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The Electric Thunder (エレクトリック サンダー Erekutorikku Sandaa?) is one of Blanka's signature special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter II.

All appearances Tap rapidlyPunch


Official art of Blanka's Electric Thunder from Street Fighter II.

Executed by repeatedly pressing any punch button, Blanka rapidly crouches and conducts several thousand volts of electricity through his body, zapping opponents that come in contact.

The damage, duration and horizontal range are determined by the punch button pressed.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV has the most duration, range and damage.



Once the move is activated, Blanka cannot move until the move ends (by simply stopping the button tapping), making it a close-up defensive move. The move also works as an anti-air, and can easily shut down cross-ups.

There is a very small spot on the ground, roughly below Blanka's head and hands, where the opponent can strike him (with the least risk of being electrocuted) and interrupt his attack. Also, while this electric defense works fairly well against physical contact, it does not shield Blanka against projectile attacks.


  • This is the only special attack in Blanka's arsenal that does not require a charge motion (with the exception of Lightning Mole introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV's OMEGA Mode).
  • This attack is one of two attacks in Street Fighter X Tekken that can cause an Infinite Blockstring.
    • This fact is made a little ironic as the other character who is capable of an infinite blockstring is Hwoarang, a character who is usually considered the best in the game as of the 2013 patch while Blanka is considered a one of the worst.

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