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"Execute. (処刑する。 Shokei suru.?)"
—Decapre (Street Fighter IV series)

Decapre (ディカープリ Dikāpuri?, Russian: Декапре (Декабрь), Dekapre) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as part of Juli and Juni's boss battle introduction before making her playable debut in Ultra Street Fighter IV. A member of M. Bison's elite guards, the Dolls, she is an imperfect product of the Shadaloo cloning experiments that created Cammy.



Originally from Russia, her appearance resembles Cammy, albeit with the Shadaloo Doll outfit and a blue-gray metal mask. Her hair is platinum blonde and is styled in the same long pigtails as Cammy. Her face is shown to be burned on the left side, hence the mask. Decapre wears a pair of retractable daggers that are significantly larger than Vega's claw and emit Psycho Power.

In Street Fighter V, at the beginning of Cammy's character story and A Shadow Falls, Decapre's Shadaloo Doll uniform has been altered; the top half has been altered into a halter top with the sleeves and back removed. She wears a different mask as well, similar to her original but with three glowing, neon pink lines at the center. Her hair is white instead of platinum blonde and her eyes are now amber.

In Street Fighter 6, during Cammy's World Tour, Decapre's hair reverted back into platinum blonde and her eyes remain amber. Although Cammy had cut her long pigtails to a shoulder-length, Decapre maintained their classic hair style of two long pigtails.

She now wears a casual outfit consist of a sky blue loose baggy shirt, jeans and boots and now wears a black fashionable hat on her head.


Decapre is a calm person, but when angry she soon goes berserk, making her the troublemaker of the Dolls. Like Juni and Juli before her, she was "programmed" for total obedience; however, she takes this to an extreme and exhibits very strange 'robotic' mannerisms, often speaking in the form of verbal commands and making observations about the various characters she defeats (e.g. she notes that Ryu is "mostly retrievable" if she defeats him, but considers Evil Ryu as "disqualified", likely referring to Bison's plans for him). Decapre is also quite violent and unstable; Ryu's win-quote against her notes that while Decapre does not hesitate in battle, she seems to tremble for the duration.

Her speech patterns are similar to that of Q, as they evoke a similar, single-minded "kill and destroy" mentality, though Decapre's speech patterns are due to her unstable mental state. She also has an extreme hatred of Cammy, which drives her to escape her stasis pod to hunt her down.

In Street Fighter V, during the events of A Shadow Falls, Decapre becomes desperate and weak while being controlled by Psycho Power, which forces Cammy to sever the connection held over her. When she realizes Cammy is the one who rescued her, her hatred for Cammy throws her into a rage until Cammy is forced to knock her out. Decapre is later freed from its control and is seen helping Cammy fend off other Dolls who are being controlled by F.A.N.G. is seen watching the destruction of Shadaloo with her fellow Dolls along with Cammy.

Character Relationships[]


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Super Street Fighter IV OVA[]

Decapre and the other Dolls are attacked by Juri in a secret Shadaloo mountain base and easily defeated. They are placed in stasis pods and loaded onto a plane by Juri, who takes them to Seth at an unknown location where he plans to experiment on them. These stasis pods can be seen later in the Street Fighter IV series in Seth's Crumbling Laboratory stage, although the identities of the occupants are not clearly visible.

Ultra Street Fighter IV[]

Decapre is awoken from an induced slumber within a stasis pod by S.I.N. employees, who free her from M. Bison's mental control. As she regains control over her mind, Decapre has flashbacks of being taken away by Shadaloo. She also has flashbacks about Cammy and is thrown into a hate-induced rage, using her daggers to smash open the stasis pod and leave, vowing to kill Cammy.

Decapre nonetheless pursues her prime directive, which is to kill Seth. After his defeat, while standing over his unconscious body preparing to "complete termination of prime objective", she is interrupted by Cammy. Decapre once again goes berserk and attacks her, determined to kill Cammy, but is suddenly incapacitated by the failure of her rapidly expiring body. As Cammy tries to help her, Decapre removes her mask, revealing her horribly scarred face and the reason for her hatred of her clone sister.

