The Eagle Spike (イーグル・スパイク Iiguru Supaiku?) is one of Rashid's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.

Eagle Spike Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick
Dash Eagle Spike Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick (During forward dash)
Air Eagle Spike Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick (During forward jump)

Description Edit

Executed by performing a quarter circle motion backwards and pressing kick, Rashid does a small jump and propels himself toward his opponent with a flying kick.

He can also perform a Dash Eagle Spike. By pressing any kick button during a dash, Rashid will perform the Light version of Eagle Spike.

Air Eagle SpikeEdit

Rashid also has an aerial version of this move called the Air Eagle Spike. Executed by pressing a quarter-circle backward motion and kick during a forward jump (or during V-Skill), Rashid stops in midair and performs one-legged diving kick diagonal down-forward with tremendous speed. The strength of the kick button determines the angle of Rashid's kick. The Ligh version has a steeper angle, while the Heavy version has a 45° angle. The EX version has a similar angle to his Heavy version. However, the EX version lands an additional hit, having Rashid launching upwards as he kicks his opponent.

Tactics Edit

The Eagle Spike is Rashid's primary combo ender that does more damage than Spinning Mixer. It also leads to a knockdown, allowing Rashid to dash in and continue offensive pressure on wake-up. However, each version is unsafe on block. It is also not as effective at closing the distance compared to his Light Spinning Mixer. Still, this is Rashid's main tool to use to deal maximum damage.


The strength of the kick button determines the startup, the damage output, and the distance Rashid travels in midair. The Light version does the least amount of damage and covers the shortest distance. However, it has a fast startup and can combo from most of Rashid's normals. The Heavy version does the more damage and travels nearly fullscreen. However, it has the longest startup. The EX version also travels fullscreen and has the fastest startup. While it does less damage than Rashid's Light version of this move, it launches the opponent on hit, allowing Rashid to follow up with another special attack.

The EX version of his grounded Eagle Spike launches the opponent on hit. He can follow up with the Medium Spinning Mixer for better corner carry. If the opponent is already in the corner when this move hits, Rashid can use Heavy Spinning Mixer for even more damage. Additionally, this move can be difficult to punish on block, if Rashid's V-Trigger is active.

Rashid's aerial Eagle Spike can surprise his opponent by throwing off their timing if they try to anti-air him. Similar to his grounded version, it is very unsafe on block. The EX version hits the opponent lands an additional hit upwards after the first kick connects. This will give Rashid optimal corner carry and okizeme.

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