Demon Machami (デーモンマチャミ Dēmon Machami?) is a minor character from the Street Fighter series. She is a skilled Japanese wrestler with powerful techniques that decided to live as a heel until she burns out, being known as a super heel. She is the leader of a female heel group called Demon Army (デーモン軍団?), which she inherited from her boss. She is also a good singer.

In her match against the then-newcomer R. Mika, she stormed Mika with several foul techniques and infringements, causing a large disturbance. Mika's supporters tried to break into the ring to help, but Mika stopped them from interfering. The audience and Mashami herself were impressed with Mika's resolution to a fair and square fight. Mika managed to defeat Machami with her Dream Driver. After the match, Machami built a good relationship with Mika.[1]


  • Demon Machami is based on Japanese pro wrestler Devil Masami.


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