Not to be confused with Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, where in Japan it was called "Dash".

Dash is a movement option in modern Street Fighter games, complementing Walk Speed.

Description[edit | edit source]

G's forward dash in action.

Dashes are a mobility option, available for all characters in the games they appear in. They are very similar to Command Dashes, the major difference is that attacks normally cannot be directly canceled into a dash (with some exceptions).

There are two dashes available, a forward dash and a back dash.forward dashes move the opponent forward at a set angle with set motion, once initiated a character will move forward at a pre-programmed amount (usually set in line with the character archtype) taking a certain amount of frames (e.g. Abel's forward dash is 16 frames but has less horizontal reach than Makoto).

Back Dashes are little less straight forward. They have some invincibility frames; usually around 8 in the Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken. They tend to have less horizontal reach than forward dashes.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

While both dashes have the same horizontal reach, Makoto's is much faster than Dhalsim's in terms of time to finish.

Dashes have multiple uses, some dashes are made for mobility, like Makoto who has very slow walk speed but the second fastest forward dash in terms of frames (16), and the furthest horizontal movement. Mobility dashes are not necessarily fast, Dhalsim's forward dash is still faster than his walking speed and has the same horizontal reach as Makoto's but is very slow in the grand scheme.

Comboing dashes do not tend to have too much horizontal reach. Rufus' is one such example as his dash rarely leads to going over a juggled opponent. These dashes tend to benefit more from Dash Cancels at the cost of mobility. Rose's dash is a hybrid of both, as it still has good horizontal reach but still has properties of a combo dash.

Rufus' Dash combo in action

Back Dashes are usually an escape option. 21 frame backdashes like Chun-Li's, Poison's, and Rose's are desired as they are the fastest available. Many Option Selects do not work on these and they have to be anticipated more, aka "Hard Read". Ibuki has the furthest reaching back dash in IV, with the flaw that it is the second slowest at 28 frames.

Some back dashes are also made for combo ability. Rufus' is made to be used as an alternate in the corner.

Street Fighter V[edit | edit source]

Ibuki dashing in at +2 Frame Data against Cammy.


Street Fighter V has removed dash cancels, to combat this some V-Triggers have dashes built in. Ken's V-Skill is a command dash that can be used for both pressure and mix-ups.

Back dashes are generally less effective. Invincibility has been vastly reduced to reflect the game's nature, as offense is meant to be preferred. Crush Counters allow some characters to dash in after a successful hit.

With the removal of universal dash canceling, some characters can still uses dashes to pressure opponents. Rashid and Ibuki both can use high blockstun specials to dash in to further pressure opponents (such as Ibuki's LP HP Ex Kunai with the correct setup). On hit these characters tend to be able to further combo and in some specific spacing even attempt resets.

Types[edit | edit source]

Dash Attacks[edit | edit source]

Ibuki performing her Dash Attack in Gem Fighter.

Some games such as Street Fighter EX3 or Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix allow characters to attack while dashing. In some games they are triggered after dashing for a distance and others they require players to manually attack.

Special dashes[edit | edit source]

Example of a command dash

Command Dash[edit | edit source]
Main article: Command Dash
Command Dashes are dashes that require a special input. Characters can use these types of dashes in any state as long as it is part of their regular moveset. These characters can also usually special cancel any normal that allows it into these attacks. The trade-off is that the performing character is usually negative in terms of frame data on non EX versions. EX versions are usually used as part of safe pressure or combo extension.

V-Skill Dash[edit | edit source]

Ken's Quick Step is a V-Skill dash

Some characters have dashes in terms of their V-Skill. These tend to be positive on hits with the most hitstun they provide but are still usually negative on block.

V-Trigger Dash[edit | edit source]

Some characters have dashes as part of their V-Trigger, such as Zeku's Bushinryu Shingekiko or Cammy's Delta Advance.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ibuki's forward dash in SFV is similar in terms of visuals to the hopping Ryu and Ken did to move in the original Street Fighter.
  • Hakan can cancel his forward dash animation while he is oiled, making him the only fighter who can combo off a level one Focus Attack.
  • Ibuki's dash animation is used 3 times in different context within Street Fighter X Tekken. The first is her forward dash, her incoming animation from a Tag reuses her dash animation (albeit extends it) other characters such as Chun-Li and Tekken's Lili get unique running animations for the action. Ibuki lastly also uses the animation in King and Marduk's side of their rival battle against Rolento and Ibuki.
    • This also makes Ibuki have the most recycled animation for different actions in any game of the series (not counting Clones).
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