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English Manor is a DLC stage in Street Fighter V. It is a remake of Cammy's home stage, Fraserburgh Castle (フレーザーバラ城 Furēzābara Jō?), from the Street Fighter II series.


The stage is set in the English countryside, in the county of Northumberland in the far North East. The fight takes place on the stone bridge of an old castle. The Northern Lights can be seen in the night sky. There are three ravens positioned on the bridge and watching the spectacle: one on the far left, one in the middle and one in the right. In the distant background, there is a white manor, presumably UK's Intelligence headquarters,[1] with some distant hills and a lake with a small river running through the area. Some houses can be spotted in the woods surrounding the lake.

Throughout the round, the raven in the middle of the bridge adjusts its position in relation to the fighters' position on the stage. If a character is knocked to the ground, the raven in the middle and on the right side of the stage momentarily flaps their wings in reaction to the impact on the bridge. Meanwhile, the raven on the left side of the stage loses its balance and falls to the ground if a character is knocked down. At the end of the round, all three ravens fly off of the bridge as the winning character performs their victory pose.

Stage Details[]

  • The gate at the left is actually sealed off after a small hall and doesn't lead anywhere.
  • The aurora in the background is manmade, being created by Delta Red as a kind of anti-electronics and radio hacking and interference barrier.




  • The castle that appears down in the valley below seems to be based on the Fraserburgh Castle.
  • The rural backdrop, complete with mountains, a lake and small villages, is very similar to Derwent Water in Cumbria.


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