Divine Comet is Gill's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Gill summons a comet from the sky that descends toward the ground. The element is dependent on which V-Trigger is selected. If Gill is equipped with his first V-Trigger, then he peforms Meteor Strike, releasing a fiery meteor that puts his opponent in a burning state on hit. If Gill has his second V-Trigger, then he performs Hail Sting, summoning an icicle that puts his opponent in a freezing state on hit.

Pressing either forward or back (or leaving it in neutral) determines the comets trajectory and where it lands on the ground. By pressing back, with Medium Punch and Medium Kick together, the projectile descends at a steep angle, landing in front of Gill. By pressing forward, with Medium Punch and Medium Kick together, the comet falls at an almost 45° angle and lands fullscreen. If only Medium Punch and Medium Kick are pressed without a direction, the projectile descends at about 60° and lands about halfscreen.


Along with Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis, this move gives Gill a way to attack his opponent from a distance. This forces the opponent to respect the incoming projectile as it drops to the ground. After summoning the comet, Gill can either back away from his opponent to continue zoning them out with projectiles, or advance toward them to reapply offensive pressure.


The effects of the comet is determined by which V-Trigger Gill is equipped with. Choosing Primal Fire summons a meteor that puts his opponent in a fiery state. While in this debuffed state, the opponent is inflicted small amounts of gray health damage overtime. If Gill is equipped with Ice of Doom, then he releases a falling icicle that puts his opponent in an icy state on hit. While in this state, their stun meter remains frozen until they hit the opponent with one of their attacks. In addition, getting stunned in this state leaves them frozen, which chips away parts of their health while recovering. Additionally, while Gill's V-Trigger is active, the overall damage of the projectile is increased. The comet also has a bigger hitbox, thus increasing the range of the attack.

Divine Comet is a great way to begin or extend combos. As mentioned, hitting the opponent with this attack puts them in a fiery or icy debuffed state, depending on which V-Trigger Gill uses. This is important because Gill can trigger a Retribution hit if he hits his opponent with an attack that is the opposite element of the debuffed state that they're in. For example, Gill hits his opponent with a Pyro attack while his opponent is in a freezing state, or with a Cryo attack while they are in a burning state. This causes a Retribution hit, which enhances the specified move. Besides inflicting more damage, the attack can increase juggle potential for bigger combos or give Gill great positional advantage. Regardless, it is crucial for Gill to keep his opponent pressured and get them in a debuffed state as often as he can to take control of the fight.


The design and animation of Divine Comet is based off of Meteor Strike.

Etymology and inspirationEdit

Comets refer to the phenomena of traveling icy bodies of extraterrestrial material, or a small Solar System Body (SSSB), which upon entering the vicinity of a solar system, will expel gases in a streaking manner as it gears closer to the sun. Meteorites and shooting stars are also mistaken for comets.

Appropriate to Gill's themes of divinity and godhood, comets were once seen in ancient times to be a sign of great misfortune and the displeasure of the gods, in where after their appearance would occur great instances of calamity and disaster.

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