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Dudley (ダッドリー Daddorī?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. He is a well-mannered English boxer with a disdain for dirty fighting.



Dudley is a well-built, black Englishman with sea-blue eyes, sporting a pair of green dinner suit trousers with matching green suspenders and cummerbund as well as a white dress shirt that is frilled at the placket.[3] He also dons a green bow tie and a pair of elegant black dress shoes. His muscular frame is visible even through his clothing. He keeps his black hair tidy while grooming his mustache into an old-fashioned handlebar style.

He fights with a pair of blue boxing gloves, which he never seems to take off (aside from alternative costumes), wearing them when reading his newspaper, tending his roses, drinking his tea, driving his Jaguar, and even when fixing his mustache.

In his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, his outfit has minor changes, the green suspenders are replaced with a green formal vest, his dress shirt no longer have frilled packets, the linings of his suit trousers are white and his bow tie is green. His boxing gloves are yellow.


"Let's fight like gentlemen."

Dudley is polite, gentle, restrained, and always behaves as an impeccable gentleman and has immense respect for all his opponents. While Ryu is often compared to the archetype of a wandering ronin (a samurai with no master), Dudley is certainly contrasting representative of a chivalrous knight.

Dudley's personality is quite different during the Street Fighter III series, in which he was far more snobbish and haughty (though this was toned down by 3rd Strike, in which he is more dignified and respectful to his opponents), in the Street Fighter IV series, he lacks this condescending attitude. Due to the order of events (with Street Fighter IV occurring before Street Fighter III), it's implied that he became more snobbish over the years, as well as surprisingly confrontational. In the Street Fighter III series prior to 3rd Strike for example, he calls Ken and Alex a "sissy man" and "an ill-mannered goon," respectively, and apparently delights in beating them up - a far cry from his appreciation for his opponents and voluntarily restraining because of his respect for them. As his attitude is completely different in the Super Street Fighter IV, and was toned down by 3rd Strike, Capcom may have attempted a retcon. It's also possible that his rudeness may have sprung from the theft of his father's Jaguar since he had a close relationship with his father.

Dudley particularly dislikes truly dirty fighting and rude people, both of which are unacceptable personality traits of Dudley's rival and fellow boxer, Balrog. While Dudley seemingly won't insult any other villain in the series, Balrog appears to be the exception. It is a testament to the more chivalrous and polite aspects of Dudley's nature that, while Balrog is the very personification of everything he hates in life, the most insulting thing that Dudley has ever said to him is that he thought he was "not much of a boxer" in his rival battle win quote, also describing him as a "classless oaf," and an "embarrassment to boxing" if he wins a round with a Super Combo finish. If he wins a match against Balrog in Street Fighter X Tekken, his win quote shows that he refuses to acknowledge Balrog as a boxer.

In the Street Fighter III: Ryu Final manga, he was very cordial and friendly to Ryu initially, but quickly became quite mocking of Ryu once the latter disappointed him by not putting up much of a fight. Still, Dudley calmly commended Ryu's strength as he was defeated by the wandering warrior's new technique, and afterwards discussed the nature of the mystical tree that Ryu had used to communicate with Elena.


According to Tomoshi Sadamoto, there was talk of boxing being a "gentleman's sport" that was being perfected in England. At the time, boxing characters were poorly represented since both Mike and Balrog were bad guys. Dudley was the easiest character to finalize.[4]

Dudley's personality as a dandy British boxer is possibly based on real-life boxer Chris Eubank, an eccentric Jamaican-English champion famous in the late 80s and early 90s, whose trademark attire included a monocle and bowler hat.

Character Relationships[]


Dudley considers Balrog to be unrefined and boorish and refuses to refer to him as a boxer. Likewise, Balrog thinks of Dudley as merely all-show with no substance.



Dudley is an English boxer who was born into a wealthy English family. His father was a highly-paid former athlete who turned successful businessman, adding more to his already vast wealth. From the time he was a little boy, Dudley wanted to be a fighter, but his family told him he was too small to compete. Later, his father lost his business and the family fortune. The losses prompted Dudley to take up professional boxing to earn back lost assets. Although told that he was a bit small to compete in heavyweight divisions, this prompted Dudley to train into a formidable boxer both in speed and skill, and was successful in bringing his family back to affluence.[5]

Despite everything that has happened, Dudley still boxes, seeking perfection both in and out of the ring, and always behaving as an impeccable gentleman.

Super Street Fighter IV[]

Having won some boxing title previously (Zangief's win quote to him is that it was an honor to fight "the boxing champ"; Balrog also calls him the "British champ", albeit grudgingly), Dudley is invited to participate in S.I.N's tournament. Although he finds the invitation to be lacking in "social graces", he accepts for two reasons: to look for suitable floral additions to his garden and to take his mind off of his father's car, which is missing (presumably repossessed and/or purchased by Gill).[6] After the tournament, Dudley returns home empty handed but is pleased to suddenly find a wild rose in his garden.

Street Fighter III: New Generation/2nd Impact[]

When Dudley finally discovers who purchased his father's prized Jaguar, he enters the buyer's tournament to get it back. Although he didn't win the third World Warrior tournament, Gill was impressed enough to give the Jaguar back, ordering Kolin to give the car keys to Dudley.

