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Don Sauvage (ドン・ソバージュ Don Sobāju?) is a Ring Announcer.


In the past Don Sauvage was part of a rock band, but it didn't manage to make much profit. His verbosity called the attention of the CWA and he was hired as a ring announcer. He later began working as a freelancer announcer, livening up matches for a variety of organizations. Besides battles, he also works as an announcer for a variety of events, and also works in Zangief's box office and in a talk show from Las Vegas.[1]

Street Fighter V

Don Sauvage is seen as the announcer in Zangief's prologue story, in the CWA match from the Story Mode, and in the background of the High Roller Casino stage.


  • Don Sauvage's appearance is likely based on Professional Wrestling persona Jimmy Hart, including the signature megaphone, flashy outfit and sunglasses.