This is a list of quotes used by Dhalsim.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "I will meditate and then destroy you."
  • "Now you've realized the inner mysteries of yoga!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "Mastery comes from within."
  • "Your mind is full of wrong ideas. It's best your empty it."
  • "You must master yourself before you can truly complete."

Lost Quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "Enlightenment! As long as you are not enlightened, victory will not come to you!!"
  • "Have you realized the ultimate mystery of Yoga!!"
  • "Fate... It was fate for you to lose."
  • "Is there any pride as a warrior in you?"

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha 2Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit


Dhalsim: Do you wish to learn from me, novice?
Zangief: Ha! What could someone so puny possibly teach me?
Dhalsim: Size is no consequence. Yoga mastery is an ancient discipline of mind and body.
Zangief: Your body, I will twist into a pretzel. I'll leave your mind for the vultures.

M. BisonEdit

Dhalsim: You have an evil spirit. Your soul is dark with hate.
M. Bison: I will crush you with true power!
Dhalsim: Real power is achieved by mercy. May the spirits have mercy on your soul.

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Meditate on your loss. Someday our paths will cross again."
  • "Action brings reaction. Your fate has followed you."
  • "I'm your master. Pain is a state of mind and I don't mind your pain."
  • "Don't cry. I'll let you live."

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit


Dhalsim: Wait, young lady. You shouldn't live your life so carelessly.
Rose: You assumed that I was thinking of dying? Is it because I looked sad? Hm.. hm.. hm..
Dhalsim: No, it's not your face. In your mind, you're ready to die...
Rose: !! Who are you?! How could you read my mind?! Don't try to stand in my way! No one can stop this fight!

Dhalsim: Hmm... So he is called M. Bison... I can feel an evil omen...
Rose: You can read others' minds, so you must know how evil he is. I have to defeat him. I must defeat him...
Dhalsim: You cannot win if you give up the will to live.... Do not be impatient. Wait for the right time.


Dhalsim: Birdie, I would like to ask you a question... Where is Shadaloo's hideout?
Birdie: Ha! Are ya out of your mind?! Why should I tell ya? Ya know... If you play with me, I might consider telling you... But now I got this urge to make a pretzel! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Birdie: Blast it!! I lost!! OK... I promised I'd tell you...
Dhalsim: So, the hideout is in Thailand. I read your mind...
Birdie: ?! What the heck?! Why didn't you read it in the first place?!

Juli and JuniEdit

M. Bison: You have an excellent body... You'll make a fine guinea pig for the Psycho Power...
Dhalsim: So you're M. Bison... What malevolent energy! So you're the one that is giving out evil energy!
M. Bison: You've taken the bait! I tricked you into increasing my powers! The other maggots of justice did not help me in the way you have! Seize him!

M. BisonEdit

M. Bison: You didn't kneel before me! I'll make you sorry! My patience runs short. I urge you to obey my will immediately. It's such a pity that your power shall not be seen again.

Win QuotesEdit

  • "To prove your bravery is to protect those who are innocent."
  • "The mind can often be a more formidable weapon than the body!"
  • "Shed your ego and become a part of what is around you. Awaken!"
  • "Peace and tranquility... This is the way of Yoga!"
  • "My family... My friends... I will fight for their souls."
  • "A friend, no matter how weak or poor... is worth dying for."
  • "Victory is to control yourself as well as control the opponent."
  • "Meditate now... Then the answers you seek will be revealed."

Marvel vs. Capcom series Edit

X-Men vs. Street Fighter Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You didn't even break my concentration."
  • "Yoga teaches the combination of powers."
  • "With a sound mind comes a superior body."
  • "The pain must be endured. Then you might be great."
  • "Next time I will reach out and strangle you!"
  • "Mother India has been kind to me."
  • "It's time for you to learn a lesson in defeat."
  • "I have studied Yoga; you have studied nothing."

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Edit

Rival DialogueEdit

Dhalsim: Apocalypse, I will put an end to you!
Apocalypse: Contemplate your own undoing, Dhalsim.

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Practice and you can follow me..."
  • "Not impressed? Let's do it again!"
  • "It's Yoga power that keeps me going!"
  • "I must meditate on why you lost... you are inferior!"
  • "I must master the power of Yoga to be the best."
  • "Here's your first lesson in Yoga. Take the pain!"
  • "Feel the power of Yoga."
  • "Do not attempt to challenge me again!"

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Edit

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Win QuotesEdit

  • "Free your mind and the rest will follow..."
  • "Always stay true to yourself..."
  • "A man must be strong in the mind and limber in the body."
  • "The way to master Yoga is very long..."
  • "My mission is to spread the power of Yoga!"
  • "Mercy is the power to forgive."
  • "Let the power of Yoga release you from your fear."
  • "In order to attain peace, concentration becomes key..."

Ending QuoteEdit

  • "Thank you. The mind can overcome anything it wants."

