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Don Sauvage (ドン・ソバージュ Don Sobāju?) is a Ring Announcer.


In the past Don Sauvage was part of a rock band, but it didn't manage to make much profit. His verbosity called the attention of the CWA and he was hired as a ring announcer. He later began working as a freelancer announcer, livening up matches for a variety of organizations. Besides battles, he also works as an announcer for a variety of events, and also works in Zangief's box office and in a talk show from Las Vegas.[1]

Street Fighter V[]

Don Sauvage is seen as the announcer in Zangief's character story, in the CWA match from the Story Mode, and in the background of the High Roller Casino stage.

He also appears in A Shadow Falls; serving as the ring announcer. After Alex won his previous match, Sauvage introduces Zangief and R. Mika to face him in a handicap match. However, Laura leaps into the ring and interrupts his promo by grabbing the bullhorn from him. When Laura enters herself into the match to make it a tag team match, Sauvage shows no objection to the addition.


  • Don Sauvage heavily resembles the man in a yellow suit that appears in Balrog's Super Street Fighter II stage. It is unknown if they the same person, or if Don Sauvage was inspired by this background character.
  • Don Sauvage's appearance is likely based on Professional Wrestling persona Jimmy Hart, including the signature megaphone, flashy outfit and sunglasses. Like Sauvage, Hart was also a band member prior to his debut as an advocate.