M. Bison then appears and tells Cammy that it was never a coincidence and that Decapre is going to die as a result of a "dead man's switch" (previously mentioned in Juli and Juni's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3) installed in her, as her mind slowly deteriorates from having broken free of M. Bison's control. As Bison speculates about a potential bargain for her life, Decapre decides to hold out her hand to Cammy and tells Cammy that it's alright, similar to what Cammy said to Decapre before she was taken to her stasis pod. M. Bison then takes Decapre away. Back in her stasis pod, Decapre then says in her thoughts, "It's alright. Your big sister is right here.".

Street Fighter V[]

In-game, Decapre appears as a CPU in Street Fighter V, using her Omega mode-based moveset[citation needed] from Ultra Street Fighter IV.

A Shadow Falls[]

Decapre appears in Cammy's character as part of Cammy's memory where she goes berserk and attempting to kill her before her body was incapacitated from her ending in USFIV. Cammy also mentions her after she defeats F.A.N.G while looking for her whereabouts before changing her word to the whereabouts of the Dolls. When Vega and his squad cornered the two girls and attacked Cammy with his claw, Juni recognizes the claw that Vega wields is like Decapre's.

Decapre and März are sent to infiltrate the Kanzuki Estate as they are confronted by Cammy and Karin. Both manage to defeat them, but Decapre hurts her head as she escapes before Cammy tried to help her. Later, she confronts Ken, Chun-Li, Laura, Sean, and Cammy as her Psycho Powers reach an uncontrollable level. Cammy, aware that Decapre is being controlled, opts to fight her and is victorious, and the police later arrive to arrest her. Cammy sees in Decapre's eyes that she was taken away from Shadaloo and her voice where she calls Cammy as her sister (the same flashback shown in her Ultra Street Fighter IV prologue). Cammy manages to knock the police down much to their shock as Juri manages to ram the policeman with her motorcycle as she kicks Decapre's mask to show her scarred face to everyone as Cammy decides to take her with Juri while riding away.

At Union Station, Decapre is soon awakened to see Cammy while hurting her head. Due to her extreme hatred to her, she attempts to kill her while they are having a catfight. She unleashes one of her infused daggers to kill Cammy until the latter is forced to knock her down before she was beaten by Vega until Juri defeats him forcing Vega to leave. Decapre is last seen saving Cammy from Vega's attack with her infused daggers as Juri protects them. Both also confronts fellow Dolls who are controlled by F.A.N.G with their Psycho Powers. However as his device is destroyed by Rashid after he deals a poison jab on his back. Both are relieved to see the Dolls are back to normal as they continue to fend off other Shadaloo soldiers.

Street Fighter 6[]

World Tour[]

Cammy reveals that Decapre has begun working for Delta Red, and the two are living happily as "twin sisters'. We are shown an image of Cammy and Decapre sitting together at a cafe as Decapre takes a photo of her ice cream cupcake using Cammy's smartphone.


UDON comics[]

In the comic book series, Decapre is directly related to Cammy as a kind of prototype, which Cammy discovers upon raiding a Shadaloo research facility. She encounters Decapre and notes that Decapre is using the same moves as her.

During the brawl, Decapre's mask is knocked off her face, revealing that she looks identical to Cammy, though half her face appears to be covered by grotesque burns. Her mask is more reminiscent of Vega's, with no visible mouth and simply two glowing red eye slits; she also fights with a steel claw similar to Vega's.

Later on, Decapre led an ambush with the doll agents, targeting Cammy and T. Hawk during their visit to one of Shadaloo's laboratories. Thanks to the assistance of Rose, Cammy and T. Hawk managed to defend themselves against the dolls. However, they were ultimately overpowered by M. Bison, and Cammy, compelled by the sight of Delta Red members being held hostage, reluctantly agreed to accompany the Dictator. Subsequently, Decapre and the other dolls withdrew to the Shadaloo headquarters. When she observed suspicious behavior from Killer Bee, she initiated another lethal attack. After a challenging battle, she managed to hold a weakened Cammy at claw point, but was rendered unconscious by Vega.