3rd Strike[]

Dudley has been knighted, receiving the honorary title of "Sir" after making a comeback and winning the championship title. He was then invited into a contest that will be held in the presence of the royal family. He decides to travel the world and improve himself before the day of the match. Dudley has also a great interest in his gardens where he tends some roses, occasionally losing track of time or getting lost, as shown in his 3rd Strike ending.

Street Fighter 6[]

Dudley and his butler Mr. Gotch made a cameo during Cammy's World Tour scene where she takes Decapre for lunch.


Street Fighter III: Ryu Final[]

Dudley appears as the final opponent of the first volume of the manga Street Fighter III: Ryu Final. He crashes his father's prized car in his first appearance, but doesn't seem to be too bothered by that fact. While fighting against Ryu, Dudley has the upper hand at first, but after speaking with Elena, Ryu develops a new technique called "The Fist of the Wind" with which he defeats Dudley. After their battle, Dudley and Ryu discuss the mystical nature of the tree through which Ryu was able to communicate with Elena.

UDON comics[]

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Crossover appearances[]

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Dudley appears in Street Fighter X Tekken (as a DLC character in the console versions and as default in the PS Vita and PC versions), with Elena as his partner. He appears to have no interest in Pandora, until Elena tells him that his tree imported from Africa told her that she and Dudley are to go to Antartica, where Pandora is located as well. Dudley agrees to go if they are able to return in time for his next title match.

Their rival battle is against Tekken characters, Lei and Christie; when playing as Dudley and Elena, Elena will ask for a battle against Christie, with Dudley and Lei only getting involved reluctantly.

In their cinematic ending, the box opens, with Elena identifying the box as not evil, but she doesn't recognize its rhythm. The box then lets out a light, with Dudley and Elena commenting on how beautiful it looks. Dudley then invites Elena to his mansion "when the roses are in bloom", which Elena accepts.

Cameo appearances[]

Dudley makes a cameo appearance the London stage in Capcom vs. SNK 2 along with his butler Ortho K. Gotch, where he can be seen reading a newspaper with his boxing gloves on.

Dudley also made a cameo appearance in Pyron's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending.


Fighting style[]

Dudley fights using traditional boxing. In contrast to Balrog's rougher and "dirty" take on boxing, Dudley's boxing style reflects his personality, making use of many professional techniques and executing them with finesse.


Dudley proves to be a devastating close-range fighter, with decent (if somewhat lacking) ranged abilities; this also gives him a powerful mix-up game. Whereas Balrog relies solely on strength and speed to attack opponents, Dudley uses various boxing and psychological tricks to gain victory, making use of feints, ducking, and drawback moves along with high-speed punches, diving punches, and uppercuts.

His Super Arts consists of the Rolling Thunder, a series of hooks powered by a Dempsey Roll; the Rocket Upper, a Shoryureppa-like series of Jet Uppers; and the Corkscrew Blow, a powerful left-handed cross punch that hits 5 times. All moves return in Super Street Fighter IV, with the Corkscrew Blow receiving a more powerful version.


Many of Dudley's moves seem to draw inspiration from characters in the Hajime no Ippo manga. His Corkscrew Blow Super Art resembles the "Heart Break shot" used by Date Eiji, and his Machinegun Blow resembles the "Shotgun" used by Ryūichi Hayami. Makunouchi Ippo also makes use of the Dempsey Roll, seen in Dudley's Rolling Thunder.

Dudley's Corkscrew Blow is also very similar to the move of the same name used by Jose Mendoza in Ashita no Joe. His Cross Counter move is likely inspired by the move of the same name performed by Yabuki Joe - he takes the same no-guard stance that both Joe and his rival, Rikiishi, take during certain scenes.

Of note is that a famous boxer by the name of Kid McCoy was known for his "corkscrew punch", likely inspiring the Corkscrew Blow. The Corkscrew Blow move is also similar to Heavy D!'s Rolling Soul Diver from The King of Fighters series.




Pop Culture[]

Dudley/Pop Culture







Title Game Artist Track
Street Fighter
Leave Alone Street Fighter III: New Generation Yuki Iwai
Leave Alone (Uk House Mix) Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Hideki Okugawa
You Blow My Mind Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Hideki Okugawa
You Blow My Mind ~Main Street~ Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Hideki Okugawa
Theme of Dudley -SSFIV Arrange- Super Street Fighter IV Hideyuki Fukasawa


  • Dudley and Vega share a birthday (January 27, according to the Super Street Fighter IV website); they are both Aquarius and were born in the Chinese year of the rooster.
  • Dudley shares his intro quote with Abel in Super Street Fighter IV.
  • Dudley is the second black British character in the series, the first being Birdie.[3]
    • He also is the third black boxer after Balrog, and Mike.
  • In Gamest's SFIII Fanbook, it states that Dudley's parents are alive and well. His father has retired and is living a comfortable life in the suburbs of London. His daughter is married to an American and lives in the West Coast.[7][8]
  • Super Street Fighter IV and the debut of Stuart McLean as Dudley marks the first time Dudley has been voiced by a real-life Brit. Ironically, it caused some backlash as some fans thought at first that McLean was faking his accent.[citation needed]
  • As somewhat of an inside joke, he is never seen with his boxing gloves off, even in situations where they would be impractical.

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