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 Edit

Before FinalsEdit

  • "The power of Yoga will see me through to the end!"

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Let the power of Yoga heal and release you from your fear."
  • "My mission is to spread the power of Yoga throughout the world."
  • "In order to attain peace, concentration becomes key..."
  • "Free your mind and the rest will follow..."
  • "There are only two ways to master Yoga: the long way, and the longer way..."
  • "Mercy is the power to forgive. Kindness is the power to forget."
  • "A man must be strong in the mind and limber in the body to succeed."
  • "Popular opinion can change in an instant. Always stay true to yourself..."

SVC Chaos Edit

Pre-battle Dialogues Edit

Capcom Edit

Vs. Akuma

Dhalsim: "Master of the Murder Wave! You're in bad need of some saving, I see."

Akuma: "There's no saving me. The Murder Wave is my sole savior."

Dhalsim: "Slave to power, you don't understand. Yoga can set you free!"

Akuma: "My fists will do that. And send you to heaven."

Vs. Balrog

Balrog: "What a reach! If you take up boxing, be sure to call me."

Dhalsim: "I am sorry but I have no intention to become a boxer."

Balrog: "Why not? You'd make a fortune."

Dhalsim: "Money is not the object of my training."

Balrog: "Then what is it?"

Dhalsim: "It is something a slave of desire cannot grasp..."

Balrog: "Self-important ascete! Enough or your sermons. Say your prayers, monk!"

Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: "I can't get used to those stretching legs and arms."

Dhalsim: "You lack training. You must devote yourself harder to your training."

Chun-Li: "Will you help me?"

Dhalsim: "Be your sparring partner? Very well. If that will be of service to you."

Chun-Li: "Ok, thank you! Okay...Let's do it!"

Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Vs. Dan

Dan: "What the...!? Your arms stretched!"

Dhalsim: "That surprises you? Your trainig is lacking, my friend."

Dan: "Uh, I wasn't that surprised, bean pole! So listen and freak out! Dan of the Saikyo groove is none other than me!"

Dhalsim: "...Yoga?"

Dan: "Aw, nuts! Bring it on, skinny!"

Vs. Demitri

Dhalsim: "Evil spirit! Go back to your world."

Demitri: "This is my world. For I shall rule it!"

Dhalsim: "Yoga! Purify this fiend with the holy flames!"

Demitri: "Such vain effort..."

Vs. Guile

Guile: "Dhalsim. How goes it? How long has it been?"

Dhalsim: "A long time. I have evolved. I'm not what you know."

Guile: "Neither am I. Of course, my limbs don't stretch."

Dhalsim: "You still seek vengeance, I see."

Guile: "Yes..."

Dhalsim: "Even one as you fails to find enlightenment... But the wheel of hate one day must stop spinning."

Guile: "No matter what you say, you cannot stop me."

Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Vs. Hugo

Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Poison: "Hey, wait, you! Didn't your arm stretch?"

Dhalsim: "That's Yoga! My legs stretch, too."

Poison: "Aw-awesome! If only you could spit out flames, too..."

Dhalsim: "Yoga fire!"

Poison: "Ah ha ha. Great! Please, you gotta join our troupe. Hugo!"

Hugo: "We can use this clown. You'll do a fine job warming up the crowd."

Vs. Ken

Ken: "Greetings, Yoga master. Care for a bout?"

Dhalsim: "Excitable as ever. But your conceit may be your undoing."

Ken: "Enough sermonizing! Have you tarried in your training and forgotten Yoga's secrets?"

Dhalsim: "I'm always training. I entrust all to Agni, god of fire."

Vs. M. Bison

Dhalsim: "You cannot achieve inner peace if you intend to conquer the world, Bison!"

M. Bison: "Hmph. Inner peace? Take a hike, hippie!"

Dhalsim: "You don't intend to see the error of your ways? Then I shall lead you."

M. Bison: "What nonsense... You will bend to my supreme power!"

Dhalsim: "If you do not see, then so shall it go. You'll get no mercy!"

Vs. Mirror Match

Dhalsim: "Th-this is... A test from God."

Mirror Match: "Or the devil's trap?"

Dhalsim: "However... Without facing myself I cannot attain peace."

Mirror Match: "You speak wisely. Transcend yourself, and grow!"

Vs. Ryu

Ryu: "Dhalsim! Time you showed me what's new with Yoga!"

Dhalsim: "As self-involved as ever. End your foolish conceits and watch and learn."

Ryu: "Yeah, yeah! Let's get it on!"

Dhalsim: "Ho, ho, ho. Surprisingly, a guy like you may... Just one day find spiritual enlightenment."

Vs. Sagat

Dhalsim: "Gigantic sir, you have suffered long..."

Sagat: "What do you know...? Beat it!"

Dhalsim: "You won't fight well with a disturbed soul. And I will defeat you."

Sagat: "You talk too much...I'm going to put you in a coma for a few days!"