20210722 171548

Decapre battling Ibuki in Hyper Looting.

Decapre also appears in the Loot Crate exclusive Street Fighter Hyper Looting comic as part of Balrog's backup against Guile's squad. She battles Ibuki one on one and after a fight that displays both fighter's speed and agility Decapre is defeated by a direct Yoroitoshi from the fledgling ninja.

Live-action series[]

Street Fighter: Resurrection[]

Decapre appears in the live-action miniseries Street Fighter: Resurrection portrayed by Katrina Durden.


Fighting style[]

Decapre fights using "Shadaloo fighting techniques"[2] with Psycho Power infused daggers.[1]


Decapre's strategy revolves around her great speed and unpredictable cross-ups, along with the use of her Psycho Power-infused daggers. Similar to her fellow Doll Juni, many of her moves require charge motions, making her the first new charge character Capcom has created since Q and Remy in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Decapre has similar attacks to her fellow Dolls, though she also utilizes a unique attack, dubbed "Scramble", to mix up her opponent in a variety of ways. Each version "teleports" her a short distance in a different angle towards the opponent, with the light version going across the ground, medium going up at about a 40 degree angle, and heavy going up at about 75 degree angle. Her two ultra combos, Psycho Stream, and DCM are two very different ultras, each being better for different situations, making Decapre a well qualified candidate for an "Ultra Combo Double" playstyle. Psycho Stream is a slow moving projectile manifested by her psycho power that produces small knockback that, if done correctly, combos into her Air Throw. It is very similar, if not identical to how Dhalsim's Ultra Combo "Yoga Catastrophe" works. Her second Ultra on the other hand, is a fast moving dash attack that goes about 90% of the screen. This move also has an anti-air variation which works the same as her ground version, but can only hit airborne opponents.

In Omega Mode, Decapre becomes more offense-based. She doesn't need to charge her attacks, and her Scramble has been split into two different moves: Hidden Creep and Black Widow (not to be confused with the Slam Masters character of the same name. She also gains a projectile (Invisible Ray).









  • Her name is derived from the Russian word for December, Dekabr (декабрь).
  • Her theme is a twisted alternative remix of Cammy's theme. This is possibly to highlight her failing mental stability, and her connection to Cammy.
  • In the background of her USFIV art, Juni and Juli and some other unclear Dolls can be seen in capsules.
  • Akuma's win quote against her indicates that he may be one of the few characters that know about Decapre, despite having absolutely no involvement with the conflict of S.I.N and Shadaloo.
  • Decapre, Crimson Viper and Juri have many similarities:
    • They made their first appearances in the Street Fighter IV series and all act as rivals to Cammy.
    • At some point, each has played the role of a villain, and has been involved with Shadaloo and S.I.N (as an undercover agent, in Viper's case).
  • Decapre shares all but four of her Personal Actions with the other Dolls. Personal Actions 2, 4, 5, and 6 are from Cammy, while Juni and Juli's taunt from their playable appearances is recreated in Personal Actions 3 and 8.
  • When Decapre's unmasked face was shown in the comics before (as seen in the gallery), her face was more grievously scarred, with burns reaching down to her chin and the corner of her mouth. Her in-game appearance lessens the severity of the burns, which are completely concealed under her new, mouth-revealing mask. Though it is unknown how she got it.
  • Decapre is one of eight characters in the Street Fighter IV series who shares their English voice actor (Caitlin Glass) with another character (Cammy). The other six are Ryu/Evil Ryu (Kyle Hebert), Blanka/Adon (Taliesin Jaffe), and Akuma/Oni (Dave Mallow).
  • Decapre is the only fighter in the entire SFIV series whose KO'd scream does not echo when she loses a match. This is likely due to a programming oversight.
  • Joining Cammy and Juni, Decapre is seen to like cats as well.

Stage theme[]



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