This is about the Street Fighter V stage. For the Street Fighter III stage, see here.

The Dojo (also known as Community Dojo) is a stage in Street Fighter V that was included in 2018. It contains five customization slots that players can use to set Dojo Objects. The stage only becomes available after creating or joining a dojo on the Capcom Fighters Network.

Dojo ObjectsEdit

Dojo Objects are mainly obtained with the Fighting Chance. They can be set with in the player's Capcom Fighters Network account.


Gold Fighter's Trophy 15 A gold Fighter's Trophy that can be earned by reaching the top of the Dojo rankings.
Silver Fighter's Trophy 15 A silver Fighter's Trophy that can be earned by reaching the top of the Dojo rankings.
Bronze Fighter's Trophy 15 A bronze Fighter's Trophy that can be earned by reaching the top of the Dojo rankings.
Wooden Fighter's Trophy 15 A wooden Fighter's Trophy that can be earned by reaching the top of the Dojo rankings.


Kayak 22 A pair of red and yellow single person kayaks.
Standard Car 22 Just an average car that could be found anywhere in the world. It looks like it'd be fun to smash.
Nostalgic Car 22 This car has a busted engine and looks like it barely runs. It's not even worth smashing.
Rickshaw 15 A rickshaw used in the Glade of Ninjas.
Locomotive 15 A small steam with a decidedly retro feel.
Submarine 22 A submersible craft used by the navy.
Fighter Plane 22 An airplane that was used to train fighter pilots for combat.
Streetcar 31 A streetcar that recalls memories of the past.
Windsurfing Board 15 A windsurfing set that uses the wind and waves to let you glide across the water.
Flyer I 22 The airplane that was responsible for the first successful manned flight.
Trojan Horse 22 A large replica of the wooden horse that was said to be used in the Trojan War.


Big Speaker 15 Speakers with excellent bass response. They don't have a power source though.
Drum Kit 15 A drum kit featuring everything you need to make the stadiums rock.
Phonograph 15 A phonograph that is just waiting for some authentic vinyl to play.
Electric Guitar 15 This electric guitar can't make any sound because it doesn't have an amp.
Grand Piano 15 The Kanzuki family's grand piano.
Saxophone 15 This sax's mellow tones are the perfect accompaniment to any battle.
Violin 15 A violin that offers relaxing music after a heated battle.


Pool Table 15 This pool table set offers a way to play one of the most popular indoor sports around.
Sandbag Stand 15 This boxing equipment is perfect for honing a fighter's heavy strikes.
Punching Ball 15 This speed bag helps build the hand speed and coordination for rapid strikes.
Darts Machine 15 This dartboard is a great way to train the precision of one's punches.
Golf Clubs 15 A set of golf clubs from Sakura's house.
Wooden Dummy 15 This wooden dummy was used as part of a certain martial artist's training regimen.
White Punching Bag 15 This is a simple white sandbag to work on your strikes.
Red Punching Bag 15 This red sandbag really gets your fighting spirit boiling.
Black Punching Bag 15 This black sandbag is perfect for keeping clean in dirty gyms.
Butterfly Machine 15 The butterfly machine is a great way to develop those pectoral muscles.
Bench Press Machine 15 This bench lets you work on those chest presses to really give your pectoral muscles a workout.
Dumbbell Rack 15 This dumbbell set features a variety of different weights, so you can get a total body workout.