Vs. Tessa

Tessa: "Your pretty unique to be able to alter your body like that."

Dhalsim: "Do you have an interest in the secrets of Yoga?"

Tessa: "I have oodles! However, I'll need some time to compile my data on the subject."

Dhalsim: "Stranger, The miracles of Yoga are but a part of deep enlightenment. If you don't decote all of yourself, you'll get diddley."

Tessa: "Ohh, foo, foo. All creation can be explained scientifically."

Dhalsim: "Your knowledge hinders your way to true sagacity. You'd do well to go back to the drawing board. Do you understand me?"

Tessa: "Indeed. In addition to theory and sorcerologic data, you say I need actual empirical proof, do you?"

Dhalsim: "Are you ready to begin? Yoga!"

Vs. Vega

Vega: "You don't bathe in training? Back off! Foul, foolish freak."

Dhalsim: "Those who are taken by appearances alone are truly foolish."

Vega: "An argument like that is but the simperings of the foul and ugly."

Dhalsim: "You won't understand until I scold you. See Yoga's secrets!"

Vega: "Taste the pain... That comes from beauty!"

Vs. Violent Ken

Dhalsim: "Pathetic fool. Such power dominated by the force of evil."

Violent Ken: "Oooh-whooooo. D-dhalsim!"

Dhalsim: "Close your eyes. My power will restore your sanity."

Violent Ken: "Uggh. N...No need!"

Vs. Zero

Dhalsim: "What do you seek in your wanderings? Speak, little one."

Zero: "I cannot tell you."

Dhalsim: "Mastering Yoga's secrets permits me to read your mind, you know...?"

Zero: "...."

Dhalsim: "And yours doesn't make for intersting reading..."

Zero: "Hmph... You may be right."

Vs. Shin Akuma

Dhalsim: "What is this? An evil spirit... And bigger than before."

Shin Akuma: "Are you prepared... to go to heaven?"

Dhalsim: "By my life... I will stop you!"

Shin Akuma: "Nonsense!"

Vs. Red Arremer

Dhalsim: "Huh?! What is this place?"

Red Arremer: "Gya-gyah!"

Dhalsim: "Oh my! I'm in hell. I've supressed my desires with Yoga, and this is the reward I get...?"

Red Arremer: "Gya-gyah!"

SNK Edit

Vs. Choi

Dhalsim: "You're a slave to desire. You must train and learn Yoga to save yourself."

Choi: "I'll leave the preaching to Kim. Can it, buddy boy!"

Dhalsim: "Even if you'll be able to be taller, too? I know you want that."

Choi: "T-taller? OK. you got me curious. Start talking."

Dhalsim: "First, you must purge all desires."

Choi: "...You gotta be nuts! I guess I'm just doomed to enjoy myself. Let's go, stretch!"

Vs. Earthquake

Earthquake: "Hey, a walking twig! One of my snorts would blow you away!"

Dhalsim: "Size is no measure of one's strength. What matters is the power of your soul."

Earthquake: "Snort! Soul? You silly shaman. Don't make me laugh."

Dhalsim: "To know true strength you must first know your own weakness."

Earthquake: "And How do I do that?"

Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Dhalsim: "I sense evil!"

Geese: "If I'm evil, then everyone is. Wah ha ha!"

Dhalsim: "I believe that I can cleanse your heart!"

Vs. Genjuro

Dhalsim: "Such evil... Friend, why do you walk the dark way?"

Genjyuro: "I don't walk the dark way. The path I walk is the dark way."

Dhalsim: "I will rescue you."

Genjyuro: "I need not your charity. In turn I will send you to damnation!"

Vs. Goenitz

Dhalsim: "What evil wind is this?"

Goenitz: "A good wind blows. Dear Yoga master, may have some of your time?"

Dhalsim: "Oh, fire god Agni. Lend me the power of your purifying flame!"

Goenitz: "Oh, such lovely flames! Very well, I accept your challenge."

Vs. Iori

Iori: "!?"

Dhalsim: "That's the power of Yoga! And I can teach you all about this wonderful art."

Iori: "...Pass. I hate clowns..."

Dhalsim: "Phew! Saving the damned is just another kind of training, I guess. But I will save you!"

Iori: "You'll save me?! Take your best shot. You'll only regret it."

Dhalsim: "May you be enveloped in the grace of Vishnu."

Vs. Kasumi

Kasumi: "Your appendages stretch? Will wonders never cease?"

Dhalsim: "The miracles of Yoga. With a little practice, you can do the same."

Kasumi: "Are you serious? Then, enlighten me."

Dhalsim: "Very well. Assume your stance!"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "The secrets of yoga. I've heard of them, but who'd thought...?"

Dhalsim: "Your surprise is tenable. With a little practice, anyone can do this."

Kim: "Tae Kwan Do with Yoga? I'd be invincible! Please, spar with me!"

Dhalsim: "Very well. Show me your stuff!"

