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Delta Red Assault

"Engaging target. Charge! Locked on. Fire! Continuing mission."
Cammy in Street Fighter 6

"No more games! Infiltrate! Execute! Assessing damage data."
Cammy in Street Fighter 6

The Delta Red Assault (デルタレッドアサルト Deruta Reddo Asaruto?) is one of Cammy's Super Arts, introduced in Street Fighter 6 as her Level 3 Super and Critical Art.

Classic Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch
Modern Arcade-Stick-Down+Modern SP+Modern H


Delta Red Assault Super Art

Cammy kicking through her opponent.

"Send your opponent to their knees with a series of high-speed attacks and finish with a powerful kick. A highly versatile move, useful in both combos and as a way of dealing with projectiles."
Street Fighter 6

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick (or pressing down, plus Special Attack and Heavy Attack for Modern Control), Cammy drills through her opponent with a powerful Spiral Arrow. If the attack hits the opponent, she drills through their leg, causing them to face the opposite direction. Cammy performs 3 three more Spiral Arrows through the opponent, alternating and drilling through both of their shoulders and thirdly through their other leg; dropping them to their knees. With the opponent in a weakened state, Cammy approaches from the front while executing a backflip. She finishes off the move with a slicing kick through the opponent's head. As the opponent falls on their stomach, Cammy slides to a halt before returning to her stance.

When used as a Critical Art, Cammy reappears behind her opponent instead of in front, then slashes the back of her opponent's neck in a beheading strike with a final kick.


Delta Red Assault Critical Art

Cammy kicking through her opponent's neck.

Since this is Cammy's Level 3 Super Art, this is her strongest move in her arsenal. It inflicts more damage than her Level 1 and Level 2 Super Arts. Delta Red Assault is mainly used to end combos and finish off the opponent. Cammy has a plethora of moves she can cancel from into Delta Red Assault such as Lift Combination, Spiral Arrow, Quick Spin Knuckle, and OD Cannon Strike. She can also cancel Heavy Cannon Spike. However, it must be on the first hit of the held version. All other versions, including the non-charged Heavy Cannon Spike whiffs the opponent since it launches them into the air and out of the hitbox's range. When Cammy is down to 25% or less of her health, Delta Red Assault gain an additional boost of damage.