This is a list of quotes used by Dudley.

Street Fighter III series Edit

Street Fighter III: New Generation Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "No matter how many times we fight, I'll always pound your limy hide."
  • "To err is human, but to win is noble."
  • "I put the kettle on, but you couldn't even last through tea time!"
  • "You're down already? The spectators are demanding their shillings back."
  • "Shall I awaken you with the waters of the Thames River?"
  • "Another uncouth lout falls between my knuckles and the street."
  • "Good show, but it just isn't in your blood."
  • "Cowards die often, or so it is said."

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "Ah, I just can't stand ill-mannered goons who ignore grooming!"
  • "You dared to piss me off. Was it boldness, or stupidity?"
  • "Pardon me for my violent behaviour, lady."
  • "Not a bad go of things. I enjoyed it, Samurai Lass!"
  • "My apologies, but I have no chance but to maul sissy men like you!"
  • "At first, you looked like a right good challenge. Looks can deceive, eh?"
  • "Sad...the land of the Samurai must have fallen with you".
  • "On my honour, old man, I swear I didn't pull any punches!"
  • "Such a greenhorn! You leave your temple wide open. Bad form!"
  • "When it comes to lightning actions, the speed of boxing is unsurpassed."
  • "Your fighting skills are equal to... child's play."

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit


Dudley: So you're the one who pilfered my dad's car! Hand it over. Now!
Gill: Oh? Let's see if you're worthy of such a fine automobile...


Hugo: Hey, boxer boy! Let me test your skill to see if you're worthy!
Dudley: Is that a duel you want, freak? Then a duel you shall have!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "This was my finest hour!"
  • "It seems the grace of victory doesn't love you."
  • "The British spirit is an indomitable spirit!"

WIn Quotes (Corkscrew Blow)Edit

  • "Corkscrew!! It has the devastating power of a hurricane!"
  • "The Corkscrew was a perfect finisher... I did not think you could withstand it!"

Win Quotes (Rocket Uppercut)Edit

  • "Rocket Uppercut!! It strikes the heavens in unequaled glory!"
  • "The End!! What a stylish victory!"

Win Quotes (Rolling Thunder)Edit

  • "Rolling Thunder... Did you ever think it could end so dramatically?"
  • "Now you have seen the power, devastation, and fury of the Rolling Thunder!"

Win Quotes (Arcade Mode)Edit

  • "You are powerful and spirited, but what might be you fighting for?"
  • "Your attacks are strong, but unpolished... Are you really determined to win?"
  • "Only a fool would try to anger me as you have. Leave my presence at once!"
  • "I will not be easy on you just because you are a lady. I see your pride and I will not insult it."
  • "You think too much of your own power. Your opinion of strength is not the only one!"
  • "True confidence and pride count more towards victory than physical mass! Remember that!"
  • "Madame, your ninja style is quite entertaining, but your ostentatious style won't help you win."
  • "Fighting with style demands guts... Winning with style demands skill..."
  • "Your moves are deceptive at times, but it did nothing to affect my poise in battle."
  • "I hope to be as spunky as you in my old age. Do you need a hand?"
  • "Your bravery is admirable! Is that the way of a Japanese Bushido warrior?!"
  • "You shouldn't worry yet! Lack of experience is the reason for your poor performance."
  • "You're dented! Maybe the auto body people can help you!"
  • "Even the slightest of errors can turn the tide of battle... I'm sure you know this by now."
  • "Speed, which you have, is necessary to win. But where is your power?"

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Despite your manners, I like your style. Let me buy you a drink..."
  • "Let's fight like a gentleman!"
  • "Even a spectator needs to be sharp to comprehend the grace of boxing!"
  • "A champion does not achieve victory when fueled by anger."
  • "Learn to fight with class! Self-respect breeds discipline!"
  • "A punching bag that can bleed is not a suitable rival for me."
  • "To win with prestige and glory is a sensation like no other!"
  • "Not very articulated, are you? Work on your movements, chap!"

Win Quotes (Japanese Version)Edit

  • "The title holder of the best in the United States has no shape in front of me."「全米一のタイトルホルダーも私の前では形無しだな」
  • "If you don't have the courage to give up your name, you shouldn't be on the battlefield."「名を明かす勇気もないのなら戦場に立つべきではない」

Rival DialogueEdit


Dudley: So, you're that famous Samurai fighter, aren't you?

Ryu: What a coincidence! I've been looking for you, too. I'd love a chance to fight with England's #1 perfect boxer!

Dudley: Good show, lad! You behave like a gentleman, yet have great strength! This shall be quite enjoyable! Don't you agree?