Vs. Kyo

Dhalsim: "Oh, it's you? So, you wish to learn the ways of yoga?"

Kyo: "No, not especially."

Dhalsim: "Jeesh! Kids these days! I know it's no picnic. But with my teaching, you can be just like me."

Kyo: "Hey, I don't give a rip about Yoga, bud!"

Dhalsim: "But before we start, I guess I must see what you're made of. Very well, my child. Show me your stuff."

Kyo: "You haven't heard a word I said, have you? Very well, I'll bop you and make you see that you need the training."

Vs. Mai

Dhalsim: "First you must remove all unwanted fat from you. Then you will be swift."

Mai: "...Put a sock in it! My body hasn't an ounce of unwanted fat!"

Dhalsim: "Do not deceive yourself. Training must begin with complete honesty.... For example... Learning your true weight."

Mai: "Yaaah! Stop! Stop! Enough! I am going to put a sock in it for you!"

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop bop."

Dhalsim: "I don't understand. Even Yoga doesn't work. What creature is this?"

Mars People: "Beep boop boop!"

Dhalsim: "Yoga cannot help me. It's a trial, perhaps?"

Vs. Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "A secret Yoga ceremony... Levitation. Meditation. Elastified limbs..."

Dhalsim: "Verily. But Yoga's secret rituals are not for violence. I use it not frivolously."

Mr. Karate: "If you desire mercy, I will back away. Spare the guilt trip."

Dhalsim: "You are berzerk. If this is destined, then I must abide..."

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "K...I...L...L..."

Dhalsim: "Ill-omened sensations... Even my Yoga secrets may not protect me from this lost one."

Iori: "Ooh-ohhhh!"

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "...You're impervious! Way to go, pops."

Dhalsim: "Belligerent young one. Learn the ways of Yoga, and regain tranquility."

Ryo: "Enough of your sermons. Any more and I'll bop you right back to Bombay."

Dhalsim: "Yoga."

Vs. Shiki

Dhalsim: "Hmmm... My child. You are possessed."

Shiki: "...I am Shiki... Ooooh...."

Dhalsim: "Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!"

Shiki: "Aaaaah!"

Dhalsim: "Unh...I'm too late. One final option! I will exorcise the possessor with Agni's flames!"

Shiki: "You confound me... Die..."

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Man, you're thin! One punch and "Snap!""

Dhalsim: "Do not worry, friend. My body tempered by Yoga's mysteries will not break."

Terry: "OK! Then no guilt here. Let's go, bean pole."

Dhalsim: "Yoga."

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Oh, ho! You are no ordinary human."

Dhalsim: "You, too, are strong. A Yoga master knows this."

Mr. Karate: "You cannot equal me, but you make a wild opponent. Here I come!"

Dhalsim: "Yoga rules!"

Vs. Athena

Dhalsim: "Where the heck am I...? Could it be heaven?"

Athena: "Give the man a cigar. You are in heaven. Thanks to your silly fighting, the dimensional doors have been opened."

Dhalsim: "Then I'm not dead yet. That's good news... I have many things left to do down below. You may send me back."

Athena: "I can't help you. My mission here is to protect this land. And remove undesirables. So, put them up."

Dhalsim: "Along with the world, heaven too seems filled with absurdity..."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Do not forget this, for this is the secret power of yoga."
  • "Devotion... all is true devotion!!!"
  • "Temper your body. And one day you can stretch like me."
  • "Learn from pity's heart, for that will save you."

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

  • Versus anyone in a Karate gi: "What confounds you? Have your fists lead you astray?"
  • Versus mirror match: "This is but god's trial. Can you overcome it?"

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Today, I shall win again."


  • "Well done, child."
  • "Enlightenment is still far away."
  • "Yoga... Yoga... Yoga... Yoga..."
  • "Meditate." (Time Over)

Personal ActionEdit

  • "You are not ready for yoga."
  • "Cultivate a pure heart."
  • "Yoga!"
  • "You hesitate."
  • "Calm yourself."
  • "Hatred begets weakness."
  • "You are capable of more."
  • "I do not fight for pleasure."
  • "You lack strength."
  • "Too impatient."


  • "Yoga...!"
  • "Is this my... destiny...?" (Chip KO)

Intro Edit

  • "I must leave you for a while. I'm going to bring our water back."


Rival DialogueEdit


Rufus: "What the? Wha... wha... wha... wha...? Are you floating? How you doin' that? What? ESP? Plasma? Magnets?"

Dhalsim: "This... is Yoga."

Rufus: "What, are you an alien or somethin'? 'Cause like, I'm not sure if you noticed, but, uh, you know? There's all sorts of aliens like, err, Martians for instance. I mean those crazy freaks..."

Dhalsim: *Sigh*

During rival match quotesEdit

Rufus: "Your punishment awaits."

Dhalsim: "I must defeat you."

Dhalsim: "Open your eyes." (if successfully hit by level 3 focus attack)

Rufus: "Aliens always tryin' cheat!"

