Street Fighter IV seriesEdit


  • "It's super dynamic cooking time!"


  • "No way!"
  • "Not...enough...power...!" (Chip KO)

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "You fighting or sleepwalking?!"
  • "Your flavor lacks punch!"
  • "What's your favorite dish?"
  • "Viva Mexico!"
  • "Can I whip you up a little something?"
  • "You can't fight, if you can't cook!"
  • "Be careful cooking with fire!"
  • "It's like eating cold food."
  • "Let's heat things up!"
  • "You hungry or what?!"

Prologue (SSFIV)Edit

  • "The ultimate fighter deserves the ultimate menu, but the road to culinary perfection is long and fraught with peril. Great dangers and trials await, but they will only make me stronger! Many obstacles and walls stand in my path, but I will climb over them, destroy them, lay waste to them, for I am a fighter! I will face underappreciation, bear the weight of oppression upon my shoulders! I will make new friends and hold discussions with them over fine food! No matter what, I will always whip up a meal for my adversaries! All it takes is a can-do attitude and a burning passion to conquer adversity! I will reach my goal! I will ascend into the night sky and reach the stars of ultimate delicacy!"

Prologue (SFIV)Edit

Chef: What the-!? OH MY GOD!!!
El Fuerte: Well? Whaddya think? This dish is guaranteed to make you big and strong.
Chef: It's a big world, El Fuerte. Huge. There are piles of recipes waiting to be discovered.
El Fuerte: By collecting the world's great recipes, I'd be one step closer to the ultimate chef... Come to think of it, there is a big international fighting tournament coming up. There's bound to be tons of strong fighters there! I ought to fight them, find the strongest ones I can, and find out what it is they eat... Yes! That's the best way to do it! Better to have a solid plan than just search randomly, eh? And I'll get to see just how well my Lucha Libre skills fare against other fighters! Alright! I'm gonna do it! The food I make will echo through the Gulf of Mexico like a mighty thunder!!

Rival DialogueEdit

El Fuerte: Tornado Rojo?
Zangief: I'm the Red Cyclone, all right, comrade. I am Zangief!
El Fuerte: I am the Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico! My name is El Fuerte! Hah! Can a cyclone beat a hurricane?
Zangief: Mwah ha ha! Let's find out, shall we?
El Fuerte: Ooooh!

Ending (SSFIV)Edit

Chef: So, what the heck is this green liquid supposed to be?
El Fuerte: Ha ha! Well, this is a great new ingredient that a Sumo wrestler friend told me about on my journey! It's called aojiru! It's packed with nutrients and keeps both the body and the mind healthy! It's clearly green, but the Japanese call it blue juice for some reason.
Chef: Spare me the explanation, professor. Why the heck are you putting it in chili soup!? You sure you're even supposed to heat that stuff up? Huh?
El Fuerte: Oh, what are you, boco loco? Adding one delicious thing to another delicious thing always equals more deliciousness!
Chef: Are you cooking or doing algebra? I'm not sure I trust either in your hands!
El Fuerte: Aha! I got it! I bet if I made it a little bit sweeter, it'd go down a lot easier! I'll just add some chocolate I got from that French mercenary...

Ending (SFIV)Edit

El Fuerte: What would be the ultimate meal suitable for a great hero?
Honda: Chanko stew, of course!
Zangief: Oh, no! Borscht is best!
El Fuerte: Well, then... Mixing them together would yield the greatest taste in all history! Now add a pinch of chili pepper! Voila! El Fuerte Super Duper Hero Mole! Add a bit of lemon, bon appetit!!
Honda & Zangief: (Both retching in disgust!)
El Fuerte: Ha... A taste so great, it sends you straight to heaven!!!

Win QuotesEdit

Round winEdit

  • "Gracias!"
  • "I'm just getting started here!"
  • "And in the end, I won."
  • "Aha, tonight's dinner is served!"
  • "Adios!" (Time Over)

Versus Mode (SFIV)Edit

  • "If it's spiciness you're after, add a chile! Not enough? Add another!"
  • "Leave the flour at home! The only real tortilla is a corn tortilla!"
  • "My moves are spicy like jalapeño!"
  • "Wash the taste of defeat from your mouth with my ajo y vaca soup!"
  • "In the ring or in the kitchen, no one can beat me!"
  • "Here, have a taste! You won't leave a crumb behind!"
  • "I never confuse salt with sugar! Of course, I sometimes forgot both..."
  • "From today onward, we're amigos! Can I send you out for ingredients now?"
  • "Nothing revs up the fighting spirit like a spicy chile pepper!"
  • "If you wore a mascara, you wouldn't need to wash your hair now!"
  • "Feast your eyes on my famous Mexican Bay paella!"