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Super Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Well then, let's begin."


  • "There's no need to block against you."
  • "Another inevitable victory"
  • "You have no dignity."
  • "Is that truly all you capable of?"
  • "Your extravagant movements are merely wasteful." (Time Over)

Other Edit

  • "I'll take you on."
  • "Whatever I do, it shall be for your own good."
  • "A true champion, always gives it his all."
  • "I'll always be the champion!"
  • "That's nothing."
  • "Too slow!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "Try to counter this!"
  • "Not so fast!"
  • "Go on then!"
  • "This is too easy."
  • "You asked for it!"
  • "Keep it classy!"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "One! Two!"
  • "The end!"
  • "Simpleton!"
  • "What?"
  • "You're simply too weak for me."

Personal ActionEdit

  • "Don't let your guard down."
  • "Your fighting demeans us both."
  • "Even fighting requires civility."
  • "Show me what you've got."
  • "Gutter trash!"
  • "Get serious!"
  • "Surely you're capable of better."
  • "Is that it?"
  • "I'm impressed!"


  • "One more!"


  • "An international fighting tournament. Hmm... I'm not one to turn down a good bout, but I find this invitation to be lacking in the social graces. Hmm... This garden could use some new roses, couldn't it? Perhaps this is a good time to embark on a trip after all. Mr. Gotch, prepare a reply to this invitation at once. I could use something to get my mind off that blasted missing car anyway..."


Dudley: It was an eventful journey to be sure, but I was unable to procure the new roses I was after.
Mr. Gotch: It is a shame, sir.
Dudley: Hmm? What's this? Hmm... It appears to be a wild rose, but how did it get here? This is simply exquisite, Mr. Gotch. Hmm... No matter what great strides mankind has made in design, nothing compares to the beauty of a natural flower.
Mr. Gotch: But, of course, sir...

Rival DialogueEdit


Dudley: What's this, then? Can I help you, sir?
Balrog: Hmpf! You mean to tell me this little wimp is s'pposed to be the British champ!? You gotta be kiddin'! Hey! Take me on, wimp!
Dudley: Does your rudeness know no bounds, sir? Very well, then. Far be it from me to turn down a challenge. And from a fellow pugilist...

Finish Quotes: Edit

  • "You make a horrible sparring partner!"
  • "You're an embarrassment to boxing!" (Super Finish)
  • "Perhaps it's time to hang up your gloves for good." (Ultra Finish)

Other Rival Quotes Edit

  • "Pretty pathetic, for a former champ." (match start)
  • "Think you can make it to the end of the round?" (first attack)
  • "With all due respect, you’re simply too weak for me." (Level 3 Focus Attack)
  • "You classless oaf!" (Super Gauge filled)
  • "Let’s show a little propriety, shall we?" (Revenge Gauge filled)
  • "Perhaps it's time to finish off this round." (Balrog on low health)
  • "Finish!" (Ultra activation)
  • "Excellent."
  • "Not on my watch."
  • "Powerful fighter."
  • "For all though respect, doesn't hit with you?"
  • "Good shot this man..."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "There is a difference between refined strength and uncouth violence."
  • "Down for the count!"
  • "You have no dignity!"
  • "Boxing is the most refined of the fighting arts."
  • "I like you. Please allow me to buy you a pint."
  • "I'm afraid that fine roses are as rare as respectable fighters."
  • "I believe it's tea time now. Please excuse me..."
  • "That was an exciting match. You have my gratitude."
  • "There isn't much variety in your routine, is there?"
  • "You aren't ready to face me just yet. Contact me once you've trained harder."
  • "There is no shortcut to perfection. Hard training is the only way."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "Until you display some dignity, I'm afraid I cannot take you seriously."
  • "Demonic foes make for an exciting bout, that's for certain!"
  • "I knew when I first laid eyes upon you that you aren't much of a boxer."
  • "Even instincts can be honed and improved upon."
  • "How lovely to see another Brit in this tournament! Thank you for the match!"
  • "If you hunger for it, the world can be yours. You just have to want it!"
  • "Does using an alias in a situation such as this not strike you as a bit rude?"
  • "I cannot hold back - even against a bloke like you."
  • "Unless you intend to lose, you should keep the dancing to a minimum, sir."
  • "Terribly sorry to pummel an elder like that, sir. Don't take it personally."
  • "Boxing is a sweet science; speed alone cannot overcome it."
  • "Sumo is a respectable sport, but it simply cannot compare to boxing."
  • "You appear to be a student. Was today a school holiday for you, dear?"
  • "I do believe I warned you, miss. I have no sympathy for evildoers!"
  • "I'll admit that your fiery punches are not to be trifled with, Mr. Masters."
  • "Did you think I would be intimidated by you? So sorry to disappoint!"
  • "You may be young, but you have the spirit of a true warrior."
  • "I’ve fought in countless battles, but this is the first time I was ready to die."
  • "I've never encountered a fighter like you before, madam. What an honor!"
  • "Victory is mine this time, Ryu! Let's spar again soon!"
  • "With a fighting spirit like yours, you are destined to go pro one day, miss!"
  • "Did you think that data alone could make you strong? I'm afraid you are mistaken."
  • "You place too much emphasis on appearances, chap."
  • "There is no sweeter science than boxing."
  • "A gentleman should remove his hat before stepping into the ring."
  • "You, sir, have made me rethink my views on the sport of professional wrestling."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "You resemble a girl I know. But you conduct yourself quite differently."
  • "You're not the first opponent who assumed size alone was enough to win."
  • "I cannot sympathize with your ideals. Perhaps you'll have luck elsewhere."

