This is a list of quotes used by Decapre.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Execute."


Shadaloo scientist: "We have a borderline reaction. Increase the depth pressure. Depth pressure... 1.4... 1.6... 1.8... MBR ready. Area is confirmed."

(Decapre begins to have flashbacks of Shadaloo.)

Shadaloo scientist: "Initiating mental control release."

Decapre (in her thoughts, as a child): "No... No..."

Cammy (in Decapre's thoughts, also as a child): "Does it hurt? It's alright... It's alright..."

(Decapre's flashbacks speed up, showing her conversion into a Doll, coming to a close-up of an adult Cammy. Decapre then draws her daggers and destroys her stasis tank.)

Decapre: "Killer Bee... Kill... kill... kill... Kill... kill... kill... kill... Kill them all! Kill all!... Kill all!"


Decapre: "Ready to complete termination of prime objective."

Cammy: "Decapre!!"

Decapre: "...Killer Bee!!"

Cammy: "Please stop it!"

Decapre: "I'll end you! I'll destroy every part of you! Kill you!"

Cammy: "I knew it... he can't control you."

Decapre: "Control? You don't know anything! You liar! I hate you! Hate you! Hate you! Hate..."

(Decapre collapses, because she's spent too much time outside of her stasis tank.)

Decapre: "I hate you! I hate your face. I will kill you for it... I'll kill you... I'll kill you... kill you... kill you..."

(Decapre takes off her mask, to Cammy's shock.)

Cammy: "But you're..."

M. Bison: "This was never coincidence. She is going to die."

Cammy: "Don't you dare!"

M. Bison: "But... Perhaps some kind of bargain could be made..."

(Decapre reaches out and touches Cammy's face, just like Cammy does to her in her flashbacks.)

Decapre: "Does it hurt?... It's alright... It's alright..."

M. Bison: "Spending your last moments staring into your own face, interesting."

(After a small non-verbal exchange between Cammy and Decapre, M. Bison carries Decapre up to the portal behind him, and Decapre's eyelids slowly shut as she continues to look at Cammy.)

Decapre (in her thoughts, as she is back in her stasis tank): "It's all right. Your big sister is right here."


  • "It is not over."                                                                        

Rival DialogueEdit

  • "Kill you!" (if first hit is scored)
  • "KILLER BEE!" (With a full Super Meter)
  • "YOU LIAR!" (Activating an Ultra)


  • "Rank B"
  • "Finished"
  • "*sigh*"
  • "Data Acquired"

Defeat Edit

  • "Why...?" (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Escaped subject found...Awaiting instruction."
  • "Requesting definition of "god."
  • "Human or inhuman? Decision suspended."
  • "Cammy?... No matching items."
  • "No matching living beings on the list."
  • "Assumed value lowered."
  • "Acquired new fighting style data."
  • "Requesting instructions whenever body should be recovered."
  • "Ninja definition unclear."
  • "Updating maximum size records."
  • "Hostile force exterminated."
  • "Body mostly retrievable."
  • "Verified improved parameters in comparison to past data."
  • "Finished. Proceeding to activity suspension."
  • "Verifying valid data."

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Comprehensive annihilation complete."
  • "Extermination finished."
  • "Removed"
  • "Moved to "annihilated" state."
  • "Victory."
  • "Killer Bee...?"
  • "Master Bison..."
  • "Shadaloo..."
  • "The pain..."
  • "Futile."
  • "Fight over."
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