Dhalsim: "These are not gimmicks."

Rufus: "Your magic won't work on me!"

Dhalsim: "This is not magic."

Rufus: "Aliens are strong, man! Heh!"

Dhalsim: "Behold! Yoga's true power!"

Dhalsim: "What a predicament." (if first attack was taken)

Rufus: "Why I ought 'o!" (if first attack was taken)

Dhalsim: "Are you alright?" (when the opponent is stunning)

Rufus: "I'm back!"

Dhalsim: "Behave yourself, child!" (when Dhalsim activates his ultra combo)

Rufus: "Solar system strike!" (when Rufus activates his ultra combo)

Dhalsim: "I am sorry, but you must let me pass." (if revenge gauge is activated)

Rufus: "Better warp out now while you can!" (if revenge gauge is activated)

Rufus: "Where'd you park your UFO anyways?"

Dhalsim: "I am only a man."

Dhalsim: "Feeling better?"

Rufus: "Spaceship Earth!"

Dhalsim: "Perhaps you are being naive."

Rufus: "Find your zen."

Dhalsim: "Must we do this."

Rufus: "Huh? You gettin' some sort of signal?"

Rufus: "Don't try to call your alien friends to help!"

Dhalsim: "Listen to me, child!"

Dhalsim: "This is the result of your bad con." (if finished with basic, unique and special attacks)

Rufus: "I guess my work here is done!" (if finished with basic, unique and special attacks)

Dhalsim: "This is not good." (if finished with Super Combo)

Rufus: "Ha ha ha! How'd you like that?" (if finished with Super Combo)

Dhalsim: "I am no alien." (if finished with Ultra Combo)

Rufus: "Ha ha ha! I saved the Earth!" (if finished with Ultra Combo)

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Desire only serves to darken the heart. Release yourself from its bounds."
  • "You must meditate if you truly want to awaken your chakras."
  • "Such impatience... The answers you seek lie in your own heart. Seek them out."
  • "My arms? Forget it. Flexibility like this cannot be achieved overnight."
  • "Yoga grants complete control over mind, body and spirit."
  • "Believe in yourself and nothing is outside your grasp."
  • "I should have held back. I must exert more control."
  • "My flame is but an illusion, but it will burn you if you believe it to be real."
  • "All the training in the world cannot rid your heart of doubt."
  • "Yoga... Yoga, yoga, yoga..."
  • "I'm afraid your defeat was predestined."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "No matter how difficult your trials, you must persevere to the end."
  • "You walk the path to hell on your own account? What a fearsome beast you are!"
  • "You will never defeat me without a dose of introspection, child."
  • "What an interesting specimen you are. The world is full of wonders, no?"
  • "I sense confusion in your blows. You must overcome your demons, child."
  • "We draw strength from those we love. I sense that you and I understand this."
  • "Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Open your eyes before it's too late."
  • "It is a great sin to destroy the flavors that nature bestows upon us."
  • "Passively allowing your opponent's blows to wash over you is a useful technique."
  • "You will reap punishment in the next world for your sins in this one."
  • "Do not fear the shadows of the future. The cycle continues with or without us."
  • "You mustn't seek answers outside yourself. This is not where they lie."
  • "Anger is a siren's song that draws us toward damnation. Change while you can."
  • "Do not rush, child. You will find your path in due time."
  • "Beauty is only skin deep. Beneath yours lies a wretched creature."
  • "Countries are defined by humankind. Their nature is far from permanent."

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Before using Yoga Shangri-LaEdit

  • "Come to me, friend."


  • "The men who robbed our village of water, they wore a symbol that resembles that of Shadaloo. We had thought them to be destroyed, yet I cannot shake the feeling that they still lurk in the shadows, weaving dark and evil plots, preparing for the moment when they will strike again. The power I possess is divine. It is not for mortal men to use for their own simple desires... Yet, I feel compelled to restore hope and vitality to my village by bringing the water back no matter what the cost. Hear me, Agni, god of fire. Watch over me as I in turn watch over those I love. Grant me the strength to vanquish evil."


