Eliot (エリオット Eriotto?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 2. He is one of the minor enemy characters the player characters face. He is a palette swap of Elias.


Eliot trades weapons and illegal things. Because of his silent and serious personality, his fellows trust him. He always carries the keys from a secret warehouse in a harbor, being a gatekeeper when there is business inside and intimidating anyone who approaches him. Eliot is a maudlin drinker, and when drunk, he weeps and talks about old stories, talking for a long time as he has a good memory.[1]


Eliot is a tall, lanky man dressed in sneakers, vests, jeans, and black tube tops and wristbands. Eliot has a mustache and goatee and a more vicious-looking expression than Elias; he wears yellow jeans and a dark gray vest and bandanna. He carries a baton.

Fighting styleEdit

Eliot is fast, but not particularly aggressive or dangerous. He attacks with high kicks and by hitting enemies with his baton.



Eliot (FF2) Model


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