This is a list of quotes used by E. Honda.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "Can't you do better than that?"
  • "It's natural for a sumo wrestler to become the world's strongest!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "My Ochio throw is unbeatable!"
  • "I worked up a nice sweat. I hope we can have another match."
  • "You tried to throw a sumo wrestler? Stick to your other techniques!"
  • "I have patience and an iron defense. You have a match loss!"

Lost quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "I worked up a good sweat. I want a rematch!"
  • "I'm the best in Japan, no, the world!!"
  • "My slaps are the best on the Earth! Gahahahahaha!!"
  • "Would you like to start over as a fundoshi katsugi? Gahhahhahha!!"
  • "So, you're still up for more, eh? Next time, I'll use my headbutt!!"
  • "Might makes right!!"
  • "This is easier than my morning training!!"
  • "Your unskilled moves barely worked on me!!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "You are physically strong but mentally weak!"
  • "Get up and I’ll squeeze the life from your body!"
  • "Workout’s over, Time for lunch!"
  • "Sumo will always be No. 1!!"
  • "You wouldn’t last 3 seconds in a Sumo Ring."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. Ryu Edit

Pre-fight Edit

Honda: "Hey, you look strong! I've never seen such a devoted fighter!"

Ryu: "It's a rare honor to meet a Rikishi here. How about a fight?"

Honda: "Ga ha ha! That's what I'd expect a fellow countryman to say! One cannot comprehend a Sumo's greatness, until he fights one!"

Post-fight Edit

Honda: "Ga ha ha! That was a nice fight! I feel refreshed! Your Hado energy... is most impressive...!"

Ryu: "Your wrestling power is superb! Fight me again someday!"

Honda: "This feeling is new to me! The world sure is vast, isn't it?"

vs. Sodom Edit

Pre-fight Edit

Sodom: "What the...! Hey!! Do you remember me?!"

Honda: You're the one who volunteered to fight at that Senshuraku! Have you improved since then? Want to try your Tsuppari on me?

Sodom: DOSUKOI!! Uhh... I mean, GO FOR IT!!

Post-fight Edit

Sodom: "Domo crocodile!"... Umm... Aha! "Domo alligator!"

Honda: "Ga ha ha ha! I don't know what you are talking about, but your Tsuppari was great! You may be a true Sekitori someday!"

vs. M. Bison Edit

Pre-fight Edit

Bison: "Huh Ha Ha Ha! So, you're a Sumo wrestler... Interesting!"

Honda: "What a strange guy! Who... are you?"

Bison: "I am M. Bison, leader of Shadaloo. Are you here to be a guinea pig?"

Honda: "Don't say things like that. It makes you sound like a bad guy! I should knock some sense into you, with my Nekodamashi...!"

Bison: "Come, then!! I'll take over your body to further my ambitions!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You need more Keiko, if you want to be a true Rikishi like me!"
  • "What's the matter with you?! You should be more aggressive!"
  • "Now you have learned the meaning of Sumo! DOSUKOI!"
  • "Nothing is as thrilling as fighting in such a vast world!"
  • "How was my Tsuppari? Stronger than you thought?! Ga ha ha ha!"
  • "Good spirit! But you should push an opponent with more force!"
  • "A Sumo Wrestler is big... But the world is much, much bigger!"
  • "Eat Chanko to build your body! Push the opponent out of Dohyo!"

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

Capcom vs. SNK Pro Edit

Ending Quote Edit

  • "As I thought, sumo is the #1 sport in the world!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Your weak style of fighting is no match for Sumo!"
  • "I've never had my Mage disheveled in a fight..."
  • "I have seventy finishing moves!"
  • "Our fighting was like art in motion!"
  • "You should practice hard and then try again!"
  • "Sumo is the greatest sport in the entire world!"
  • "Ha ha! That was a dramatic finish, wasn't it?"
  • "The power of Sumo shines once again!!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "Shenkuratsu has come! It is time to show off Sumo power!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Sumo is the greatest sport in the entire world! You will respect it!"
  • "Ha ha ha! That was a dramatic finish, wasn't it?"
  • "A victory mark for me! The power of Sumo shines once again!!"
  • "Our fighting was like art in motion!"
  • "It was too easy a victory! You should practice hard and then try again!"
  • "You haven't seen everything yet! Actually, I have seventy finishing moves!"
  • "Your weak style of fighting is no match for Sumo! Why don't you switch?"
  • "I have never had my Mage disheveled in a fight before... Good job!"

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit


E. Honda: "Hmmm... What could we do to get more people interested in sumo? Hmmm... Got it!"

Man 1: "No way!"

