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Guile using Dragon Suplex against Charlie Nash in Street Fighter V.

The Dragon Suplex is one of Guile's and Charlie Nash's throws in Street Fighter V, first seen in Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Forward)


Dragon Suplex

Guile slamming Cammy to the ground using Dragon Suplex.

Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) near an opponent. Guile moves behind his opponent and extended his hands upwards under their armpits, holding their neck with interlaced fingers, putting them in a full nelson. He bridges with his back and legs, lifting his opponent over him and slamming them shoulders and back-first into the ground.

The name of Nash's forward throw is the same, as well as the inputs. The animation, however, is different. Nash moves behind his opponent and wrap his arms around their waist. He bridges with his back and legs, slamming his opponent's shoulders and back-first into the ground.


Dragon Suplex

Gif animation of the attack used against G.

This throw is useful for Guile and Nash to reset the neutral game. It also puts them in good range away from their opponent. After the throw, they can throw out a meaty poke from mid-range or zone out their opponent with fireballs. Another option for Nash is to dash toward his opponent for a mix-up situation. If used in the corner, Guile can dash after the throw and attempt another Dragon Suplex for a pseudo-throw loop. While this move is great way to keep the opponent in range, it does less damage than their back throw.

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  • The animation for Guile's forward throw is the actual Dragon Suplex, which is a common wrestling throw. Sometimes, it is referred to as the Full-nelson Suplex
  • While Nash's forward throw is called Dragon Suplex, the actual name of the move he performs is another common wrestling throw known as the German Suplex, which is used by many professional wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and his former tag partner Brock Lesnar
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