Dhalsim: "Shadaloo and S.I.N.... You toy with life and try to manipulate nature to your own selfish ends. I know that evil will never truly be vanquished from this earth, and sometimes seems an endless gaping void, but still..."
Datta: "Father!"
Dhalsim: "I retain my hope in humanity. For the goodness in mankind's heart is also endless..."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "I mustn't stop as long as there are forces who seek to do harm."
  • "Give up. Your short limbs have no chance of reaching me."
  • "The road our souls travel is a long and winding one."
  • "We may worship different gods, but your strength is to be praised."
  • "O, Agni, please accept my humble thanks for the power you have granted me."
  • "My purifying flames wash my foes one by one as they fall before me."
  • "Through meditation, we are able to touch the very fabric of space and time."
  • "I do not like to fight without reason. Leave this place at once."
  • "This is destiny."
  • "You have lost because it was your destiny to do so. Do not resist."
  • "Yoga yoga yoga yoga."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "No one chooses the circumstances of their birth. What matters is the future."
  • "It is unwise to compare your strength to that of others, young one."
  • "All around is illusory and temporary. Your power is no exception."
  • "Your greed and thirst for power have blinded you to everything else."
  • "You fight not for fame and glory, but for the love of your mother."
  • "The past can no longer harm you, child. Look resolutely forward, not back."
  • "Everyone has their past demons with which to wrestle. Fight for the future!"
  • "You mustn't run from your troubles, but face them head-on with a pure heart."
  • "Do not rely on others' devices for strength. Believe in your own power."
  • "Move your gaze from worldly possessions and toward more important things."
  • "Your pride is what keeps victory out of reach. Humble yourself, friend."
  • "You would do well to first sample your dishes before adding seasonings."
  • "Stretching limbs makes for quite an advantage. You should try it."
  • "I pray that the hatred inside of you is extinguished quietly..."
  • "How can you, one who is in the twilight of life, end lives so flippantly?"
  • "It appears you have overcome your anger and found a new source of strength."
  • "The universe has taught me much, child. Perhaps it has wisdom for you as well."
  • "Remain calm, friend. This fire is merely an illusion and cannot ignite your oil."
  • "You must first complete your obligations before embarking on adventure, child."
  • "You derive pleasure from imparting pain? Your soul may be beyond saving..."
  • "Aggression is a fruitless pursuit. Observing your opponent is enough."
  • "It is not I who has defeated you. You have fallen victim to your own sins!"
  • "You may feel lost and alone, but I assure you that your path is righteous."
  • "And thus a malicious god appeared, only to be felled by the flames of Agni."
  • "Destiny is not completely predetermined. This is why predictions sometimes fail."
  • "Look closely and you will see things invisible to others."
  • "Your heart is free from turmoil now. May you find a new path, friend."
  • "Your drive for self-improvement will lead you to great places, child."
  • "You have brought this upon yourself and you must suffer the consequences alone."
  • "Those who are truly beautiful feel no need to boast about it."
  • "You're on a trip with your brother? I wish you two the best of luck."
  • "While I praise your diligence, I cannot say the same for your conceitedness."
  • "The strength you possess is skin deep. True power comes from within."

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit

  • "Put your blade away, child. You know not what lies at the razor's edge."
  • "Have you considered taking up yoga? I think it would suit you."
  • "Misuse of the flesh will only bring ruin. Be vigilant."
  • "Everyone chooses their own path. I'm sure you will find yours soon."
  • "A true leader relies on his depth of compassion rather than an iron fist."

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "Allow me to show you the wonders of yoga."

Arcade ModeEdit




  • "I hope you are willing to have a fair fight."
  • "I do not wish to fight but since you choose to interfere..." (with Sagat)


  • "Calm yourself."

Pandora ModeEdit

  • "What is this power?!"

Pandora SacrificeEdit

  • "The universe..."


  • "Enlightenment is still far away."

Defeat Edit

  • "Yoga...!"
  • "I can't be... defeated..." (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "The future is decided by what you do now, not what is in your past. What do you see in your future?"
  • "Misguided demon, do you intend to continue on your path of despair and destruction?"
  • "You, consumed by your own desires, will never be able to reach me."
  • "Your crimes in this world are too numerous... You will burn in divine flames to pay for your sins."
  • "It would seem as though you've finally cleared your thoughts. Your attacks said as much."
  • "Take this opportunity to rest your body. You should not overwork yourself."
  • "Can you find contentment in this life? Running from your problems will yield no answers."
  • "You speak of dignity, but your fists exclaim pride. There are many things you have yet to learn."
  • "You are gentle and pure of heart. Never let the world darken your light."
  • "Those who die live on in the memories of those who live. It is the circle of life."
  • "Your body is a blessing from the gods. You should treat it more carefully."
  • "Calm yourself, give thanks to the gods, and you will find the romance you so desperately seek."
  • "The miracle of yoga is not something for show. But I doubt you can comprehend that."
  • "You who are intoxicated by your own ambitions... You should reflect on your life experiences."
  • "Hold your tongue and observe silent meditation. Do so, and you will realise that I'm not an alien."
  • "As long as you have spirit, the path lies ahead of you. There is no need to hurry."
  • "Your attacks are very commendable. You have found your true strength."
  • "The gods will happily guide those of pure heart, such as yourself."
  • "True beauty cannot be beheld by human eyes. If you do not realize this, a life of tragedy awaits."
  • "Your body is far too stiff. You should seek the benefits of yoga immediately."