Versus Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "Looks like I made a new friend! We should go out and eat to celebrate!"
  • "Gracias!"
  • "How about a nice cactus pear? You can even eat the seeds!"
  • "Stay right where you are! I'll let you know when dinner is ready!"
  • "That was one volcanic battle! Thanks for the memories, amigo!"
  • "Try the frijoles to test a restaurant! Try the special moves to test a fighter!"
  • "Fighting is like cebollita! Add a little heat, and it gets a whole lot better!"
  • "Nothing beats a heaping helping of paella, amigo! Want some?"
  • "That was a great fight! I'll whip up a meal to celebrate! Any requests?"
  • "Rico!"
  • "If you're feeling down, put some color in your cheeks with a bowl of red beets!"

Arcade Mode (SFIV)Edit

  • "Setting out alone on a journey to find yourself! Impressive!"
  • "You're so quiet. You must not have many amigos. I'll be your friend!"
  • "Quite a voice you have there, friend. Your spirit must be spicy like mine!"
  • "You'd be stronger if you bulked up. Shall I whip up some poblano?"
  • "Tortillas are great! They don't spoil, and you can fry or even boil them!"
  • "Your style is as bland as week-old beans!"
  • "You can breathe fire? Your spirit must be spicier than mine!"
  • "You present yourself as a true fighter but it's all for show, isn't it?"
  • "That was fun! Let's fight again sometime, amigo!"
  • "From now on, you can call me amigo!"
  • "Defeating an opponent like you is what we Luchadores dream of!"
  • "Your moves are tangy like chocolate and sweet like horchata!"
  • "Nice match! You and I are amigos now! Stop by for a home-cooked meal anytime!"
  • "If you are Rey Tigre, you must fight like one, my friend!"
  • "Mexicans and Japanese have a lot in common. You like huachinango, right?"
  • "All the moves in the world cannot give your spirit that dash of chile!"
  • "You're too skinny for your own good. Pull up a chair and enjoy my cooking!"
  • "Did you see the greatness that is the Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico?"

Arcade Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "You might not have a family, but you have plenty of amigos! Cheer up!"
  • "Your battle cries are intimidating but you should attack once in a while too."
  • "I can tell by looking at you that you eat by yourself. Am I right?"
  • "You need to eat more and add a little meat to those bones!"
  • "If you like crepes, you'll LOVE my tortillas!"
  • "Tell me about prison food! Is it really as bad as they say?"
  • "If you're gonna hide gadgets, you might want to upgrade to something worthwhile."
  • "You'd make a great luchadore! What do you say?"
  • "You simply have to try my famous tortilla soup!"
  • "Drinking tea all day will leave you hungry. Let me whip up a quick dish!"
  • "For a big guy, you sure move fast! Is it because you eat chanko stew?"
  • "Have some of my cuisine! It will calm you down and settle your stomach!"
  • "Mexican food is the best! Let me whip you up a little something to show you!"
  • "You work too hard, man. You look like you're already half-dead..."
  • "I bet that fight left you famished! Why don't I whip something up?"
  • "Ah! Another runner! I like your style, amigo!"
  • "If I popped you in an oven, you'd make a great roast! Just kidding, amigo!"
  • "Ninjas are nothing to be trifled with! I love your aerial attacks! Perfection!"
  • "You're spicy like a habanero! Gotta be careful handling you!"
  • "You and I have the same passion in our hearts! Say nothing more! Let's go!"
  • "Wow! You're a beast! What do you eat to get like that!?"
  • "I'm not interested in the future! I live here and now!"
  • "How about some arroz con leche? I bet you'd love it!"
  • "Not bad, amigo! Hang on a sec while I whip you up something good!"
  • "You're no taller than me, but you sure are strong!"
  • "What's the matter, amigo? That fight was more Tex-Mex than I expected..."
  • "Don't you ever talk about anything besides yourself?"
  • "How do you get your hair to do that?"
  • "You'll never get strong with a body like that! Have some pollo en mole!"
  • "That was a fantastic fight, El Tornado Rojo! Now let's eat!"
    • "How did you like getting swept up in a hurricane? Nothing beats lucha libre!"

Arcade Mode (USFIV) Edit

  • "Give me a hand and use that blade of yours to chop these vegetables!"
  • "You want to be my amiga? Sure thing! Here, let me whip up a meal for you!
  • "Eat up amigo! I've whipped you up a nice plate of German potatoes for you!"
  • "If you like pro wrestling, then we're amigos! Now pull up a chair and eat!"
  • "Eat up before you go! There's no fighting with no eating!"
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