The Drake Fang is one of Guile's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade-Button-MPunch

Description Edit

Executed by pressing down and Medium Kick, followed by forward and Medium Punch, Guile delivers a crouching kick to his opponent's legs. Once his attack connects, Guile follows up with a downward punch.


This target combo forces the opponent to block low and high. Guile can try to open up his opponent and surprise them with a Crouching Medium Kick. If he is able to hit them with his first attack, Guile can follow up with his overhead for a decent amount of damage. Even if the opponent blocks low against his Crouching Medium Kick, Guile can still break through their defenses with his overhead.

As an overhead attack, the main purpose is to break through the defenses of an opponent who insists on crouch guarding (as the attack must be blocked from a standing position). The draw back causes considerable delay, and this attack can easily be countered by an aggressive opponent by hitting Guile before he throws it.

Like most target combos, this one is unsafe on block. If his opponent blocks both of Guile's low attack and overhead, he can be punished.


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