  • "Though you may be artificial, you understand the hearts of others. You are truly a miracle."
  • "This is the miracle of yoga. I was not cheating."
  • "That body... But if you are truly happy, then I cannot make any judgments."
  • "You have been completely consumed by madness. I pity you."
  • "The threads of fate are ever-interchanging. When the time comes, your wish will be granted."
  • "As time passes, our bodies become more fragile. We are carried away by the will of the gods."
  • "You are young, so there is no need to be in such a hurry. Take a moment to quiet your spirit."
  • "You look human, but your soul is empty. So this is a robotic weapon..."
  • "There are many things left for you to do. Cheer up and move on."
  • "Do not despair. The truth lies before you. You need only patience to see it."
  • "You will be tested...overcome these obstacles and you will become a true warrior."
  • "A sense of justice is honorable, but you should take care not to let it consume you."
  • "You speak of manners, but you should learn to listen when people are talking to you."
  • "Assassins have no place in this world. May you find a better calling in your next life."
  • "I am NOT an alien! Why do people keep thinking me to be one?"
  • "Only those who depend on their senses can be fooled by illusions. I can see through your tricks."
  • "Confusion in your heart leads to confusion in your fists. You should meditate more."
  • "You must collect your thoughts if you do not wish to be sucked in by the cursed sword."


  • "That power...have you been blessed by Indra, the god of thunder and lightning?"
  • "Fascinating… A cat that understands human language…"

Street Fighter V Edit

Character SelectionEdit

  • "This is the path to achieve enlightenment."

Intro Edit

  • "I am not very fond of conflict."
  • "Yoga... (10x)" (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Can you please allow me to pass through?" (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Allow me to demonstrate the miracle of yoga." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Great God Agni!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "I, too, have something I will not relinquish. I shall do all in my power to protect it."
  • "If you so desire, I will teach you the mysteries of Yoga."
  • "The path to enlightenment stretches far beyond the reaches of even these arms."
  • "Fret not over victory nor defeat, but be as serene as still water."
  • "Yoga!"
  • "I WILL MEDITATE AND THEN DESTROY YOU." (Classic Costume only)

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Rigid power cannot win against flowing water. Such is fate."
  • "The world is vast. Be not surprised by what lies within arm's reach."
  • "One must learn not only to control the body, but also the appetite."
  • "The path of a yogi is also one of nature. However, it is not one to be traversed by simple savages like you."
  • "When you have someone to protect is when you must be at your strongest."
  • "Focus unfalteringly on the future. Release the shackles of your past."
  • "You fight, but have you not once pondered WHY you fight?"
  • "A battle with my own self... This too is a trial from the gods."
  • "You must eat a lot to maintain your size. How about trying some of my wife's food?"
  • "Do not entrust your fate to fortune. You still have a future ahead of you."
  • "To worry is to be human. I know some techniques that can help ease your troubled mind."
  • "I do not sense evil in you... To fight is to obey the great Agni's will."
  • "Is this Agni? No... But there is something profound about this individual"
  • "Your strength is in your family. Do not forget that again."
  • "We all have a duty to perform, from which none of us can ever run away."
  • "The darkness you create yourself makes you a truly fearful child."
  • "The teachings of yoga go beyond death."
  • "Power comes not from seeking strength alone. But you already seem to have realized that."
  • "Blind faith can discover nothing. You must find the truth with your own eyes."
  • "My body and mind I shaped with yoga. I am not your enemy."
  • "I see vengeance burning within you. You must not submit to that dark inferno."
  • "The path ahead can never be conquered if you run in the wrong direction."
  • "The fire is not for show, but of the hidden techniques of Yoga."
  • "Defeat is but a minor distraction. Fight on, and the wind will ever be your ally."
  • "Hurry not, and be patient in seeking an answer, and it will reveal itself."
  • "You have a path you follow... As do I, with yoga in my heart."
  • "To experience doubt is a part of growing up. All will be as the great Agni has envisioned it to be."
  • "I pity you. Reduced to nothing more than an empty vessel..."
  • "Such blinkered eyes as yours can never perceive true beauty."
  • "The techniques of Yoga cannot be grasped by brute force alone."

Character StoryEdit

Stage: Apprentice AlleyEdit

Interaction 1: RashidEdit


Mahesh: "Master Dhalsim, I've come to ask you to teach me in the ways of yoga."

Dhalsim: "For what purpose do you wish to know?"

Mahesh: "My purpose... is to become stronger, and protect our people as you do."

Dhalsim: "The path of Yoga is one of harmony, not violence. Its power is not in strength, but understanding."

Mahesh: "I... I didn't mean..!"

Dhalsim: "...Maybe I could."

Mahesh: "Th...thank you wise Master! Then we..."

Rashid: "Ah, so there you are!"

Rashid (continued): "Are you THE Dhalsim? "One of the seven Yoga Masters you have to meet at least once?" That's what the net calls you."

Azam: "MASTER!"

Dhalsim: "The "net"...?"

Mahesh: "Just who are you?! Master Dhalsim is busy..."

Rashid: "Sorry, I definitely understand. I haven't much time either."

