拳 "Momentary Fury Fists"). With Dan's version, it is not an automatic attack that requires only one hit, but opens up new offense abilities for him. The attack is EXable and inflicts sizeable damage.


At last, Dan gets an attack he can reliably use for mixups and for expanding space in general without risking zone and vulnerability. The attack gives him a basic tool for mindgames as he now has an alternative to Koryuken and Dankukyaku for offenses.


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