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Enhanced Snatcher is Ed's second V-Trigger, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Enhanced Snatcher
Ultra Snatcher - Ground Heavy punch+Heavy kick
Ultra Snatcher - Air Down+Heavy punch+Heavy kick


Enhanced Snatcher.jpg

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously with no directional inputs, Ed sends a blast of negative energy forward. If the attack hits, Ed leaps toward his opponent and delivers a downward punch with his fist infused with Psycho Power.

By pressing down plus Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Ed sends the energy blast upward. If the attack hits, Ed snares his opponent's wrists and ankles. He yanks on the threads to pull his opponent down, only to knock them backwards with a fierce, upward punch with his fist surrounded by negative energy.


Ed's second V-Trigger is an amplified version of his V-Skill. Unlike Psycho Snatcher, this move cannot be charged. Enhanced Snatcher gives Ed improvements to his combo application. Compared to his first V-Trigger where it adds a small amount of damage to one combo, Ed can inflict more damage to several of his combos in the same round. His second V-Trigger also enhances Ed's neutral game and offensive pressure, making this move highly rewarding for its utility. However, this move is a 3-bar V-Trigger. This means that Ed has to sacrifice quite a bit of health to obtain this move. Also, each usage of this V-Trigger consumes 1/3 of his V-Gauge, giving Ed up to three changes to use Ultra Snatcher.

Ultra Snatcher - Ground[]

The startup of this move is only 26 frames. This is much faster than Ed's charged V-Skill, but slower than his uncharged version. This attack can negate single-hitting projectiles. Similar to the charged Psycho Snatcher, it maintaining its hitbox. While it requires a hard read, Ed can cancel out his opponent's fireballs and follow-up with an attack of his own to maintain offensive pressure.

Despite its long startup, Ultra Snatcher has a longer reach, compared to his V-Skill. It can be canceled from most of Ed's normals and special attacks. It can be linked from Crouch Heavy Punch or Psycho Shot. This attack is primarily used as a combo extender. Not only this move is +7 on hit, but it leaves his opponent standing, which allows Ed to cancel into Crouching Medium Punch, followed by a Psycho Upper for optimal damage.

However, this move is also safe on block. Ed is +2 on block, allowing him to maintain pressure. He can keep his opponent guessing by mixing up his Medium normal attacks with throws. Because Ultra Snatcher can be cancelled from his special moves, this gives Ed more combo opportunities that he didn't have before his V-Trigger.

Ultra Snatcher - Air[]

The startup of this move is 16 frames. This is much quicker than Ed's charged version of his V-Skill, but slower than his uncharged version. The angle of this attack is slightly broader than his vertical Psycho Snatcher. Despite this, this move is still unreliable as an anti-air attack. Due to its long startup, his opponent can get a full jump-in combo before the move comes out.

However, the vertical Ultra Snatcher has a better juggle potential, compared to his V-Skill. Unlike the ground version, this attack is mainly used to end combos. It can be cancelled from normal and EX Psycho Upper for some good damage. Additionally, this move can be cancelled into Ed's Critical Art, making this one of the best ways to inflict optimal damage.