Man 2: "That makeup!"

Man 1: "We have to stop him!"

E. Honda: "Can't stop me! I'm gonna make sumo a worldwide phenomenon!"

Rival DialogueEdit

El FuerteEdit

E. Honda: "Hey! I hear you're a chef! Whaddya say we get a bite after this? Chanko stew'll blow you away!"

El Fuerte: "Sounds good!"


Reporter: "Ozeki, how do you plan to make it up to the fans for abandoning the sumo circuit?"

Honda's Boss: "So, the prodigal son returns! Until you finish up the season, you won't be settin' foot on Japanese soil!"

E. Honda: "Bring it on! I'll take on every one of ya! Look out, Olympics! Here I come!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "Go on, attack me!"
  • "Wanna get a bite to eat?"
  • "Concentrate!"
  • "Put your back into it!"
  • "What an honor."
  • "What a shame."
  • "You can't hurt me!"
  • "Come on already! Let's get going!"
  • "We're just gettin' started!"


  • "Yeaah!"

Round Win QuotesEdit

  • "It's a wide world!"
  • "You did well. It was an honor!"
  • "See that? I'm glorious!"

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "The sponsors won't be pleased with a pitiful move like that!"
  • "You've gotta learn how to use your stomach as a counterweight, fool!"
  • "Say, that was kinda fun! You might have what it takes to be a sumo wrestler!"
  • "Exercise and training! That's how I got to be this good!"
  • "I'm the best in Japan! Heh, I'm the best in the freakin' world!"
  • "Impressed with sumo? Come check out a real match someday, eh?"
  • "I'm takin' sumo on a worldwide tour! And you've got front row seats!"
  • "You can't be strong if you ain't huge! No fewer than five meals a day, I say!"
  • "If you wanna learn about strength, sign up for one of my seminars!"
  • "Ha ha! You can't compete with sumo!"
  • "Wah ha ha! That was fun! Wanna go again?"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "You've got a great fighting stance! Low center of gravity is the way to go!"
  • "You're one skinny chick! You might wanna look into eatin' more than once a week!"
  • "You may be fast, but your kicks feel like mosquito bites to me!"
  • "You can't just talk the talk, man! One of these days, ya gotta learn how to fight!"
  • "Next time, we'll fight in the kitchen! My chanko stew is unbeatable!"
  • "What a voice! My ears'll be ringin' for weeks!"
  • "For an old-timer, you sure move quick! Guess I underestimated you!"
  • "Say, have I met you before?"
  • "You've got skills, but it doesn't look like you're enjoyin' yourself much..."
  • "That's a strange technique ya got there, sister. You some kinda magician?"
  • "It takes training to really be strong! Imitation is no substitute!"
  • "It takes more than speed to topple a giant like me!"
  • "You're one heckuva grappler. Wanna be my apprentice?"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Well, that's strange... I boarded what I thought was a ship to America in order to spread the joys of Sumo. I wonder where I ended up? Meh... Whatever! The best way to make new Sumo fans all over the world is to show 'em the real deal up close an' personal! Then they'll see how fun it is! Go for it! Step into the ring! Attack me as a group if ya want! I'm game! Gah hah ha ha ha! This is my first time on the international circuit, and it's a blast! If I keep this up, I'm bound to earn tons of fans!"

During Orochi BreakerEdit

  • "Sayonara, sucker!"


Sumo #1: "Oh, dear. Where'd that big lug get off to this time?"

Sumo #2: "This is no good."

Honda's Boss: "Hey, you two! I don't see Honda around. You didn't let him wander off again, did you?"

Sumos: "Oaaah!"

Honda: "The only way to get Sumo in the Olympics is to join the committee myself!"