Rashid (continued): "Well, I would be extremely appreciative if you could teach me theskill of Yoga. Shouldn't take too long. I just need you to indulge me in a single match."

Azam: "Master..."

Dhalsim: "And why is it that you seek to improve your skill?"

Rashid: "I can't say. But please, I just need to be stronger or else... Please..."

Dhalsim: "Hmm..."

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Dhalsim: "Understood... Let's fight."


Rashid: "Huh... I thought if I saw you fight at least once, I'd learn most, if not all of it. I suppose with Yoga there's no shortcut, eh?"

Azam: "Master."

Dhalsim: "No there isn't. Yoga isn't something you can learn in a short span of time."

Rashid: "I thought as much. Well, at least I got to fight someone extroridinary skilled as you. It was a good experience."

Rashid (continued): "One more thing, I'm sure you know many people. Have you seen this person?"

Dhalsim: "No..."

Rashid: "I see. Thank you then. Take care."

Mahesh: "Were you OK with that? To show a person like him the skills in the way of Yoga?"

Dhalsim: "You shouldn't worry. He seeks skills to do good, just as you."

Dhalsim (continued): "He may not have mastered the skills, but if he gained something from fighting me which will help him, then good will come of it."

Mahesh: "Hmm..."

Interaction 2: OroEdit

Mahesh: "Oh!"

Dhalsim: "This is what is released in tandem with prayer to the God Agni. The very basics of Yoga."

Oro: "What an odd thing you're doing."

Dhalsim: "You are...!"

Mahesh: "He... He's floating! Is that Yoga?!"

Oro: "Hehe! Does this really look like Yoga to you? Your disciple has a lot to learn."

Dhalsim: "I never thought I would encounter you at a place like this."

Oro: "Just killing time. I sensed interesting people here, so here I am."

Oro (continued): "And by the way, why would you have a disciple like him? His skill is very and he'll only become an obstacle to your own training."

Dhalsim: "I believe in him, and I want to spread the knowledge of Yoga to help and support others."

Dhalsim (continued): "The improvement of my own skills are secondary. My ultimate goal is to harmonize the universe."

Dhalsim (continued): "Even if it takes a lifetime, I believe my actions, in and of themselves, inevitably set me upon the right path."

Oro: "Haha, not to completely master the skill but instead spread the skill. I see you haven't changed at all."

Dhalsim: "Are you leaving already?"

Oro: "I'm sensing another interesting person around here. You should make me a tasty curry next time. Be well."

Mahesh: "Master Dhalsim, who was that?"

Dhalsim: "He is a long lived hermit, master of Senjutsu."

Interaction 3: R. MikaEdit


Dhalsim: "Yoga!"

Mahesh: "Huuugh, huuugh, huugaha, gaha, gaha..."

Mahesh (continued): "No, I can't..."

Dhalsim: "Impatience is muddling your mind. Calm yourself."

R. Mika: "Excuse me, can I talk to you?"

Dhalsim: "Huh?"

R. Mika: "Hello, my name is Rainbow Mika and I belong to the Iwashigahama Japan Women's Pro Wrestling! Could you teach me how to breathe fire? Like what you just did now?"

Mahesh: "Wrestling?"

R. Mika: "That's right! That skill would be perfect. If I did that in the ring... the crowd would go wild and...!"

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Dhalsim: "You needn't say anymore, I understand your passion. Why don't you learn it by fighting with me?"

R. Mika: "Thank you so much for your time!"

Post-Fight InteractionEdit

R. Mika: "Guess not! I'm not ready to breathe fire!"


Dhalsim: "Mika, mastering Yoga is not easy."

Dhalsim (continued): "Although you can't yet breathe fire, your passion will ignite the flame in the future. And when it does, it will ignite everyone."

R. Mika: "My passion... will ignite...!"

R. Mika (continued): "I think I... I think I learned something! Thank you! Thank you for teaching me sir!"


Mahesh: "Haaagh!"

Dhalsim: "Hmm. It was an excellent fire."

Mahesh: "B...But it wasn't as big as yours, Master Dhalsim."

Dhalsim: "The size of the flame is not what is important."

Dhalsim (continued): "You are training your mind. Skill will only be a guide. When you care for someone your mind is what will become the flame. It also becomes the power to create harmony."

Dhalsim (continued): "To help you create that harmony, I will do all that can for as long as it takes."

Mahesh: "Master Dhalsim...!"

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • "Hmm?"
  • "I will help you."
  • "Your mind is completely calm in battle. But, if you continue to suppress the Hado, you will be consumed by it. Once again, you need to face the Hado that you are hiding inside of you."
  • "That's the...!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Do not let the Satsui no Hado take you over!"
  • "Long ago, I was told about an ancient being who consumes warriors' souls. This ancient being... only appears at a time when many warriors are needed. That is, when the world is in a time of great crisis."
  • "You must go. His soul is no longer a sacrifice for you to devour."

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