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Elias (エリアス Eriasu?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 2. He is one of the minor enemy characters the player characters face. He has two palette swaps named Eliot and Joe.



Elias is a man of few words that likes reading and has extensive knowledge. He likes jinxes and lucky items. He is good at fortune-telling and usually gets it right, something that bothers his friends. He is also good with astrology and housework, appearing to be an indoors person. He has a distinctive laugh, which is said to never leave the ears once heard.[1]


Elias is a tall, lanky man dressed in sneakers, vests, jeans, and black tube tops and wristbands. Elias is a smiling thug who wears sunglasses, tan jeans, and a pink vest and beanie. He carries a baton.

Fighting style[]

Elias is fast, but not particularly aggressive or dangerous. He attacks with high kicks and by hitting enemies with his metal rod.



Elias's Model


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