Dug (ダグ Dagu?) is a character from the Final Fight series. He is a member of the Mad Gear Gang, and appears as a common enemy in the original Final Fight, appearing as a palette swap of Bred.



Dug is a dark-skinned bald man. He wears sunglasses and orange overalls (red in Final Fight), along with kneepads worn over his pant legs. In his Street Fighter V artwork, he wears green gloves and black boots.


Dug is described as living a very hedonistic, parsimonious, self-indulgent, avaricious, greedy, and decadent, lifestyle, spending most of his free time on beer, gambling, and women, often throwing obscene epithets at attractive women he sees. Despite the two having opposite personalities, he is on good terms with Simons.



Not much is known about Dug's background before joining the Mad Gear Gang, other than that when he was younger, he had a fancy hairstyle, and he currently worries about his hair because of this.[1]

Final Fight

Dug appears as a common enemy in Final Fight, working under Belger in his attempt to seize power in Metro City by kidnapping Mayor Haggar's daughter, Jessica.[1]


  • Dug and Simons were black in the Japanese Super Famicom version of Final Fight, but their skin tones were lightened in the international SNES version.[2]



Dug (FF) Model


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