Beetle & Stag Beetle 15 Blanka caught these beetles while out for a walk one day.
Chinese Dragon 22 This traditional Chinese decoration depicts a mighty dragon soaring up to the heavens.
Megalodon Jaw Fossil 15 This fossil featuring rows of razor sharp teeth is from a giant shark that lived many years ago.
Pirarucu 15 Pirarucu is by far Blanka's favorite food.
Stegosaurus Fossil 31 A fossil of a dinosaur said to live during prehistoric times.
Whale 31 This skillfully crafted replica highlights the bond between a whale and its offspring.
Halloween Table 15 A table featuring plenty of jack-o-lanterns, just in time for Halloween.
Mosquito Trap 15 A mosquito trap from Sakura's house. It is perfect for the mosquito-infested summer months.
Tropical Island 22 This tropical island set and its palm tree evoke memories of an island paradise.
Small Snowman 15 This small snowman was made by a large man who hails from snow country.
Large Snowman 15 This large snowman was made in earnest by a large man who hails from snow country.
Paper Lamp 15 This lamp lights up a room perfectly when a candle is placed inside it.
Pine Bonsai 15 This is a very well-kept pine bonsai tree.
Large Pine Bonsai 22 This extremely large pine bonsai tree is pushing the limits of what is considered bonsai.
Plum Bonsai 15 This is a very well-kept plum bonsai tree.
Large Plum Bonsai 22 This extremely large plum bonsai tree is pushing the limits of what is considered bonsai.
Small Daruma Doll 15 This small daruma doll was taken from Sakura's house.
Daruma Doll 15 People boldly claim that success is assured when owning this particular daruma doll.
Large Daruma Doll 15 Someone went a little overboard in search of success when making this large daruma doll.
Matchlock Rifle 15 This antique rifle requires applying a lit match to gunpowder in order to fire a small lead ball.
Sake Jar 15 A jar filled with Japanese sake.
Small Manekineko 15 A small cat doll from Sakura's house, it is said to bring good luck.
Large Manekineko 15 This large cat doll seems like it has a good chance of bringing one considerable fortune.
Ceremonial Salt 15 This ceremonial salt pile is said to bring good luck when put on display.
Tanuki Ornament 15 This tanuki ornament is often placed in entranceways.
Tanuki Statue 15 This tanuki statue is so large it makes children cry.
Chess Pieces 15 A set of chess pieces laying on a table. For some reason, there is no board to go with them.
Coffee Mill 15 A coffee bean grinder, it is a necessary tool for making the perfect cup of coffee.
E Tank Tower 15 This tower is made of cans that feature a rather familiar-looking "E" mark.
Foosball Table 15 This table soccer game is the perfect way to relax after the stress of fighting a match.
Flowers 15 The beauty of these flowers is matched only by their vase.
Ryu's Podium Absence 15 It's time for the awards ceremony. Huh?! Where's Ryu?!
Airplane Prototype 15 A model of the prototype for the very first airplane.
Propeller Prototype 15 A model of the prototype for an aerial screw, the progenitor of the modern helicopter.
Blue Arcade Cabinet 15 A blue CAPCOM arcade cabinet.
Baozi Buns 15 These savory meat buns are a popular dish in Shanghai.
Orrery 15 This model of the solar system is a great way to learn the relative position of the planets.
Planetarium 15 This device lets you project the starry night sky onto a wall or other type of screen.
Carry-all Bag 15 This is the sack Ryu uses to carry his belongings.
Toolbox 15 This toolbox features various tools perfect for those DIY projects.
Game Console 15 A game console owned by Tsukushi Kasugano. It includes the game "Ryukenkoki Gaiden - Kou no Sho."
Twin-lens Camera 15 This retro camera is still favorite among photography fans.
Typewriter 15 This device works by striking individual letters from a typebar onto a sheet of paper.
DJ Stand 22 This disco ball and DJ stand are just the thing to get the party started in your Dojo.
Doghouse 15 A doghouse taken from Sakura's house.
Wooden Bench 15 This bench works best when placed in the path of a strong breeze.
Celebratory Table 15 This table shows the aftermath of a rather festive party.
Humanoid Statue 15 This strange statue is missing the person's middle portion for some reason.
Eagle Statue 15 This imposing eagle statue features a razor sharp beak as well as talons.
Goat Statue 15 This statue from Greek mythology features the upper body of a goat and the tail of a fish.
Lion Statue 15 The pose struck by this lion statue seems rather timid for the so-called King of Beasts.
Twins Statue 15 These statues tilt their necks 90 degrees and seemingly stare straight into your soul.
Balance Statue 15 This statue features scales in each hand, but is unable to actually weigh anything.


  • The words written on the hanging axle "加富根勝富" appears to be a reference to "Capcom shop".


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