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

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Character SelectEdit


  • "Giving your all is the mark of a true champion."


  • "Surely you're capable of better."

Pandora ModeEdit

  • "I will strike you down!"

Pandora SacrificeEdit


  • "You ready to make another go at it?"
  • "Is that truly all that you are capable of?"

Defeat Edit

  • "I have been... bested...!" (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

Win Quotes (character-specific)Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "While your throws are quite formidable, don't think I'd let you get in so easily."
  • "You have quite an overwhelming sense about you. To be expected from one who has dedicated himself to the fight."
  • "You are an utter embarrassment to the great sport of boxing. I refuse to even call you a boxer."
  • "If you would on work on adding a bit of class to your repertoire, you would have unlimited potential."
  • "Your kicks are beautiful, really quite splendid. I am thoroughly impressed, inspector."
  • "Miss, perhaps you should exercise more caution in the future? Sometimes you are too... exposed."
  • "Techniques that rely on rigid logic are easy to figure out. Perhaps you forgot to account for this?"
  • "If you don't concentrate on your opponent, your moves will continue to miss their mark, lass."
  • "Gutter trash like you will never be capable of ruling the world."
  • "Those flames you take such pride in shan't work on me. I suggest a new approach."
  • "Mr. Gotch, please call an ambulance for the fallen young lady here."
  • "My apologies, but I have no interest in a Police-controlled state. My loyalties are to the Queen."
  • "A gentleman should choose his words carefully. You are much too wordy for your own good."
  • "It was quite the honour to be able to exchange blows with you."
  • "It was an honor to cross fists with the legendary king. Thank you for the excellent experience."


  • "Though irregular, your moves definitely had a pattern. You're simply too mechani...ah, my apologies. That was rude of me."
  • "I say, you're a bit rough but I see plenty of potential. Work hard, young miss!"
  • "You seem capable enough. But unfortunately, your body is just not suited towards being a proper fighter."
  • "I prefer the waltz, myself. It's much more... civilized."
  • "Your attacks are quite simplistic. You have no change of winning as you are now."
  • "Looks like the Mishima Zaibatsu is coming to an end. If you wish to pick yourself back up, fight your way to the top!"
  • "That was quite the thrilling match. It could have easily gone the other way."
  • "Mr. Gotch, please inform the wildlife reserve that I've subdued a rampaging bear. Let's take him back at once."
  • "No matter what tricks you use on me, I will defeat them while adhering to proper etiquette!"
  • "Your various styles made for quite the challenge! As a thank you, please allow me to buy you a pint."
  • "Your parents must be worried sick about you. Mr. Gotch, please You have your own limousine?"
  • "Did you think you would win if you just got close? Don't take boxing so lightly, chap."
  • "I don't need to take life to claim victory."
  • "I won't loose so easily. My pride as a champion depends on it."
  • "A fellow without a goal is truly a sad sight. Yours may be lofty, but never give up on your dream, good fellow!"
  • "Quite the interesting arsenal you have. But it couldn't quite compare to the elegance of boxing."
  • "This was our first bout, but you were as skilled as I've heard. Let us battle again someday."
  • "My straights were a lot faster than your sword. You cannot cut what you cannot hit."


  • "As is, you are still an amateur. You could benefit from a lot more training."
  • "It would have been a grave error to have taken you lightly because you are a cat. You pack quite the punch."
  • "Your wardrobe is quite... curious. Is that standard issue where you come from?"
  • "Hmm, I’m not quite sure what to do about you."
  • "The same power as Ryu… Just who are you, little fella?"
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