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Edge (エッジ), also known by his real name Eiji Yamada (山田 栄二 Yamada Eiji), is a fighting game character from the Rival Schools 3D fighting games.



Edge is known for being an irresponsible and unfair bully. He always has some Army knives ready with him, earning him the moniker "Army Knife's Edge". He is also somewhat vain, pompous, and egocentric; if he sees his clothes get wrinkled a little, he grabs the chest area or collar and fixes the crease. Edge hates being called by his real name, Eiji Yamada. In the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2, during the School Fair Day, Edge is personally shown to hate ghosts when Hideo had dressed up as a ghost himself in order to scare the students from within a horror house. He also shows more of his personality from within the duration of the school year, such as showing off his weird side during the Swimming Day and casually hanging out with his own friends. Aside from this, he can also be quite very shy at times when the edit characters become close friends with him and he also shows his personal enjoyment of hanging out with both Akira and Gan during the Beach Overnight.


Edge has long blond hair, which is spiked upwards, with comical tall spikes. He wears a pink headband. His primary outfit is a purple school short jacket under a pink high-neck sweater, purple school pants and white boots. The interior of his jacket is white and has a knife holsters inside of his jacket where he keeps his army knives.

In his individual ending from Rival Schools: United by Fate, the events of School Life Mode during National Sports Day and his School Life Mode ending from Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2, he wears his Gangster outfit, a white long openly school jacket with bandages on his chest, white pants and black shoes.

In some events from within the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2, Edge had his long hair flows freely when he wears his casual outfit.


Rival Schools: United By FateEdit

Edge is a student from Gedo High School who also doubles as a loyal member of the school's gang. Edge and Gan are two of the Gedo High students who joins a disguised Akira in finding the whereabouts of Gedo High's gang leader, Daigo who had disappeared from within his personal mission of solving the recent school kidnappings. Though Edge is initially suspecting of Akira at first, and even engages in a fight against her alongside Gan in a handicap match to test and see if she is really indeed their boss' younger brother, he eventually comes to accept her as a true friend, especially after she reveals her own true gender to both him and Gan. His individual ending has him initially choosing to stop picking fights with other students, but he eventually changes his mind after the urging of several of his classmates.

Project JusticeEdit

In Project Justice, Edge (who surprisingly made it to the second year of high school) becomes very suspicious when a returning Daigo has him and Gan performing various, irrational attacks against other schools. Edge is the only person who later discovers that Daigo has been ordered by Momo to deal with the students of Gorin High. When Daigo silently leaves to "take care of" the Gorin students, Edge begins to suspect and question his boss' own disturbing actions. When both Gedo High and Seijyun High begin to have a school gang war against each other, both Edge and Gan soon realize that Daigo is not the same gang leader that they truly respect and that something unexpected had happened to him from within his personal training journey.

They eventually come to realize that Daigo was brainwashed by Kurow as a part of Kurow's evil plan to cause tension and distrust among the schools themselves. Edge and Gan wastes no time in coming to Akira's aid as she tries to wake her older brother up from his brainwashed state, but to no avail. She is then forced to fight against him with their assistance. While that's happening, Zaki hears an unexpected whistle noise and soon realizes that Yurika is playing Kurow's flute in order to control Daigo from within his brainwashed state. After Daigo is eventually freed from his brainwashed state, he reunites with both his younger sister and his friends, stating to them that the unified strength of their own combined punches had truly freed him from his brainwashing.

When Kurow reveals his true identity to the group at the mountain area near Justice High, he attempts to brainwash Daigo once again by playing his flute, with Edge attempting to attack Kurow in order to stop him, only to be blocked by Momo. Luckily, Zaki manages to get Kurow's flute with her chains and that Daigo himself soon returns back to normal in due time.

After the incident, Daigo, who recovers from his brainwashing and realizes that he needs to improve himself both physically and mentally in order to make sure and see to it that something like this doesn't happen again in the future, leaves Edge and Gan in charge of watching over Gedo High until he returns while also giving his school jacket to Akira, saying his good-byes to them as he leaves to train once more from within another personal training journey.


