Dramatic Battle Mode is a game mode in the Street Fighter Alpha subseries. This mode consists of fights where the player(s) fight in pairs.

Description Edit

Ryu Ken M Bison Dramatic Battle

Dramatic Battle in the original Street Fighter Alpha.

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsEdit

Dramatic Battle Mode first appeared in the original Street Fighter Alpha, where it was accessible via a secret code, but the only fight possible was Ryu and Ken against M. Bison, with Ryu and Ken being controlled by Player 1 and Player 2 respectively, and Bison being a CPU opponent. The mode and its chosen fighters are inspired by the final fight between the characters in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The Japanese arcade version of the game plays an instrumental rendition of the movie's battle theme, "Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokorozuyosato", which was replaced by Bison's regular theme in the overseas releases. Both players share a single health bar and Super Combo Gauge.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 GoldEdit

The mode returned in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. The player could choose any two characters, with the second being controlled by the CPU, and fight against Adon, Sagat, M. Bison and Shin Akuma. The player now has infinite meter.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

The mode appeared once again in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In the arcade version, the fights are against Adon, Akuma, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. This time, each character has a specific partner, and the health bars are now separate. If one player is playing alone, his partner will always be the same, but if there are two players participating, they can freely choose their characters. The Guard Power Gauge is disabled in Dramatic Battle Mode.

During the regular Arcade Mode, some characters fight Juli and Juni as a team. The console versions introduced the "Reverse Dramatic Battle", which allows one player to fight against two opponents simultaneously, much like in the Juli and Juni fight.

In Alpha 3 MAX, the player can choose the two characters on their team, as well as following a different order of opponents.

Pairs Edit

Stage Order (Alpha 3 MAX) Edit

1-5. Random Opponent
6. Akuma
7. Balrog
8. Vega
9. Sagat
10. M. Bison

Other gamesEdit

The Tag Battle mode in Street Fighter EX3 operates under a similar principle to that of Dramatic Battle, with two teams of two fighting at the same time. Street Fighter X Tekken has a similar mode known as the Scramble Battle mode.

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