"Now the hunt begins! (狩りの時間だ! Kari no jikan da!?)"
Blanka, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Dynamic Rolling (ダイナミックローリング Dainamikku Rōringu?) is Blanka's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Punch

Description[edit | edit source]

Blanka crashing into Cammy's back at the end of Dynamic Rolling.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle motions forward and pressing punch, Blanka delivers a powerful slash. If the initial strike misses or is blocked, he then performs a second one to ending the attack. However, hitting the opponent with the first slash causes them fall on their back. Blanka then handsprings into the air and follows up with three, bouncing Rolling Attacks on top of his opponent. After making them bounce on the third hit. He transitions into a rolled-up position on the ground, charges up his entire body with electricity, and rolls across the stage; similar to his Ground Shave Roll. As his opponent falls, Blanka crashes with full force into their back, causing them to bounce off of the wall.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

A common scenario with Blanka's electric attacks includes a comical showing the skeleton of the electrocuted opponent (seen here)

Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos and to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. This attack can be cancelled from most of Blanka's normals and special moves such as Electric Thunder, Rolling Attack, or Vertical Roll. However, Blanka can only cancel into Dynamic Rolling from his Rolling moves if he hits them during the startup hit. This means that he cannot cancel into his Critical Art if he hits his opponent from afar with Rolling Attack, or at the peak of the jump with Vertical Roll. Blanka is also completely invincible during startup and active frames of this attack.

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