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"Double! Flash! (ダブルサマーソルト! Daburu Samāsoruto!?)"
"1! 2! Strike!"

The Double Flash (ダブルサマーソルト Daburu Samāsoruto?, "Double Somersault") is one of Guile and Charlie's special attacks. It was introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as Guile's Super Combo.

Guile's version is generally known as Somersault Strike (サマーソルトストライク Samāsoruto Sutoraiku?), while Charlie's version is referred to as the Somersault Justice (サマーソルトジャスティス Samāsoruto Jasutisu?). In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, Shadow also uses this move, where it is referred to as Shadow Justice (シャドウジャスティス Shadou Jasutisu?). The attack is also used by Cycloid Gamma and Ace in the Street Fighter EX series, and as his EX Flash Kick during his second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Appearance Function Input
Most appearances Super Combo Charge down-backwardDelta motion + Kick
Marvel vs. Capcom series Hyper Combo Quarter-circle backward + 2 kick buttons
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition EX Flash Kick Arcade Stick CDU.png + 2 kick buttons (during V-Trigger II)
Guile 360


Executed by charging down-backward, then performing a delta motion and pressing kick, Charlie and/or Guile performs a Flash Kick and continues with another Flash Kick that hits heavier. Likewise as to showcase the differences between the two's shared martial arts styles, Charlie's involves performing two Somersault Shells, while Guile's has him perform two Flash Kicks.

In the Street Fighter Alpha series, the amount of Flash Kicks and hits depend on the level of the Super Combo used and/or the ISM, with levels 1 and 2 in A-ISM featuring two, while level 3 adds the third. X-ISM always features all three Flash Kicks. Normally, the alternate names explained above applies to the versions that involve more than 2 Flash Kicks in a row.

The move is done three times in a row by default in the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos.


  • In the Alpha series, upon activation Charlie shouts "Double Somersault Justice" instead of simply "Somersault Justice". In other appearances this inconsistency is not present.
  • During the super flash startup in most 2D games, both Guile and Charlie start the move in their crouching block/guard position.


Street Fighter Alpha series, Charlie's version: Somersault/Flash Kick Justice