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The Dash Low Smash (ダッシュグランドスマッシュ Dasshu Gurando Sumasshu?) is one of Balrog's special attacks, introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

All appearances Charge backwardDown-forward + Kick


Balrog crushes Ryu's guts in Super Street Fighter IV.

Dash Low Smash, as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.

Executed by charging backward then pressing down-forward and kick, the attack is a simple dash forward followed by a stomach-aimed suckerpunch performed with his leading fist, with an accompanying "rush of wind" background sound effect - prior to the SFIV series the attack is a face-aimed modified Dash Upper, also performed with his leading fist. The attack will floor an opponent if it hits, and has the Armor Break property, making it good for disrupting the use of Focus Attacks.

The dash distance and the damage inflicted are determined by the kick button used: light kick version does the least damage and dashes the shortest distance; medium kick version goes a full screen and does more damage; and heavy kick version goes even farther and does the most damage.

The EX Special version introduced in the Street Fighter IV games - as with most of his special moves - grants Super Armor during the dash, and is the only version of the move that is safe on block[1].      


It is a great option for closing distances quickly and finishing combos fast, and the heavy kick version is ideal for catching opponents who are trying to jump back to avoid the attack[1]. As with most other Balrog's attacks, the charge can be easily countered (mostly by projectiles), unless mitigated by the EX version's Super Armor.


  • This move may be loosely based off real life boxer Razor Ruddock's signature left handed hooking uppercut "The Smash", as well as its use in the boxing manga Hajime no Ippo by the character Takeshi Sendo.