The Stiff

Devin "The Stiff" Aranoc is a villain featured in the 3D beat em' up game Final Fight: Streetwise, a spin-off game in the Final Fight series. Devin's rigid posture, perfect businessman grooming, and unparalleled skills at making people stop breathing all have certainly contributed to his highly feared reputation, likely the basis for his nickname, Stiff. Devin also has many guards at his disposal.


The Stiff is a powerful leader in some sort of mysterious Metro City mob. It is his past dealings with Cody that prove to be a key factor leading to a dramatic upheaval in the lives of Cody and Kyle, leading to Cody being kidnapped by him and Kyle searching for his whereabouts. After forcing Nicky Wissell to reveal where his hideout is, Kyle confronts Devin in the top of the Bijou Hotel. The fight is separated in two parts: At first The Stiff fights with several handguns inside the hotel and has 2000 HP. After beating him, he goes hand-to-hand against Kyle on the rooftop of the hotel and has 2400 HP. He appears to fall to his death in the end of the battle.

Later, Dr. Chang injected large doses of Glow in The Stiff and mutated him into Stiff Death. As Stiff Death, he has enhanced physical strength and new abilities, being able to fire spikes from his back, charge his body with electricity, and eat glow rats to recover health. Stiff Death faces Kyle in the glow factory and is defeated, his body crumbling into dust and its remains exploding alongside the factory. Father Bella planned to have The Stiff as one of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but his demise forced him to find a replacement.

Arcade ModeEdit

Stiff also appears as the second boss in the Arcade Mode from Final Fight: Streetwise.


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