Edge's fighting style utilizes on dirty gangster tactics as he fights similar to a gangster. He utilizes his army knives where he could throw his opponent, knife dashing on his opponent and stabbing his opponent multiple times as seen from one of his Burning Vigors and Team-Assist. His comical tall spikes also used as a weapon when he headbutts on his opponent.

Special MovesEdit

  • Backstab (Japanese: 裏斬り Uragiri) - Edge does a knife throw. Depending on the punch button being pressed, Edge may end up with his back turned towards the opponent, or remain facing the opponent. Either way, he can still do another knife throw. Edge is more vulnerable to counterattack when his back is facing the opponent. This can be done up to four times.

It can also be done in the air, where Edge may simply throw a knife 45 degrees downward, or may do it after a forward flip. Unlike the ground version, this cannot be done four times. The first aerial version, however, can be followed by another Air Combo if the player is fast enough. It is of note, however, that the aerial version cannot be done four times in succession as in the ground version.

This move also has an anti-air version, the Anti-air Backstab (Japanese: 対空裏斬り Taikuu Uragiri). In this version, Edge throws his knife 45 degrees into the air. This is a ground-only attack, and can also be done up to four times in succession as the normal Backstab.

  • Abuse (Japanese: 罵倒 Batou) - Edge kicks some dirt into the opponent's face, blinding the latter momentarily. Depending on the kick button pressed for this move's button combination, he may either do this move with a simple snap kick, or turn his back on the opponent before doing a forward flip that does the same thing as the first version.
  • Destruction (Japanese: 破壊 Hakai) - Edge sidesteps and does a dive towards the opponent. Depending on the kick button pressed for this move's button combination, the attack may either aim at approximately knee-level, or for the midsection.

This is also usable in the air, also with two versions. The attack may be delivered at a steep angle, or at a 45-degree angle.

Burning Vigor AttacksEdit

  • Grand Backstab (Japanese: 壮絶な裏斬り Souzetsu na Uragiri) - Edge throws numerous knives at once towards the opponent. Deals only one hit, but the damage is massive. If the opponent blocks this attack, he/she has to block all the knives; otherwise, this will still cause damage, albeit lesser. Also usable in the air.
  • Bloodbath (Japanese: 血祭り Chimatsuri) - Edge does a sidestep, then dashes forward and executes quick knife throws and ends with a knockdown kick. It can be activated for up to approximately four steps away from the opponent. Highly recommended for a Tardy Counter due to its almost instantaneous startup.

Team-Up TechniqueEdit

  • Bloody Prison (Japanese: 血゛獄 Jigoku) - The active character starts with a jumping spin-kick, pushing the opponent a few paces away. Edge and the active character then do three dashing slashes, circling the opponent.

Party-Up TechniqueEdit

  • Edge does the Gedo Top.

Cameo AppearancesEdit

Edge makes a cameo appearance in Capcom vs. SNK in the Kyokugen Dojo stage and he appeared as a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash. Edge also had a small cameo appearance in UDON's Street Fighter Legends: Sakura comic book.


  • The following details on Edge's life is as described:
    • Being a delinquent, he obviously fares poorly in any subject taught in school.
    • He has tried several part-time jobs before (e.g. coffee shops, video stores), but he never lasted that long in any of those jobs, leaving him jobless prior to the start of United by Fate.
    • He is the youngest of three siblings. Both his brother and sister are of upstanding sociality, and so are his parents, making him the family's "black sheep".
  • His official epithet is "Bloody Knife".
  • He is the only character to have an official alias in United by Fate. This is because another character introduced in Project Justice also has an official alias, Zaki.
  • The Japanese reading of his Team-Up assist (Jigoku), is actually a pun on the Japanese word 地獄 (also read as jigoku) which means "hell" or "earthly prison".
  • He is voiced by Yoshiharu Yamada (山田義暒 Yamada Yoshiharu) who coincidentally share the same last name.
  • Sometime after his debut, an identically and coincidentally named wrestler (whose real name is Adam Copeland) rose to prominence in the WWE. This is noted due to Copeland's (WWE's Edge) gimmick being very similar to this Edge (Eiji), as both were very well-known consistent delinquents and opportunists (due to both using whatever methods available to achieve victory) and both being somewhat recognizable from their long hair (with the Rival Schools character being spiked upward, while the WWE wrestler preferred his being shoulder-length).



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