Dynasty Dash is one of Rufus' Special Attacks, introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV's Omega Mode.

Description Edit


The initial dash.

Executed by performing a quarter circle forward motion and pressing any kick button, Rufus will slide forward. The startup time and distance traveled depends on the kick button used. There are three follow-ups available.

The EX Special version is immune to projectiles, travels as far as the heavy kick version, and has no startup time.

Mach Back Knuckle Edit


Mach Back Knuckle

Executed by pressing light punch, Rufus will stop dashing and perform a backhand punch.

Peerless Palm Edit


Peerless Palm

Executed by pressing medium punch, Rufus will stop dashing and perform a palm thrust. This attack can break armor.

Premium Tackle Edit


Premium Tackle

Executed by pressing heavy punch, Rufus will stop dashing and perform a shoulder ram. This attack can break armor.

Tactics Edit

Rufus is vulnerable during the dash (unless using the EX version), so it should be timed carefully, as each follow-up has a different number of startup frames. It can also be used without a follow-up, making it useful for closing distance.

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