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"Now freeze!"

Diamond Dust is Kolin's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Kolin lifts her leg and stomps the ground, creating a path of ice spikes that travel a short distance in front of her.


Kolin's 2-bar V-trigger deals a moderate amount of damage, serving as a solid combo ender. It results in a knockdown on hit. Diamond Dust also has great corner carry. Even on block, this move can send the opponent at least halfway across the stage. Kolin can perform her V-Trigger twice; once on activation, and a second time to completely deplete her V-Gauge.

Diamond Dust also inflicts a ton of stun, making this move a fantastic way to end combos with her opponent stunned. Her V-Trigger has a unique effect of freezing her opponent's stun bar. If her opponent gets hit by this move, their Stun gauge is becomes frozen. For visual representation, her opponent's entire body turns faded white.

Additionally, their stun gauge remains frozen until they land a hit on Kolin. This plays to her advantage on offense and defense. As long as Kolin maintains pressure and keeps her opponent blocking, she can make it difficult for them to unfreeze their stun gauge. On the other hand, having a frozen stun gauge puts her opponent in a position to be aggressive to return their stun gauge to normal, leading them to make mistakes.

If her opponent is stunned in this state, they become frozen. Unlike normal stuns, her opponent gradually loses health gradually until the stun is broken. As with normal stuns, it can be mashed out of to reduce the effect. Kolin can also confirm her V-Trigger into her Critical Art. However, it requires an immediate, forward dash for it to connect.

If Kolin immediately dashes following her Diamond Dust, she uses the skate dash associated with Absolute Zero, letting her perform mixups on block and shallow jumps.