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This is a list of quotes by Ed.

Street Fighter V

Character Selection

  • "Instant kill!"


  • "Well ain't you a high def picture of strength. I'm shakin' here."


  • "Damn, this is annoying!" (Story Mode)
  • "I don't want to deal with you!" (Story Mode)
  • "I'm still waiting here..."
  • "Come on already!"
  • "Aren't you supposed to be strong?"
  • "No way i'm losing this one!"
  • "It's a pain in the ass... But what the hell."
  • "You better not bore me!" (Language Change)
  • "What're you, chicken? Huh?!" (Taunt)
  • "Oaaaaahhh, boooring." (Taunt)
  • "One! Two! Three! Spark!" (Psycho Spark)
  • "Up yours!"
  • "Buzz off!" (Throw)
  • "This'll hurt!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Let's see you dance!" (Psycho Knuckle)
  • "Psycho Upper!" (Psycho Upper)
  • "Suck on this!"
  • "Psycho Knuckle!" (Psycho Knuckle)
  • "Psycho Splash!" (Psycho Splash)
  • "Whatcha lookin' at?"
  • "Keep still!" (V-Skill)
  • "I got ya!"
  • "He he he..." (V-Skill)
  • "This'll be my round!" (Critical Art)
  • "Ooorah!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Bite me!"
  • "Again!"
  • "Guess it's time for a warm-up..." (Training Mode)
  • "You wanna be my punching bag?" (Training Mode)


  • "You're on borrowed time!" (V-Trigger I)
  • "I'll play with you!" (V-Trigger II)

Critical Art activation

  • "Nowhere to run! This will be my round!"

Round Victory

  • "Tch. Lame."
  • "Aw man. Down to the wire!" (20% of health and less)

Round Loss

  • "Damn you!"
  • "Damn..." (crumple KO)

Versus Mode (Generic)

  • "Haaa... You were so weak, that fight put me to sleep."
  • "I actually broke out a sweat. Pat yourself on the back."
  • "C'mon, get up! I didn't even use 10% of my full power!"
  • "It was like you were attacking in slow motion. No way I'd get hit by that!"
  • "How boring. I'm outta here."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)

  • "What the hell are you? Some kinda robot!?"
  • "Whoa, you're more intense than anyone I've ever fought before. Not afraid to admit I was a little scared there."
  • "Stop wasting away in that trailer. Go out and see the world, or somethin'."
  • "You never change. That's cool with me though. Catch ya later, man."
  • "What the... Is that a donut? Seriously? ...You got another one?"
  • "You need to learn to have some respect for people, you stupid furball!"
  • "Forget worrying about others, and try living for yourself for a change!"
  • "No use getting all hung up on the past. You end up living a pretty boring life."
  • "Who care about age? A fight's a fight and I won this one!"
  • "I thought you were gonna burn my clothes off! Isn't spitting fire against the rules or something?"
  • "This some kinda illusion? Only room in this world for one of me!"
  • "You really rub me the wrong way. Brings up unpleasant memories."
  • "Weapons are prohibited. They didn't teach you that in school?"
  • "There's nothing elegant 'bout fighting, missy. And I hate your snobbish attitude."
  • "Family, huh? Whatever, man. You do what works for you."
  • "Do you enjoy toying with people? You suck, lady!"
  • "You can't hurt me if you can't catch me. And you are way too slow to catch me."
  • "Bison! I'll never forgive you! Never show your face before me again!"
  • "And what's your deal? You remind me of a certain someone."
  • "What exactly is "overselling" the hit? Sorry, I'm not up to speed on wrestling terms."
  • "Do you have any gadgets that will help you not to suck?"
  • "If you want to win, use whatever power is available to you. I don't see what's so hard about that."
  • "Hey, who the hell are YOU calling a kid? Which one of us is still standing, huh?"
  • "If you can't beat me, then what about your grand plans, huh?"
  • "So you're the one they call "Claw," eh? You need more than just speed to beat me."