Win Quotes Edit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "I'm the best Japan has to offer! And I'm off to conquer the world!"
  • "Sumo is fun to watch, but even more fun to try out for yourself!"
  • "You'd better pack on the pounds or I'll be able to knock you over with a touch!"
  • "You need to go back and start your training over again, bub!"
  • "Phew! Not bad! I almost threw in the towel!"
  • "Man, I'm starving! I could go for some chanko stew!"
  • "Gah hah ha ha! I love seeing new moves in the ring!"
  • "Nothin' like a good fight to make you feel all warm an' fuzzy inside!"
  • "I'm just gettin' started! I haven't shown you half of what I can do!"
  • "Oh, yeah!
  • "Victory is mine!"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "Not bad, kid. Have you considered taking up sumo?"
  • "Why not give the arrogant talk a rest and concentrate on your moves, huh?"
  • "Not a lot of variety in boxing, is there?"
  • "You're fast, but you're too light on your feet to hurt the likes of me!"
  • "I could barely feel your blows! You've got legs like a sumo wrestler, though."
  • "It must be hard to fight with those handcuffs on!"
  • "You oughta try sumo! I bet a unique fighter like you would be popular!"
  • "It takes more than meditation to get strong! You've gotta practice!"
  • "Eat enough chanko stew and you can be strong like me! Whaddya say?"
  • "Your face is as scary as your body is strong!"
  • "You're full of pep, but shouting at me isn't enough to knock me out!"
  • "You sure have some fancy moves. It must have taken forever to learn them all!"
  • "If you just sit there waiting for your chance, victory will pass you by!
  • "Whaddya think, Mr. Hakan? Why not learn some sumo techniques while you're here?"
  • "Sure are a lotta ninjas about lately. I wish sumo had so many apprentices..."
  • "No holds barred for this little lady! For a young'un, you sure pack a punch!"
  • "I thought you had powered up, but turns out it was just my imagination! Haha!"
  • "Your hocus-pocus has shown me that some moves rely on more than brute strength!"
  • "Not bad! You know, I could make you an apprentice wrestler if you want!"
  • "I'm the Ozeki! No one can beat me!"

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

Win Quotes Edit

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "Could you teach me one dance? I'll teach you some Sumo in return!"
  • "Your size would make you an excellent sumo wrestler."
  • "How about including a contingent of Sumo wrestlers in your army?"

Street Fighter VEdit

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Character SelectEdit

  • "Doisei!"

Intro Edit

  • "The main event! Yoissho!"
  • "Honda...Sento...Grand...Reopening...Now!" (Character Story Mode)
  • "Hahaha! Bath time!" (Character Story Mode)
  • "Training is first in sumo wrestling." (Training Mode)

Idle Edit

  • "What's wrong? Want me to slap you and give you more energy?"


V-Trigger I Edit

  • "A serious match!"

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "Knock you out!"

Critical Art Edit

  • "My ace in the hole! This is... Kamigashima-da! Let's end this!"


  • "You don't seem to be practicing enough. You're on!"

Round Win Edit

  • "That was glorious!"
  • "This is much easier than morning practice."
  • "Sure is a wide world." (low health)

KO Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "How about that?!"
  • "I break more of a sweat eating after training! Gwahahaha!"
  • "I slap my belly in your honor!"
  • "Victory tastes sweeter when taken with a smile!"
  • "How about a feast fit for a sumo followed by a hot bath?!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "You're built like a truck! You should use your horsepower for sumo!"
  • "The gods watch sumo wrestling. Remember that when you talk about heaven and hell."
  • "That's the spirit! If you stick with me, you'll make a great sumo one day!"
  • "I like how you keep your center of balance low. How about becoming a sumo wrestler?"
  • "Solid kicks as always! For a moment, I thought you had me!"
  • "Old Tokyo was famous its fires and fights! Modern Tokyo is famous for my bathhouse!"
  • "You have fire in your belly! The perfect spirit for sumo! Might need to put on a few pounds though..."
  • "You've got spirit! How about we go another round?!"
  • "Poison has no place in sumo wrestling!"
  • "You seem troubled. Why not relax in a piping hot bath?"
  • "That's just my colors... And you're pretty flashy yourself!"
  • "This isn't a war zone... It's a sumo ring!"
  • "Good agility. You'll need to bulk up to make it it sumo, though."
  • "A sumo wrestler trains themselves to feel no pain!"
  • "Sumo has dealt with your evil spirit, demon!"
  • "True wealth comes from fighting worthy opponents! You should try sumo wrestling!"
  • "You like noodles? Well, to become a sumo, you get to eat all you want! So, how about it?!"
  • "Mind, body, and heart are key to victory. You lack heart."
  • "The future of sumo is in my hands. And I'm taking it worldwide!."
  • "You need to lighten up. Maybe you're not eating properly. A full belly is a full heart!"
  • ""Devour"? Now you're talking my language! I prefer soul food to souls, though!"
  • "Not many know about the power of the buttocks! You'd make an excellent sumo wrestler!"
  • "If you want to put on a show, then how about taking sumo to Metro City?!"
  • "Excellent wind tricks! How did you like my aerial moves?!"
  • "Don't worry about your future after graduation. The world of sumo awaits you!"
  • "I feel like we've met before. Have you lost weight?!"
  • "You may be a king, but I'm king of the ring!"
  • "Your bouncing around is impressive, but could you do it with a belly like mine?!"
  • "You've got some cunning moves, my friend. I'm more like a bull in a china shop!"

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