Edition Select (エディションを選択 Edishon o sentaku?) is a feature present in various games in the Street Fighter series, most notably Hyper Street Fighter II and Ultra Street Fighter IV. It also appears in other Capcom fighting games, such as Darkstalkers Chronicle.

Description Edit

Edition Select allows players to choose between different versions of a single character, across a single game series. However, it is only possible to select a character in a revision he/she was actually in.

Street Fighter II seriesEdit

The first game to include an Edition Select feature was Street Fighter Collection 2, where it was an unlockable mode known as Super Vs. Mode. There, the player could select between characters from the first three arcade versions of Street Fighter II (The World Warrior, Champion Edition, and Hyper Fighting).

This concept would be expanded upon in Hyper Street Fighter II, which allowed players to choose characters from any of the five previous arcade revisions: Normal (The World Warrior), Champ/Dash (Champion Edition), Turbo (Hyper Fighting), Super (Super Street Fighter II), and Super T/Super X (Super Street Fighter II Turbo).

Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

The Street Fighter Alpha Anthology has an unlockable game known as Hyper Street Fighter Alpha. It is a special, Versus/Training-only version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 that includes characters in four different versions: Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 2G, and Alpha 3, among other special features.

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

In Ultra Street Fighter IV, players are able to choose which version of their character they would like to play as well as custom, color, personal action and win quote. Under personal actions, the versions are labeled as SFIV (Street Fighter IV), SSFIV (Super Street Fighter IV), SSFIV AE (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition), SSFIV 2012 (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012), USFIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) and the OMEGA Mode. When selecting the character, a box appears with Custom, Color and more other things possible to select. Players can also choose the handicap and Ultra Combo Select.

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