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The Duck (ダッキング Dakkingu?, "Ducking") is one of Dudley's special attacks, introduced along with him in the Street Fighter III series.

Input (all appearances)
Initial: Duck Half-circle forward + Kick
Followup: Ducking Straight Punch
Followup: Ducking Uppercut Kick


Dudley's duck-and-dash in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Executed by performing a half-circle forward and pressing kick, Dudley puts his head down and dashes forward. The dash will safely travel under high-aiming projectiles, and is useful for closing in on an opponent. If either punch or kick is pressed at the end of the dash, Dudley will perform a followup (either a straight or an uppercut) whose properties are not affected by the kick button pressed for the Duck's initial input.

The dashed distance and recovery speed for followups are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick version travels the least distance but recovers the quickest; heavy kick version travels the most distance but recovers the slowest; and medium kick version is somewhere in-between.

The EX Special version introduced in the same game recovers even faster than light kick version, travels even longer than heavy kick version, and grants partial invincibility and longer opportunity for followups.

Ducking Straight[]

Dudley's followup straight in Super Street Fighter IV.

The Ducking Straight (ダッキングストレート Dakkingu Sutoreeto?) is executed by pressing punch during Duck, Dudley quickly delivers a straight punch. The attack has Armor Break properties and is useful for its horizontal reach.

Ducking Upper[]

Dudley's followup uppercut in Super Street Fighter IV.

The Ducking Upper (ダッキングアッパー Dakkingu Appaa?) is executed by pressing kick during Duck, Dudley quickly delivers an uppercut which hits twice. The attack is useful for hitting and possibly juggling airborne opponents.




Street Fighter III series (followed by Ducking Straight)