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Dive Sonic is Guile's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Guile leaps forward into the air and fires a Sonic Boom at a downward 45° angle.



The damage from the Sonic Boom itself is minimal. However, it puts Guile at least +4 on hit. If he's close enough, he can link into his Crouching Light Punch for a decent combo. If Guile is using his first V-Trigger, he can combine a string of projectiles with Dive Sonic to pull off insane, yet damaging combos in the corner. Unfortunately, his second V-Skill doesn't change when Solid Puncher is active. Also, he cannot perform his regular Sonic Boom while Dive Sonic is on the screen, and vice versa.

On block, Guile is at least -7 from up close, making it risky if not properly spaced. It becomes safer if he uses his second V-Skill at a distance. While he can slightly better frame advantage if they crouch block, it is possible for them to duck under the projectile and punish Guile as he lands on the ground. While this move has a slightly longer startup than his first V-Skill, Dive Sonic gives him a way to advance toward his opponent while charging for both of his special moves. This is very helpful in the neutral game. He can fire a Sonic Boom after landing to continue zoning out or his opponent. Additionally, if they attempts to jump over the descending projectile, Guile can anti-air his opponent with his Flash Kick.

Guile builds a bit of V-Meter on hit and on block. While it cannot be cancelled from Guile's normals, he can link into his target combos such as Bullet Revolver. The last attack knocks down the opponent, allowing him to follow-up with Dive Sonic for extra damage and V-Meter build-up. He can also link from a Crush Counter hit from his Crouching Heavy Punch. Guile can juggle with his airborne projectile and follow-up with a Flash Kick for good damage.

Both of Guile's V-Skills are strong. His Sonic Blade has significant applications in the neutral game from baiting out jump-in attacks, outzoning his opponent with enhanced projectiles, and giving him a safe approach while hiding behind his Sonic Cross. However, Dive Sonic has better combo and damage potential, especially when he has them in the corner. It also gives him a way to approach his opponent while charging up for both his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick.