"El Fuerte...Dynamite! (エル・フォルテ~…ダイナマイ! Eru Forutee...Dainamai!?)"
El Fuerte

The El Fuerte Dynamite (エル・フォルテダイナマイト Eru Furote Dainamaito?) is El Fuerte's Super Combo, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick
El Fuerte 330


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El Fuerte Dynamite as it appears in Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick, El Fuerte calls the attack's name as he performs three cartwheeling flip kicks, and if the last one connects, he runs up the torso of his opponent, jumps into the air and performs a Tostada Press on them.

The distance the cartwheels travel is determined by the kick button pressed. The attack is an 8-hit combo in total if performed at point-blank range.



Street Fighter 4 El Fuerte, Super Dynamite

Street Fighter 4 El Fuerte, Super Dynamite

Super Street Fighter IV (English voices).

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