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Delayed Ripper is one of Cammy's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-HKick
Modern Arcade-Stick-Right+Modern H


"A kick unleashed after stepping backward. Can be canceled into special moves."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy delivering a powerful kick to Manon using Delayed Ripper.

Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Kick (or forward and Heavy Attack for Modern Control), Cammy rears back and crosses her front leg over her back leg to wind up her attack. Cammy then sidesteps toward her opponent and delivers a high side thrust kick, knocking them back toward the ground.


This move amplifies Cammy's ground game. While it has an 18-frame startup, Cammy sways back and away from her opponent before performing her attack. This moves her hitbox backwards, allowing her to avoid her opponent's attacks before retaliating herself. By getting her opponent to commit and overextend their normals, Cammy can use Delayed Ripper to whiff punish them for optimal damage. However, it is -12 on block. It also has 25 frames of recovery. Unless this move is properly spaced, her opponent may be in range for a Punish Counter. Delayed Ripper also results in a knockdown. Cammy can then Drive Rush toward her opponent as they are recovering. She can also cancel Delayed Ripper into Spiral Arrow or her Super Arts on hit.


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