"Bear Witness! Heaven and Earth tremble! (見せてやろ!天地に轟かん! Misete yaro! Tenchi ni todorokan!?)"
Urien (Street Fighter V)

The Dominant Crush (ドミナントクラッシュ Dominanto Kurasshu?) is Urien's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Punch

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by performing two quarter-circle motions forward and pressing Punch, Urien gathers a mass of energy in his hand then slams it into the ground, conjuring a deadly pillar of metallic energy around him that severely damages and electrocutes anyone who touches it. The full blast deals 10 total hits and overall functions similarly to the Kongou Kokuretsuzan.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

While difficult to use raw or even combo into due to its poor horizontal range, the move's primary use is as an anti-air, as it has infinite vertical reach and can punish jump-ins as a result. However, it's primary purpose is to end combos and inflict optimal damage to the opponent. Dominant Crush can be cancelled from Urien's special attacks, such as Chariot Tackle.

It is possible to combo into the move using Aegis Reflector juggles to launch the enemy straight into the blast, making for an ideal juggle finisher. Crouching heavy punch and an anti-air Metallic Sphere are the ideal launchers to knock the opponent into an Aegis Reflector, which will then send them back towards Urien for the hit confirm into the Dominant Crush.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dominant Crush resembles Urien's win animation from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, except made of lightning rather than fire.
    • It is possible that this attack is Urien's far weaker equivalent of Gill's Seraphic Wing, as they both are each respective user's attack that takes up the most space of the stage at one time. Both attacks also display the amount of power each user wields, even in Urien's win only scenario.
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