This is a list of quotes used by Eagle.

Street Fighter Edit

  • "I'm very glad. Ha ha ha!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "Hmmmm. It's good. It's so very good! I can't wait for this!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Did you enjoy my stick attacks?"
  • "Joy and bliss fill my heart!"
  • "Not so soon. Our playtime has just begun!"
  • "I'm too much for you!"
  • "Kneel before me, and devote yourself to me, your winner!"
  • "Victory is sweet!"
  • "The joy of victory runs through my body..."
  • "Opportunity knocks for those willing to pay the price!"

Win Quotes (Japanese version) Edit

  • "I’m feeling supremely amused. No one has the right to stop this!"
  • "Since you’ve so fought, try to enjoy the suffering of your defeat."
  • "Fighting is a sacred ritual. At times, it entices even acts of love."
  • "Losers are subordinates. They must sacrifice their body to the winner; all of it.
  • "I’ve just made you a full course of bōjutsu; wasn’t it enough?"

Win Quotes (character specific, Japanese version) Edit


  • "My batons are like your gloves... They are souls, and are like lovers."
  • "Can you understand? Can you understand how I feel now?"
  • "That was tough. Just how many sticks were there...?"
  • "If my batons are a foul, then how do you explain your big frame?"
  • "A superhuman power that brings about a destructive urge? I’m searching for the best, I don’t need that."
  • "I’m sorry, but it’s useless trying to pierce me with your patriotism."
  • "There’s nothing wrong in caring for your fans, but I wish you concentrate on me during the fight."
  • "Don’t tease me. You should open yourself more."
  • "What I’ve inflicted you is not humiliation. It should be more a morbid pleasure."
  • "You made me feel your respect and affection for your opponent. You’re a splendid man."
  • "I’ve quite enjoyed the attacks of the renowned fierce tiger. I almost instinctively wanted to abandon myself to it."
  • "An insatiable attachment to beauty. Even that is a sort of fetishism, maybe."
  • "Hey, boy. Your hips are still slow. You should use attack and defence properly."
  • "Hmm... I’m so very sorry, but your body doesn’t cause any particular feeling to bud in me."


  • "Hmm, I can’t weather your pace. I’d prefer a more rhythmical one."
  • "Girls’ shrill voices can’t do much. They can’t rival those joys only a man can understand!"
  • "You must accept this delight. Because the outcome of the battle is nothing more than an outcome*."
  • "I don’t feel your defence in combat. But as for back-talking, you’re very skilled."
  • "Feeling good is more vital than being correct. I’m speaking about my fight."
  • "There’s an inviolable territory a lady can’t step into. The gentlemen’s world is so deep."
  • "If you keep showing off repeatedly your secret techniques like that, you end up also exposing your weaknesses."
  • "I’m quite sure that girls like you are called “oiran” in Japan... Am I mistaken?"
  • "The fools are always insensible until the very end."
  • "Servitude due to fear is the most inelegant thing. Isn’t “love” rather a matter of mutual sublimation?"
  • "You won’t accomplish your self-protection that way. I’m tempted to incite you to attack me however you want."
  • "You have the manners of a real scoundrel. That sense of subjugation I’ve felt in a long time excited me."
  • "A sadistic hobby to destroy? It’s a low-level method of pleasuring oneself."
  • "Winning over you isn’t amusing. Because... yes, I don’t feel your submission."
  • "Even despair is one of the joys of life. I won’t deny you your lifestyle"

(*In the Japanese version "outcome" was meant to have a double meaning with "coming out")

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. GuileEdit


Eagle: You're Guile! The bravest man in the Air Force. I've heard of ya! Care to dance with me? It'd be an awesome battle for sure!

Guile: I'm on a mission. I have no time to play games.

Eagle: Really? It looks like you are moving into a battle stance.

Guile: Not going to listen to me? Alright then! Let's go!


Eagle: That battle had a real sense of tension. I should thank you, but what is this mission that you were talking about?

Guile: Rumor has it Sagat has joined a narcotics ring called Shadaloo. I wanted to confirm the rumor, and take him down if I had to.

Eagle: Sagat! How long has it been since I've heard that name?! Interesting... Maybe I'll try tracking him down myself!

vs. SagatEdit


Eagle: It's been a long time... Sagat! You've got the same sharp stare. Just as I thought... You've always been someone else's goon!

Sagat: What are you talking about?!

Eagle: Is that all you've got to say?! Let's fight instead of a chat! The King of Muay Thai... Let's see if you can keep that title!

vs. BalrogEdit


Balrog: You're the one who defeated Sagat? I knew he was no king... Good bodyguards are hard to find!

Eagle: Who are you? Another loon bent on world domination? World domination is beneath me. Just like fighting you!

Balrog: You still haven't figured it out yet... you're nothing to me!! I normally don't face trash like you! Let's finish this, Balrog!

vs. M. BisonEdit


Bison: This will be entertaining... You're stubborn, for trash...

Guile: Bison...! I'll finish you! I don't deal well with debts! Get out of my way!

Eagle: I'm not going to get in your way, but I have a favor to ask... Let me take down Bison! I want to see his "all-powerful" moves!

Bison: Decide who will die first? A fitting end to your nightmare...

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You should figure out why you're fighting beforehand!"
  • "That was great! It definitely cheered me up!"
  • "I can't be complacent with opponents of this caliber."
  • "Respect comes first. Victory and defeat are afterthoughts."
  • "What a thrilling battle!"
  • "At last I meet someone who exceeds my expectations."

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "You went down too early!"
  • "Another gutter slob looking for a handout, no doubt..."
  • "You're such an animal! You can't hide from your poor breeding!"
  • "Just another puppet longing to be controlled by the strong!"
  • "I thought that you would be strong enough. I was wrong..."
  • "Music may make the people come together, but you came apart!"
  • "Yoga is so interesting to me. All that stretching..."
  • "It's like looking in a mirror!"
  • "I don't understand how something so big can fall so easily..."
  • "The evil will overcome you, unless you show strong will!"
  • "Instead of being the star, you are just seeing stars!"
  • "Age is more than a number when it comes to fighting!"
  • "How sad, you certainly didn't live up to your name!"
  • "What a guy you are... Indeed!"
  • "One day you may be good enough. But that day is not today!"
  • "Life is better now that I know a man with your skills exists."
  • "All style and no heart leaves a warrior empty and broken."
  • "You're a little young for me!"
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