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"Shifting of gear!"

The Delta Drive (デルタドライブ Deruta Doraibu?) is Cammy's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch.png+Arcade-Button-HKick.png


Cammy activating Delta Drive.

Pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously activates this 2-bar V-Trigger. When activated, Cammy's speed increases. Also, her special moves are more enhanced.

  • Spiral Arrow increases its hits, ranging from 3 to 5 hits, depending how far Cammy is from her opponent.
  • Cannon Spike increases its hits, ranging from 3 to 5 hits, depending how close Cammy is able to hit her opponent with this move.
  • Cannon Strike increases its hits to 3 hits. After the last hit, Cammy passes through the opponent and land behind them.


Choosing Delta Drive as Cammy's V-Trigger will give her an increase in speed and an enhancement on her special attacks. This makes it easier for Cammy to look for an opening, especially when she's being pressured. Because it is a 2-bar V-Trigger, Cammy doesn't have to take much damage to acquire it. In addition, each of Cammy's specials moves either deal more damage to her opponent or put her in an advantageous position.

  • Spiral Arrow: Besides the increase in hits, this version  does more damage than the other versions. Also, it can go through fireballs, making it easier for Cammy to close the distance against other characters who specializes in zoning. After the last hit, Cammy passes through the opponent and land on the other side, launching them in the air for a follow-up juggles or potential mix-ups.
  • Cannon Spike: This version has even less startup time than the other versions, including the EX version. Besides the increased hit count, it deals more damage than her normal versions. 
  • Cannon Strike: Since the hit count increases to 3, this version does more damage than her other versions. If Cammy successfully hits her opponent with this move, she can follow up with a devastating combo. Also, even if the opponent blocks this version, Cammy is still advantageous, meaning that she can continue applying pressure to open up her opponents.

Players need to keep in mind that any usage of Cammy's special moves depletes her V-Gauge by half. This means that Cammy can at least use up to two of her enhanced special moves before her V-Gauge is completely depleted.