Dash Canceling is the act of canceling out of a special move by inputting a dash motion right afterward. The technique is currently possible only in the Street Fighter IV series and Street Fighter X Tekken.


The purpose of Dash Canceling is to open up combo opportunities for special attacks that would not be possible otherwise.

Command Dashes Edit

Command Dashes are dashes that can be canceled into. These type of dashes tend to be negative in terms of Frame Data when canceled into, even on hit, with a few exceptions. Command Dashes that have EX specials usually have positive frame data when canceled into at the expense of meter.

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit


Rose using a FADC to combo into Soul Throw.

In the Street Fighter IV series many attacks can be canceled into a Focus Attack. The real usage is not the focus attack itself but the ability to cancel with a forward dash or a backdash. A backdash can usually be used to make an attack like a Shoryuken safe, while a forward dash can allow certain combo extensions. It is usually abbreviated to "FADC"

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Ibuki CADC

Ibuki using a CADC to backdash from her Target Combo

Super Charges are Street Figther X Tekken's version, usually called "CADC"s. These can be used from any special cancelable Cross Rush Target Combos, Tekken Chains, and normals. These can be used to keep pressure on the opponent or make an unsafe attack safe. Ryu's Sweep is a good example since it can be special canceled, players can CADC forward to keep pressure after a blocked sweep. They can also backdash to to make space. Some characters can used CADC's to continue current combo strings. Cross Rushes need 1 meter to cancel into super charge.



SSFIV HD - Adon - Overhead ~ Rising Jaguar FADC Ultra II

SSFIV HD - Adon - Overhead ~ Rising Jaguar FADC Ultra II

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